So I've finally remembered this, and thought it was about time I updated! I have spent a long time getting distracted by other animes, reading other fanfictions, and having no idea what to write, but I'm back! Hope it's okay! :)

Soon after I woke up I was dragged away, a twin on each side, to cover up my bruises and put on some clothes. Over the years I had spent in England, I had filled out a bit to give me a more womanly figure which, of course, delighted the twins. They spent time finding clothing that would cover the majority of my bruises, then they started applying perfect makeup - to my surprise. Was there nothing to do with fashion and beauty that the Hitachiin twins could not do?

I walked back to the rest of the ex Host Club to be greeted with stunned silence. I fidgeted awkwardly in the uncomfortable silence, tugging down my top and crossing my arms. The silence was broken - surprisingly - by Mori.

"You look beautiful."

A small smile tugged up the corners of his lips at the same time a blush covered my cheecks, and then the moment was gone - everyone was back to normal. The twins were riling up Tamaki, Hunny was eating a small slice of cake, Kyoya was on his Pineapple laptop and Mori was being... well... Mori.

I found myself staring into Mori's beautiful brown eyes, and it took me a while to realise that his were reaching into the depths of my soul. All of a sudden, blood surged to my cheeks and I ducked my head to try in vain to cover up my embarrassment. But why was I embarrassed? I waited for my blush to disappear before looking over at him again; a small smile graced his lips and laughter lit up his eyes. I couldn't help but smiling back at the man that helped save me - who knows where I would be without him?


Identical elbows landed on my shoulders, exactly how they did when I was in Music Room 3 all those years ago.

"Come back to Japan with us!"

I stood still as a picture - that question shocked me. How could I go back to my home after all these years? Wait - my home? My home now is England, this where I live, where I have built up a life for myself. Everything I have is in England; only I have nothing. No matter how much I tried to say to them, "No, this is my home", I just couldn't, the words just wouldn't fall out of my mouth. I had nothing here... Japan was where I belonged. During my internal debate, everyone had turned silent and Tamaki had turned on the puppy-dog eyes [an ability he had never lost]. I was putty in there hands.

"Okay, I will move back to Japan."

The Hosts erupted in loud cheers of delight, chatting animatedly about where I would stay, where I would work, buying me a new wardrobe, about how I would start my new life. I smiled to myself as I watched them, grown adults acting like the teenagers I knew and loved, all over me moving back to my home.

"Well, I am grateful to you Haruhi. It seems that all along, you were all we needed."

I turned to Kyoya with a look of confusion on my face - what was he on about? Sensing my confusion, he expanded on his statement.

"Ever since you left none of us have been the same, but the worst of us all was Tamaki. He slipped into a major depression. He was lost without you, we all were, but it hit him the hardest. You know, he never even looked at another woman after you left - that was the end of the host club. It just wasn't the same without you..."

My mouth formed a small 'o' at his words... I hadn't realised that my leaving would affect the host club boys that much - they were always so cheery, and I was only there to repay a debt. Surely I wasn't that important to them?

However, I started to doubt that thought as I watched them fighting over who she would stay with, which soon turned to a battle of 'who loves Haruhi the most?'. For the first time in years, I felt truly loved and wanted, and my emotions began to overwhelm me to the point of tears.

I felt a muscular arm slip around my waist in comfort, and looked up to see Tamaki with a hard expression on his face.

"Haruhi, no-one will ever hurt you again. I will protect you from everything and anyone that tries to take you away from me - uh I mean us- again. You're amazing, you know that? And beautiful. Don't let anyone make you believe otherwise."

I soft smile graced my lips, and I leaned into his side. Things were getting better already; I had back my friends, my family, people who cared for me. I had never been more grateful for the stupid morons that had turned my life upside down since that one day in high school.