Title: Can't Go Back Now

Pairing: Sam Swarek/Andy McNally

Disclaimer: I don't own Rookie Blue, I just like to write about it.

Notes: I've had writer's block for a while now. And for a while, I mean about a year. Thank god for the season two premiere today! The original story of mine called "Can't Go Back Now" is officially dead to me. Instead, I've come up with something entirely new, and hopefully, better. Just to give you fair warning it is going to be DARK, DISTURBING and VIOLENT.

Chapter One: To Move In or Not to Move In? That is the Question.

Grinning, his trademark smirk visible, Sam congratulates Andy. "So, you did it. You saved the day."

She swiftly turns around, relief visible on her face. "You're alive?"

"Thanks for stating the obvious."

"I just...I just thought..." Andy walks towards him, thoroughly confused. "I saw the body bag, and I thought...I thought..."

"Hey, hey...it's okay," he takes her in his arms, rubbing her back, soothing her with his words. "I'm fine. Don't cry."

I hate when women cry. Their face gets all red and puffy. It's weird and unnatural.

He's always uncomfortable when women cry. His mom, his sister, now Andy...Sam cups Andy's face, and wipes away her tears with his thumb. Nodding his head towards Callaghan, "You should go thank him."

"I should," Andy agrees. "Will you be okay?"

"I'm fine. I'm a big boy. I can take care of myself."


Andy wraps her arms around Luke from behind, pressing her body against his, "Thank you."

"Hmmm, what?" He says, distracted, while pointing in the direction he wants the body to go to the coroners.

"Thank you for having my back."

Luke grabs her hands and twirls Andy around to face him, her hair swishing in front of her face, eyes sparkling with laughter. Sam watches from a distance, resigned.


"So," Andy gently presses her lips to his. "When do we get our keys?"

Luke reaches into his pocket and dangles them in front of her. "No way!" she exclaims. He leans in for another kiss, but instead, whispers in her ear, "Maybe, when this thing is done, we can do something naughty on the stairs again."

"Yeah, maybe," Andy smirks.

"How about you wear those heels?"

Andy laughs. "How about that's the only thing I wear?"

"I like the sound of that."


After having spent three hours at the station filling out paperwork, Sam throws his keys on the counter in his front hall, and flops onto his bed, exhausted.

Less than two minutes later, ringing interrupts his sleep. "NOOOO!" he groans, ripping the cord from his alarm clock from it's socket. The ringing continues. "What the...?"

He ignores the ringing for the first five minutes. Then, after opening one eye, decides to search for his phone. He heads over to his desk, his jeans hanging on the back of the chair and he digs into his back pocket for his phone.

"What?" he barks.


"McNally, if that's you, you better have a damn good excuse for calling!"

"Little brother?" he hears Sarah's timid voice.

"Sarah?" he asks, shocked.

"Yeah, it's me. Oliver called. Said it was serious. What happened? Are you hurt? Should I call mom and dad?"

Sam rolls his eyes. Sarah's always been overly emotional; it's gotten progressively worse since a) her attack, b) his move to Toronto ten years ago and c) his decision to become an officer.

"Sarah, I'm fine," he reassures her. "How about I take some time off and I come to visit. Then you'll be able to see just how fine I am."

"I'd like that. Are you sure that'll be okay with your Staff Sergeant?"

"Yeah, he'll be glad to be rid of me for a bit...But, I'm tired, Sarah. Do you mind if we catch up tomorrow?"

"I'm sorry," Sarah apologizes. "I'll pry the details from you when you're here tomorrow. Get some rest."

"Okay. Goodnight."



"Luke?" Andy calls out to a seemingly empty house. "Luke, are you home?"

Wow, I like the sound of that. Home, she thought.



Andy drops her overnight duffle at the entrance of their new home, and grins, a big toothy grin. Just minutes after Sam leaves in his squad car for the station, Andy yawns and announces that she's going to her place to grab some stuff and then head over to their new home. Luke assures her that he'll be there as soon as he can. She doesn't bank on him being home tonight. Tonight was the biggest drug bust of 15 Division, and probably of her career.

She flips the switch to turn on the front hall lights, but nothing happens. "Damn it," she mutters to herself. She should've thought to have brought a flashlight, or at least some candles.

Candles would be nice, romantic.

Feeling along the wall, she enters the kitchen. Flipping the switch there, still nothing happens.


She doesn't notice when a hooded figure enters the kitchen from the laundry room. As she turns to face the sliding glass doors that open into their backyard, literally, from out of nowhere, Andy is hit from behind with a shovel, and crumbles to the ground, unconscious. The hooded young man smiles to himself. Success.

