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Tokyo hospital, two days previous.

The door to the ER room burst open once again, an injured citizen strapped to the gurney, her swollen belly staking from suppressed pain.

"She's about to give birth, doctor." The nurse handed the short doctor a clipboard and Toshiro scanned the words quickly as he stepped into the room. He didn't have time to change his blood spattered scrubs as the doors swung shut behind him. He flashed a light into her left eye and watched as the pupil contracted weakly. She was loosing too much blood from an open wound on her side.

The other doctor in the room, a slim silver haired man took the clipboard as Toshiro moved to comfort the pregnant woman. He checked her vitals and started cutting the fabric of her blood soaked dress in order to treat the wound in her side. His lips turned down into a grim frown beneath the mouth cover as the sight of the gaping wound met his aqua eyes.

"Deep breaths don't worry about it. You're in safe hands." He called out to the woman. She shook silently as she gulped in a few short breaths of air.

"My…stomach…the baby…hurts…" she gasped. Toshiro tried to shush her and looked up when the other doctor moved to his side.

"Shall we treat the wound first and the baby next?" Gin's voice was still the light teasing tone that grated on Toshiro's nerves like sandpaper. He glared at the other man who was still smiling in the creepy way of his and shook his head.

"The baby first." He said finally and started on the woman's under garments. Her water had broken before she got to the hospital and Toshiro wasn't familiar with child birth. He was a brain surgeon who got sent over just because the doctors in the ER had been in short demands. He swallowed thickly and tried to calm his thumping heart.

"Umm…just push hard…I think…" he glanced over that the other silver haired man. Gin shrugged with a foxy smile but Toshiro couldn't exactly blame him. Gin was an expert at dissection, which was usually on dead bodies, which also meant that he didn't have to sew the body back up and expect it to still be alive. Toshiro longed to smack his head against the wall or just huddle in the corner until the stupid crisis was over.

"Maybe we should cut her open…" Gin suggested lightly, his hands running over the shiny scalpel in the tray of tools lovingly. "Just a mere suggestion, love…" he mumbled quickly when the shorter doctor shot him a death glare.

"OK, deep breaths, nice and slow. It's going to be okay. Open your legs and push when I tell you." Toshiro gently rubbed the swollen belly as the woman gave a soft sob of pain. Blood mixed with other unknown fluids leaked from between her legs and Toshiro had to pause to force down the urge to gag.

Twenty minutes later, he was bent between her legs as Gin pressed her large stomach. The head of the child was visible, or so he thought. The woman's breathing had become shallower and faster, small pained noises leaking from her convulsing throat.

"Come on, one more push…" he looked up just as the woman suddenly gave a violent shudder. Her vitals dropped almost immediately and Toshiro watched as her eyes rolled upward.


"Clear…one more time. On the count of three!"


"Still clear…"

Toshiro sagged against the wall as the machine kept up the relentless flat drone of death. Gin shot him a slightly sympathetic look and was about to drape the white cloth over her face when something inside her stomach moved.

"Hey, Shiro-chan. The kid's not dead yet."

The words had Toshiro jumping up like he had been electrocuted.

"Since she's dead, I'm just gonna cut, ok?" Toshiro nodded and waited tensely as Gin pressed the shiny scalpel against the woman's stomach and let the sharp steel sink into soft flesh. A drop of black oozed out, creating an odd contrast against the pale dead skin. Gin paused and slicked the moisture against his gloved finger, rubbing and smelling it.

"That's odd…" he murmured, still hesitating.

"Doesn't' matter right now, we got to get the child out before it suffocates!'

Upon hearing the words, the taller doctor repressed the odd feeling of discomfort and concentrated on the task of cutting her belly open again. The curious black fluid bubbled out like a fountain as the cut became longer and deeper. Something moved inside the dead woman's stomach and both men leaned in to take a closer look.

Then Toshiro screamed.

Gin moved faster than he could and shoved the shorter doctor away from the operation table as the bloody infant shot out from the woman's body like a bullet. The taller man was knocked onto the floor by the force and disappeared from Toshiro's sight, blocked by the operation table. The sound of Gin's rapid breathing and struggling made Toshiro scramble toward him. There was a metallic clang as Gin's wildly flailing arm knocked over the tool tray.

The bloody infant was attached to the other man's arm and Toshiro heard the sickening crunch of metal meeting bone and the thing fell to the floor, twitching and shrieking. The scalpel embedded in its eye socket spun wildly before it went still, blood slowly pooled around its abnormally large head. Toshiro tried not to look at the jagged shark-like teeth that shouldn't have belonged to an infant at birth.

"Oh my god, are you okay?" the shorter man rushed toward Gin and grabbed his arm, examining the wound. The thing's razor sharp teeth had cut through the scrubs Gin had been wearing.

"I'm alright, Shiro-chan…" Gin snapped off the bloodied latex gloves and allowed the smaller man to pull him up. His usual smile was slightly strained as they rushed out of the operation room and into the shower facilities. Toshiro ripped the other man's scrubs off and started cleaning the blood off his arm but Gin refused his help.

"Go get some rest; I'll meet you in the office, okay? See, it didn't break the skin on my arm. I'm alright." He said in reassurance and ducked down, stealing a small teasing kiss. The smaller doctor blushed scarlet and shoved him. He turned to give Gin one last worried looked before gently shutting the door behind him.

Gin's lips turned down into a grimace as soon as the cute man disappeared and stepped back under the spray of hot water. He took a deep breath and slowly, shakily opened his clinched left fist. There was a two-inch cut where the latex hadn't been strong enough to keep out the mutant infant's teeth. Blood seeped out of the wound and Gin slowly let himself slide to the floor, eyes watching the relentless flow of blood trailing into the sink.

His lips twitched upward again but there was no mirth.

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