The Girls



Part One

Isabella was going to the kitchen to get some milk trying to wake up because she had her GED test and passed it. Which was not a problem when you have a 160 I.Q. Isabella walked to the living room with her live-ins sister who was Kristina.

'Your up." Kristina said and Isabella responded, "You would a tough tutor." Isabella sat down to drink her milk, took her breath out loud because she had a lot on her mind. Her father is going to have a daughter and the mother has a very questionable background. Isabella had that in her mind and then there was her girlfriend. She was a closet and yet Isabella can't walk away from.

"Are you okay?" Kristina asked with concern and Isabella looked sad then Kristina sat next to her. She sat in front of Isabella and gave her that look. That look is the your lying look. "Closet girl…" Isabella said and Kristina told her that she didn't have to talk about that now. Kristina then told her that she needed to get dressed as Isabella took another sip. Alexis opened the door and there was Isabella.

"Good morning." Alexis said to Isabella. "Do you know how soon you could get a court order for an DNA test?" Isabella asked and Alexis responded, "In the next three to four months." Isabella shook her head and Alexis then said, "I think this Amber Moore…" "I don't want to hear her name. I can't believe my dad was that freaking stupid. I mean Aggie loves him and will stay. Amber is a gold-digger and she will try to get to be the one and only." Isabella said and Alexis responded, "I will do what I can." Isabella was staying over because Johnny and Isabella would still on a very long honey moon.