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Three days.

All it took was three days for all of Tokyo to crumple in front of his eyes. Three days he had been locked in the small lab, living off of dry crackers and bottled water. He still couldn't believe the truth but somewhere deep down a part of him had fallen, accepted that the world's end was not far…

The steady taping of water falling against the tiled floor woke Ichigo from his light uneasy sleep. His eyes fluttered open and took in the small messy room. There was a busted pipe overhead; the constant dripping had come from there. He glanced at the stash of water bottles next to him and felt bitter panic rise. He was all alone and the water supply was running low. Forcing his aching body to move, Ichigo crawled to the far side of the room and took one of the large glass bottles for containing chemicals and put it under the busted pipe. He needed the water.

The room was silent but for the steady dripping of water. His heart thumped along with the beat and he had to remind himself out loud that he was still alive, still breathing and that was something to be grateful for.

His memory was hazy but he still remembered that ordinary morning when he got onto the subway and happily made his way into the research center. He had greeted the security guards at the front cheerfully and gone up to his lab and sealed himself in. then the first quake struck. The lights flickered on and off and in the distance, he heard the loud warning beeping of a breached lab. Then the sounds began.

Moans and cries of pain floated over the thick steel doors. What was more disturbing was that he had heard the sound of crunching, as if something was feeding. He thought he had let his imagination run wild because of the pain and delirium. But when the first of those mutated things busted through the steel doors, he knew it was not his imagination. Something had leaked out of the labs, something horrible.

After what seemed like ages of staring at the crumpled form on the ground, Ichigo drew himself out of his memory with some difficulty. He had to get out of here. The dead corpse was starting to rot and the room was filled with the scent of decay. He knew what ever virus that had infected the man would probably pass on to him if he stayed.

And so on the fourth day, Ichigo Kurosaki decided to make his move. There was a sturdy duffel bag in the cabinet and Ichigo pulled it out, stuffing all the drugs, bandages and medicine he could find in his small lab. The supplies were very useful but were all in small doses. After making sure the rest of the crackers were stuffed inside, he stood up and pried a jagged metal pipe off the crumpling wall. Double checking once more, he stood and made his way to the melded doors. There was a small space where he could crawl out. He bent down, squeezed the duffel through first before crawling out himself. The hallway was eerily empty. A light still flickered overhead as he made his way cautiously toward the end of the hall where the elevator sat. The button refused to light up when he jabbed at it and he had to give up that plan. There was a set of emergency stairs at the other end of the fifth floor. He cursed under his breath and readied the pipe as he made his way cautiously over the broken glass and debris. Ichigo flinched when he saw the blood. Crimson soaked the ground and walls of the room. The bullet proof glass was shattered and the thick trail led to the exit door. He took a deep breath and moved toward it. There was no other way to reach the stairs.

The door was kicked open and Ichigo flinched without thinking but nothing attacked him. There was a mangled corpse lying to the side, blood congealing under its head. He stepped past quickly and moved toward another door. He used his ID card to get in and froze. There were four bodies on the ground; he recognized them as his coworkers. He had greeted them that morning not long ago. He fought back the urge to cry as he edged closer. Their eyes were glassy and vacant, one man's neck torn to shreds. Ichigo closed his eyes, muttered a prayer and pushed his way out of the room.

Luckily, he didn't encounter any monsters on the way down to the first floor but the piece of ceiling blocking the door out was a bit of trouble. Ichigo squeezed out and took a few deep breaths. His long white lab coat was dirty and ripped in some places but he didn't care. The medical center was in shadows. Even if it was daytime, dark heavy clouds had settled over Tokyo's skies, leaving the world in a blotchy dark yellow color. He stepped out into the lobby cautiously, eyes flickering to the dark corners.

There were several bodies in dark unfamiliar uniforms lying on the ground. A flashlight flickered on and off near one of the men. Ichigo moved for a closer look. The body was slumped against a corner, his fingers loosely wrapped around a gun. The dark headgear hid the man's face so thankfully Ichigo didn't have to see the dead eyes.

He reached out with trembling fingers toward the flashlight and froze when he saw the dark creature crouched not five feet from where he was. The creature dove for him and Ichigo reached for the pipe at the same time. There was a sickening crack of metal slicing through flesh as he impaled the thing by the throat and flung it aside, his body trembling and adrenaline rushing through him. The thing twitched a few times before going still and he let out a deep breath before reaching for the flashlight again.

The hand came out of nowhere and seized his wrist with frightening strength. He fought down the urge to scream and saw the 'corpse' had just moved. The barrel of the gun pressed coldly against his temple as exhausted blue eyes met his wide amber ones. For a second, shock flickered on the man's face, and then his arm went limp, the gun clattering to the ground.

