The Beginning

Chapter Five: Some Tests

"Great job, Nightana!" Ms. Twilight congratulated, smiling broadly as I walked away from what I'd been working on. Roger nodded his approval, scanning the thing over.

"Did I do good?" I wondered aloud. Ms. Twilight grinned.

"Of course you did!" she exclaimed, hugging me. I grinned sheepishly.

"Okay, that's good," I breathed, happy.

"Why don't we take a break and go outside for a while?"

"Okay!" I agreed enthusiastically, running out of the room, Ms. Twilight sharing a knowing look with Roger.

"We'll discuss it," he said simply before Ms. Twilight had to catch up with me. When I got my shoes pulled on, Ms. Twilight told me she'd introduce me to some of the animals around Wammy's House. I agreed with this easily and ran outside. There were a few students outside, either doing P.E. or just messing around during one of their free periods. But I didn't pay attention to this and followed Ms. Twilight to the barn she was taking me to. My eyes widened and I laughed, turning to Ms. Twilight.

"I love horses!" I exclaimed, running over to the first stall.

"Maybe we could go for a ride. If you can that is. I'd have to talk to Roger first." Ms. Twilight smiled as I went to each horse stall, but she tried to stop me from going to the last stall.

"Who's here?" I questioned.

"He's a pretty wild horse. He doesn't like most people," she said, looking concerned.

"That's only because you treat him like that! Let me go talk to him." I walked over to the stall. The horse looked up at me, then continued chewing on the straw in his stall. "Hello, what's your name?" I wondered.

"We call him Twix," Ms. Twilight murmured, watching us closely. I nodded.

"Hello, Twix. I'm Nightana, though I'm told to tell everyone I'm Night." He looked back at me again and then came and nudged my hand. I giggled and began rubbing his nose. "I have no idea why everyone says your wild. You're a sweety." I looked at Ms. Twilight. "Can I please ride him? I've read about riding on horses before."

"But it's different than really doing it, honey," she said before sighing. I gave her my best puppy dog look, easily winning her over. "Okay, fine, but only for a few moments. I'll help you get him saddled up." I cheered and let her help with everything, though I did most of the brushing and combing.

He was finally ready, standing there and waiting for me to get on. Grinning, I easily got onto Twix's saddle and clicked my tongue like I'd read. "Twix, let's go for a little walk outside," I suggested. He moved without question, to Ms. Twilight's surprise. Some students, who were out in the field taking care of some other animals, stared in shock as I continued to ride Twix. I smiled, and began running Twix.

For nearly two hours, Ms. Twilight let me ride before she finally told me it was time to go. I sighed the whole time and promised Twix I'd be back tomorrow to work with him.

More tests were done and during lunch, I began talking with Aia some more. "I hate all the work I get," she grumbled, the pile of books by her chair nearly as tall as me. I could only stare at it.

"That's a lot," I said, amazed.

"I know what you mean." I got into my chair and began eating as well. "How are your tests doing?"

I grinned. "They're a lot of fun! I can't believe how easy they are." Aia nodded, but her face looked serious so I had no idea what was going through her mind.

"Is everything all right?"

Aia's face instantly changed. "Of course! Make sure to eat all your food. You'll need the brain food."

"Do you need help carrying your books back to your room?"

"Sure! Thanks for the offer." Then all we did was talk and eat until we were told there were ten minutes left. We disappeared over to her room to drop off the books and then we went our separate ways.

Ms. Twilight announced I was free to do what I wanted for an hour before we'd begin. So I headed back to my room, to find L there. "Hey, Ryu-kun!" L nodded over in my direction, but he hardly glanced up from his book.

"Do you need something, Nightana?"

"Can you take me to a library? I finished all the books on the shelf the other day." L glanced over at the shelf.

"There aren't many you'd be interested in," he admitted.

"So can you? I have a free hour."

"Sure, I could. I need to get a new book anyways." L got out of his odd position and walked towards the door. I quickly followed, hesitantly taking his hand. L simply smiled and we continued walking.

"Normally, this library is off limits to people your age, but since you'll be with me it should be all right," L commented as we started going down the stairs.

I cocked my head to the side. "Is it more difficult to read?"

"The librarian doesn't usually like younger kids there. She's much more protective of her books than most Librarians."

"Okay, but I promise I'll take care of the books. I like books."

"I'm sure you will."

I smiled happily, beginning to swing our arms. L didn't seem to mind.

For nearly ten minutes, we walked in silence, but luckily it was one that wasn't too awkward. "Here we are," L announced.

I stood there, staring in shock at the size of the library.

~Author's Note~

Well, I hate to say this chapter was horrid, but it was. I have such bad writer's block for this story that I can't possibly think of what to do and I hated ending it there so horribly! Oh, well, hopefully I'll be more into it later.

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