He uses both his hands to drag Andy's limp body across the floor towards her guest bedroom. He struggles to lift her onto her bed, his muscles aching. Her torso, lopsided, is framed against the side of the bed. He grips her thighs, pressing his body against hers. Finally, after ten minutes, he slides her up the bed, and he straddles her. His hands creep underneath her shirt, groping, his erection growing hard. She's still unconscious; the way he likes his women. He has a death grip on her tight black jeans, tugging at her panties, pulling them to her ankles. He unzips his jeans, tugs them down his legs. Grinning manically, he enters her, thrusting again and again and again, his eyes roll back in pleasure; he moans.

Somewhere in the distance, an ignition starts, and paranoid, the young man jumps to the ground, pulls up his pants, and looks both ways as he exits the house casually.


It was still dark when Andy wakes up, head throbbing, jeans around her ankles. She looks down, a single tear rolling down her cheek, the realization clear - she must have been raped. Try as she might, picking herself up is not an easy task. Dizzy, she lies back down, and is soon unconscious again.


Daylight breaks before Luke is able to leave his office. Grinning, with two hot coffees in hand, his thoughts drift towards Andy in her heels, as he approaches their house. His grin fades when he notices that their front door is wide open. In the entrance he calls out, "Andy?"

He is met with silence.

"Hey, honey I'm home," he jokes. Just as soon as the joke leaves his mouth, he berates himself for doing it. What if something's seriously wrong. Setting down the coffee, he calls her name again. "Andy, it's Luke. If you can hear me, say something..."


Luke trips over Andy's overnight duffle in the front hall. Glancing into their living room, he notices that nothing has been disturbed. He glances into their guest bedroom. Nothing. He begins to walk towards their kitchen, when he sees movement from the far end of the bedroom out of the corner of his eye.


Andy has curled herself into a little ball in the corner, crying. At first Luke doesn't notice that she isn't wearing jeans or underwear.

"What happened?"

She stares back at him blankly, not saying a word.

"Oh god...Okay...This is what we're going to do," Luke tells her in his Detective voice. "I'm going to call my team and they are going to document the scene. As they're doing that, I'm going to take you to the hospital and you'll get a rape kit done, and then..."

"No," Andy tells him firmly.


"No rape kit."

"Andy, you know that's how this works," Luke tries to appeal to her rational side.



"No! No! No! No!" she shouts at him. "Don't say that word! Get out!" she screams, when Luke tries to help her up.


"She's not thinking clearly," Luke is telling someone over the phone. "Are you sure there's nothing I can do?"

"Damn it," Luke swears, slamming his fist against the wall in frustration. Not caring about protocol, Luke walks back into the bedroom, grabs hold of Andy and drags her into his car. "I'm taking you to the hospital."

Too tired to fight, Andy rests her head against the glass and she falls asleep.

"Andy," Luke calls to her, and when she doesn't wake, he pokes her in the side numerous times. "Andy, wake up. I have to keep you awake in case you have a concussion."

The hospital is all white walls, disinfectant and old people.

"Detective Callaghan," greets Dr. Liz Beck, "What a pleasant surprise."

"Actually, Doc..." Luke mouths the next words. "I need you to perform a 'PERK' kit for me."


Luke whispers to Andy who's hiding behind him. "It's okay," he reassures her. "You'll be fine. I promise."

Andy, shyly, looks up at the doctor. "Andy, this is Dr. Beck. Dr. Beck, meet my girlfriend, Andy."

"So you're the cop that Luke can't stop grinning about. I can see why." Dr. Beck looks concerned when she notices the bruises on Andy's arms that she's trying to cover up by crossing them across her chest. She gestures to Andy, "Why don't you follow me and we'll get you cleaned up and checked out."

Andy looks back at Luke, fear evident in her eyes. "Go on. You'll be fine. I'll wait right outside for you."

Luke watches as Andy disappears down the hall.


"So, it's unanimous? Nobody is to call Swarek about Andy's...condition, while he's taking some personal time," Oliver Shaw confirms with the team during their impromptu meeting.


"Little brother!" Sarah shouts excitedly as she runs to give him a hug. "It's so good to see you!"

Sam grins. "It's good to see you too. How've you been?"

"Nothing's changed," she tells him quickly. "What happened to you? I want to hear all about it. I've been waiting as patiently as I can. You're not going to make me wait any longer, are you? I may be forced to call Officer Shaw if you won't give up the goods."

"Geez, Sarah, can't a guy get a word in edgewise. No, you won't have to wait any longer. How about I tell you over dinner."