"Tell me you're not one of them…" the voice was slightly rough and husky as if he was in pain. Ichigo felt his heart lurch with joy upon finding another human being that wasn't infected.

"I'm not! Are you hurt? What's happening?" he reached out to the man and took off the helmet, revealing a head of shocking blue hair. It made Ichigo feel lighter upon seeing another color. He was sick of seeing red and brown everywhere he went. The man's breathing was rough and uneven, his face pale.

"We should get out of here…" Ichigo looked around at the shadows and felt unease wash upon him. The man grunted lightly but didn't move. Ichigo took a deep breath and helped him to his feet. The man sagged against him, leaning all his weight onto his shoulder. They shuffled across the hall and into a small waiting room with a flickering light. It was empty. Ichigo heaved a sigh of relief as he locked the door behind him.

The man had sagged onto the floor by the time he turned around, the wall behind him soaked with blood. Ichigo sucked in a breath, trying to stop the panic rising in his chest. He moved over to him and gently eased him onto a table. The thick black uniform vest was torn in the back. Ichigo gently slapped the man awake.

"Where are you hurt besides your back?" he asked in concern. It wasn't appropriate to just strip the man without asking. Bright blue eyes focused on him briefly before closing again. Then after a long moment of silence he spoke.

"Left arm…" Ichigo nodded and started to work on untying the thick leather vest. It was bullet proof but apparently not good enough. The letters 'VCU' were painted in dark blue over the uniform. Ichigo sucked in a breath when he saw the wound.

The man was fairly muscular and the gaping slash running from his left shoulder blade to his right hip was a sight to behold. Apparently whatever had done the deed cut clean through the vest armor. He reached into his pant pocket and withdrew a small sewing kit. It was embarrassing to admit Ichigo liked cross stitching in his free time but he was more than grateful for the needle and thread now.

"Bite onto this, I'm going to sew your wound up." He stuffed a piece of the man's sleeve into his mouth and opened a drawer in the table. The waiting rooms always had lighters for the smokers and he took the plastic lighter. The wound bubbled and hissed as he poured the medicine onto his back and after rubbing alcohol pads over his fingers, he started stitching up the wound. His stitches were small and neat so it took a long time. The man apparently had a high pain tolerance because he hadn't made a sound.

When Ichigo finally sat back for a break he noticed the man had passed out. So much for high pain tolerance. He wrapped the wound as much as he could but tried not to waste too much bandages. After securing the gauze around the man's left arm, he stood up and took the gun with the flashlight. He closed the door tightly after him and made his way out into the hall.

Silently, he searched through the stuff from the dead bodies and took what he needed. He had found a number of guns and bullet rounds, two walkie-talkies and a cell phone but the cell phone proved to be useless because there was no signal. He took a couple of vests too, to keep warm at night.

He hurried toward the waiting room and froze when he heard the sound of a gun loading before he set eyes on the man. Ichigo held up his free hand and gestured that he was unarmed. The weight of the gun he had taken from the man sat in his lab pocket. The blue haired man was propped up against one of the leather armchairs, his face still a pasty white. The man relaxed when Ichigo slipped inside and locked the door.

"Are they all dead…?" it took a moment to realize that the man had been talking to him. Ichigo nodded slowly and was about to say how sorry he was when the man let out a harsh laugh.

"Stupid fuckers, they all got what they deserved…" he paused and gave Ichigo a dark scowl. "You have any water?"

The researcher silently pulled out a bottle of water and handed it to the man. The last bottle of clean unopened water had been used to clean out the deep wound on the man's left arm. Ichigo offered the man a pack of crackers and sat down next to him. The silence in the room was only punctured by the harsh breathing from the man next to him.

"What's your name?" Ichigo finally asked and turned to the blue haired man next to him. There was a sarcastic snort.

"You aren't gonna live long enough to get to know me anyway, so why bother?" he replied Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"Well my name is Ichigo Kurosaki. I'm a researcher on Floor Five, which is basically Sector Five. If you don't tell me your name I'll just call you…blueberry." He eyed the shocking blue hair.

"Grimmjow, the name's Grimmjow, you fucker…" he growled and closed his eyes, leaning back and hissing at the pain. After a while of silence, Grimmjow's breath evened out and Ichigo watched his sleeping face. He hadn't noticed before but the man was extremely handsome. He sighed and dragged a vest over, pulling it over his legs.

At least he wasn't alone anymore, even if his companion was a trigger-happy idiot.

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