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Chapter Seven - You and Your Question

Recap from chapter six

We stopped and arrived at a humongous door and it creaked opened by itself. ... creepy.

Sasuke practically forced me to follow him still and the door shut closed behind us by itself. Again, creepy.

I looked around, the room was dimmed on light but you could barely see. I heard footsteps and turned to the dircection they were coming from.

There, in the dim light, was Madara Uchiha. Alive. WHAT THE FUCK!

"Hello, Sakura-chan. It is a pleasure to finally meet you"

End of Recap from chapter six

I blinked once , then twice , then a third time . Is this real? Why is Uchiha Madara alive? Is this one of Sasuke's genjustu or was this real? If this is real , then . . . Oh shit. I narrowed my eyes. I must not be afraid. Yeah right, here I was alone with two dangerous killers, thousands of miles away from safety. And want to know the best part? They're both Uchihas . Whoop-dee-fucking-doo.

Note the sarcasm there. Uchiha Madara loked at me and stuied me intently, as if he were trying to solve a puzzle, Sasuke got in front of me and asked, "So? Is she?" I'm pretty sure that he had a hint of murder intent to te older Uchiha, but then again, what do I know. Sasuke is still the same. . . .

"Sasuke, please bring Karin in here." Madara asked him, yet he didn't look at him. He kept eyeing me, but I think he wasn't checking me out. I think he was trying to do something, and why the fuck does he want that girl here?

Sasuke grabbed my wrist and started to drag me out of the room, when he was stopped by Madara saying, "Sasuke, I believed I asked only you to go , not Sakura and you." What ! Oh hellz no , I do not want to be stuck alone with this person!

I looked at Sasuke, praying silently that he would get my hint that I didn't want to be left here alone. With Uchiha Madara, I could hear him gritting his teeth and he tightned his grip on my wrist, making me flinch slightly. "Sasuke."

He let go of me wrist slowly and said, "I'll be right back."

When he left I tensed right away , I mean I was alone with Madara Uchiha . a dead old person who is supposed to be dead! Okay , Sakura . Deep breath . . . No no , then he'll know your nervous fr sure. Okay , look him in the eye. Now . . . I didn't een know where to begin. There was so many questions in my head that i Wanted to ask, but I knew better.

"Sakura Haruno." I jumped lightly at the way he said my name. With hate, yet intrest.

"Madara Uchiha." I hissed back just the same way but no intrest in my voice.

*I imagine Sasuke-kun has told you the reason why you'e here, correct?" I nodded narrowed my eyes. Where was he going with this? He smirked deviously , "You should be afraid of me, blossom." I inwardly laughed, scared of you, dumbass? Please! I bit my lip from refraning to say my thoughts out loud to him.

"Are you pregnant yet by any chance?" I looked at him before answering.


"You're lying."

I Don't know when it happened, but before I had the chance to blink; Madara was right in front of me. I shuddered, he saw through my lie without having to tell me. "How long?" He asked me. I refrained myself from punching him, this man is very nosy. "About a few weeks, maybe a month."

"I assume, Sasuke does not know abou this?" I nodded and smirked, "What? Are you going to tell him?"

He reflected my smirk and I felt a isgusting feeling in the pit of my stomach, "Oh I have something better in mind." Fuck, this man is crazy, judging by the look on his eyes, he wants me to d something unwanted.

At that very same moment, the door opened reaveling Sasuke and Karin. Karin's face became into a sneer when she saw me, I grinned back at her, stupid bitch. "Madara , I have brought Karin like you said." Sasuke said coldly, like that's news. Madara nodded and gestured for them to come in and close the door. "So, I have had this wonderful idea on my mind for quite sometime now. I am very sure alll of you will find it . . . shocking."

A moment of silence was in the room for about three minutes, until Sasuke finally spoke, "What are you thinking, Madara?" You just had to ask, Sasuke. Madara grinned like if he was the devil himself. Then his eyes wandered to Karin, to me and finally Sasuke. Then back to me. "Blossom, how would you like to test your strength against Karin?"

I gappped at him, does he know what he jsut asked? He knows I'm pregnant and he wants me to waste my powerful skills on Karin? I take bck what I said before, this man isn't insane! He is physco! Karin screeched and said, "What? Madara-sama, you expect me to fight with that?"

"My thoughts exactly." I snapped.

Sasuke spoke up after a while, " I refuse." Madara said, "They have no choice, you have no say in it. I want to see the skills that Cheey Blossom has. If the rumours are true that's she's stronger than the fifth hokage herself, she might be a great use."

"I have seen wjhat she can do, she's fine."

"Mmm, why so worried for her, Sasuke-kun?"

". . . Hn."

"Ha she's probably a weakling!"

I glared at Karin, if she wants to be like that. Then. . . so be it.

"I accept." I answered.

Karin looked at me like I was stupid ,Sasuke glared at me and Madara smirked in victory.


"Bring it on, then, Karin-san"

Stupid Sasuke and his questions.

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