He is lightning. Captivating to watch, dangerous to get close to. It was impossible not to watch him while he moved, with quick strikes that bore a deadly accuracy. He was quick and graceful on his feet, but he had a downside. His element did not promote life, but rather preferred destroying it, spreading with a rage it could only seem to bear. It was difficult for him to counterbalance the thing he was so connected to, his element, but he tried. And that was why she loved him.

She is the sea. She moved with fluidity only water can have. She also moves with grace, but a different kind of grace. She can be calmest of seas, but also the deadliest of storms. She had a different kind of beauty, but it was no less captivating. Her element promoted life and healing, but also had the capacity to hurt and kill. She has to keep the balance. She has to keep these two and powerful abilities from colliding. But it is not difficult because she has a kind and gentle heart. And that is why he loves her.

And, together, they make the perfect storm.