The Girls



Part Nine

Josie met with Sam who seemed to be very cool. Josie thought it was cool about her being pregnant. Jason then in his direct way told her that she could have the other room. Somewhere

Maxie was loving this because she could feed Katherine insecurities, I mean she's all ready going to be freak out. Spinelli was ensuring her but Maxie knew this will be great. Isabella walked to Alexis and said, "Listen if you think I'm going to be a magnet to…" "I believe that you will protect my girls but I think…" Alexis said and Isabella interrupted, "It's cool but if I… "Thank you." Alexis said and Brooke-Lynn walked to Isabella then said, "I didn't know you had a sister and…" "It's cool Brooke, I don't talk about it that much." Isabella said and Katherine walked over to her. "Is she responsive at all?" Katherine asked and Isabella shook her head no. Maxie came over. "I had a sister and maybe this would be the thing that brings her out of it. I mean Josie is going to be protected with Jason and Sam. I mean Bella could protected Katherine because Spinelli is going to be busy…" Maxie started planting the seeds. Spinelli called her on it and then she claim innocence.

Lulu was not happy with Maxie for doing that and Maxie told her that Spinelli deserves better than her. Maxie knew what was best for Spinelli…Josie heard this and looked at Spinelli knew this blonde bitch is going to get in the way and get someone killed.

As they came to Jason's, Sam directed where everything was..

"Before we start I'm not here to stepped on any toes but Spinelli I don't want you to cater to me. I mean pleased find those fuckers but your girlfriend is going to need you. I know you work for him but your ex is going to use this.." Josie said and Spinelli responded, "I know the faceless one tactics, I will be watchful." "Will you show me your room? Then go straight to your girlfriend." Josie said and Spinelli called her the strict one. "I can't believe Maxie would do that, you know right now give me gangsters or psychopaths." Sam said….