This is the first time I have ever attempted a fanfic for an anime/manga. I apologise for lack of honorifics - I'm English, and even after watching anime and reading manga, I still do not understand them. I am also sorry for my punctuation - I tend to over-punctuate, but oh well, on with the story...

"Five minutes. I can do this. I can get this done before Kai gets home," I muttered to myself.

What had I done to deserve this fate? I was sure that I had led a good life when I lived in Japan, so why had it come to this?

I guess you are wondering what I am rambling on about. Let's rewind about 5 years...

It was a cold evening in the middle of December. As usual, I was at the host club, entertaining the girls to pay off my debt. I scanned the music room, and saw that everything was normal: the twins were carrying out there usual twincest act, Kyoya was looking cold and calculating, Tamaki was being overly-dramatic, Mori was sitting quietly on the sofa, next to Hunny who was eating cake.

Something felt... off. It was an indescribable feeling - a small niggle in the back of my mind, starting alarm bells in my subconscious.

"Haruhi, are you feeling okay?" asked one of my customers. "You're looking rather pale and distracted. Am I boring you? Do you need a doctor? Oh dear, I'll call..."

I cut into her rant, assuring her that I was okay. I carried on with the idle chatter, but inside I was wondering what was wrong. Eventually I dismissed it as paranoia.

"Everything is fine," I repeated to myself.

How wrong I was.

As the customers started to switch, Kyoya got a phone call. His usual cold demeanor turned shocked, angry, then finally upset. He finished the call, slowly put away his mobile phone, and ordered all of the customers out - an unusual thing for Kyoya to do, as it lost the club money.

"Please excuse Haruhi and I, we have an important issue to discuss."

No-one dared to argue with the Shadow King when he showed emotion - it showed that something was wrong. Very wrong.

I followed him into the room, only to find out some of the worst news I could have heard.

"Dad... dead?" I said slowly.

"Yes. He was beaten up by a large gang on his way back home from the supermarket. He was taken to one of my family's hospitals, but he didn't pull through. I'm very sorry, Haruhi."

It was too much. He couldn't be dead. He was always there for me. He said he'd never leave me!

Soon after the funeral, I decided that Japan wasn't the place for me - it held too many bad memories. I made a last minute decision to move to Manchester - a city in England. I used all of my savings, and bought a tiny apartment in a not-so-nice area of England, applied for a place in a nearby college, and got myself an evening and weekend job.

Everything went well, until I met Kai. He was gorgeous, rich, and seemed to endlessly flatter me. It started with small compliments now and then, but soon turned into him buying me a large modern flat in an expensive area of the city, and a deposit of an extraordinary amount of money into my bank account.

Not long after him buying me a flat, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I had grown to like him a lot, so I accepted his offer. After a year of dating he proposed to me while we were on his yacht in Spain, and we got married at the young age of 19.

I thought I loved him. But that was before that started. He became very demanding, and began shouting at me if I did anything wrong. That quickly turned into beatings for the tiniest mistakes.

All of that has led me here, to a place where I am too terrified to tell anyone about what was happening. Then again, who would I tell. All my connections to people were cut off shortly after our marriage. Now, I am 21, stuck in an abusive relationship, with no way out.

Someone, help me.

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