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Chapter 1: The Angry Mob

It had been a year since the events in the hall that had unveiled Madison's new strength and powers. Since she'd walked out of the hall without a word no one had seen or heard from her, a year on her friends and remaining family were still worried about her. Bill had returned and admitted to Sookie that he had been with his maker Lorena and he had been unfaithful to her with Lorena, Sookie had been unable to forgive him and they had separated, Sookie was now in a relationship with John Quinn, he was a were-tiger, the tiger who had been present in the hall with the wolves in fact. Bill was miserable for a few months before picking up a relationship with a woman from Monroe called Jennifer; Jennifer was in real estate and took pleasure in flaunting her money and brains over Sookie, as well as flaunting her relationship with Bill. Sookie let it go over her head, she was blissfully happy with Quinn and didn't feel the same way about Bill anymore. Sam's life was mostly the same though Sookie noticed how his head shot up sometimes when someone came into the bar, his eyes seemed to fix on the door constantly, she knew he wanted to know Madison was safe like the rest of them. Edward, Madison's father, and Michael, her nephew, were living in her house, Edward had moved all his possessions over from London, he couldn't face going back to the house where Marla had died, so he stayed in Bon Temps and raised Michael. After the events of the night Madison disappeared Li went back to Japan and left the swords in Godric's care, Godric had bought a house in Bon Temps and was quite happy to live there, only leaving to attend urgent meetings, though rather reluctantly. Rodrigo flew over occasionally, he liked to see Michael and Edward as often as possible and had struck up a strong friendship with Sam, the two of them talked with Quinn quite often about the day when the wolves and shifters of the world would reveal themselves like the vampires had. Evie remained in Bon Temps as well, she lived in a small house near Sookie's brother Jason and Jason was quite happy to help her with any tasks she needed doing, he'd turned over a new leaf lately which stunned everyone. Life went on as normal for the vampires, the elder powerful ones who had been present that night had found something to fear in Madison and had all rushed back to their home states, Pam and Eric of course went back to running Fangtasia, whose business was booming, though all of them thought of Madison everyday and wondered if she would ever return.

Sam wiped the bar down one last time, Merlotte's had been closed for a while and as usual he was the last one out, he tossed the rag in the bin and paused as he was putting the last stool on the bar, he could've sworn he'd heard something outside. Sam walked out into the empty parking lot and sniffed the air; nothing, he shrugged and put it down to an animal before walking inside, Sam's heart skipped a beat as he stared at the figure sitting on the bar;

' Hello Sam' he relaxed at that familiar voice

' Hello stranger' he replied and watched a smile appear on the figures face,

' Missed me?' Madison said jumping of the bar and walking towards him, she wrapped her arms around him and laid her head on his shoulder, Sam couldn't be angry with her, he wrapped his arms round her;

' Of course I have, we all have' he could feel her smile again

' Sam will you do something for me?'

' Of course'

' I need you to call everyone and ask them to come here, I feel I owe them all, and you of course, an explanation and an apology'

' Maddie we all understand'

' I know but I want to explain Sam'

' I'll call them'

' Thank you Sam'

She and Sam sat at the bar, everyone had answered and would be there in an hour, Sam hadn't mentioned Madison, he just told them it was important, Madison downed another whiskey and smiled at Sam who looked curious;

' Go on I know your dying to ask questions so fire away' she said smiling

' Well…what exactly are you now?'

' Not really sure, it's sort of half human, half vampire except its like having a whole human and a whole vampire crammed into one body'

' So you are still human?' she took his hand and pressed it to her chest, Sam felt her heart thudding softly inside her chest,

' I still walk in the sunlight, I still have a heart that beats, I still breath air, though I suspect they are not necessities to me anymore but I am human'

' So do you need blood like the vampires?'

' Occasionally it does help, I find if I don't drink at least once a month I get weaker'

' So you're like a human with all the benefits of a vampire?'

' That's a good way of putting it'

' Where did you go Maddie?'

' I travelled, I didn't like being in one place for too long, I got a bit paranoid, so I wandered the earth for a while, carried out some of Florence's last wishes and tried to see if there were any others who were sort of…mutated like me'

' Ok one you're not a mutant so stop thinking that and two, were there any?'

' I found one guy in England, he was a werewolf, born not bitten, and when his mother was carrying him she was bitten by a demon, the venom from the demon spread through her, it killed her but he survived'

' What was he like?'

' You wanna meet him?'

' He's here?'

' He's outside, he's never met anyone else that's crossed two species and survived like him so he sort of guards me'

' I'd like to meet him' Madison smiled

' Rigel' she shouted, seconds later a huge man walked through the door, he must have been six foot 3 at least, he was all muscle, he was black and Sam knew this man could acre the shit out of people with one look, he eyed Sam before extending a hand and relaxing his face,

' Rigel Kane' he said in his deep voice that held a non-threatening growl to it,

' Sam Merlotte' Sam shook his hand without fear,

' I like your bar' Rigel said

' Thanks, don't need a job do you, you'd be an amazing bouncer?'

' I'll keep that in mind if we're staying put like I think you should' he said fixing his eyes on Maddie,

' We're staying' she said smiling

' I better call Dominic' he pulled out a cell phone and walked outside

' Who's Dominic?' Sam asked

' He's one of Rigel's friends, he was made a vampire when he was in his teens but he kept growing, his cells regenerated and after 8 years of thinking he was a vampire it turned out he could regenerate back to being a human, so he did, though he kept the strength and the reflexes'

' Been making friends haven't you?' Sam said smirking; she smiled as Rigel walked back in;

' He's on his way, he said he'd bring all our stuff with him' she smiled and nodded, Sam's head was buzzing with what Rigel would look like once he transformed, she rolled her eyes and smiled;

' Rigel would you be so kind as to show Sam what you look like transformed?'

' Sure' he seemed happy to show off, he pulled off his shirt and his body shuddered, he transformed quicker than anything Sam had ever seen before.

Rigel's bones seemed to break and re-position themselves, his skin turned black and looked leathery, his face protruded into a large snarling snout with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, his eyes turned a milky blue colour and he stayed on his hind legs, Sam gaped at the huge beast before him;

' Now that's impressive' he said and Madison smiled.

Rigel went into Sam's office and pulled his clothes back on, Madison turned as she heard the sound of wheels crunching on the parking lot gravel;

' Time to face the angry mob' she said looking at Sam for support

' They'll understand Maddie'

' I hope so'

Madison retreated back into Sam's office and listened to the voices that began to fill the bar, she heard Sookie and recognised Quinn's scent, next came her father, Evie and Michael, from his brain pattern she could tell Michael was sleeping, then Alcide, Rodrigo and Lucian entered, all of them on their guard, Bill came in next alone and she could feel a mixture of pain and anger coming from Sookie, evidently Sookie was not over Bill as much as she pretended she was, lastly Pam, Godric and Eric entered, she shuddered as she felt Eric's presence, they were bonded, she felt him more than Godric.

' So why are we here Sam?' Sookie asked curiously,

' Can anyone else smell wolf?' Pam asked, Madison had to stifle a laugh at the looks Pam must be getting from Alcide, Lucian and Rodrigo,

' Not you three, I smell something new, someone different?'

' I smell it too' Quinn said

' Sam, are we in some kind of danger here?' Edward asked

' No I assure you there is definitely no danger' Sam said, she could hear the smile in his voice and knew she had been right to come to Sam first,

' Shifter some of us have a bar to run all night so could you hurry this up' Pam said exasperatedly,

' I'm not sure how to put this?' Sam scratched his head and Rigel gave Madison an encouraging smile, she took a deep breath and walked out of the office to face them.