Chapter 4

"So ummm Miles…why exactly did you and Dakota break up…?"Lily asked while pulling up into unloading zone at LAX.

"Well…I broke up with him because…well…"Miley stammered "he was in the ARMY…an ARMY Ranger to be exact…"


"He had finished one tour in Iraq, which nearly killed me, everyday I was waiting for the news he had been killed…but he came back everything was fine for a few moths, then he got called back…a special project for him and his team. "

"He didn't have to accept the assignment..but he did anyways, because he needs that adrenalin rush in his life of adventure and gun battles…anyways he and his men went, but something went wrong. An ambush or something…he's the only one who lived."

"Oh wow Miles that sucks major." Lily said.

"Yeah" Miley said a hint of tears in her eyes. "I went to see him in the hospital…but he was unconscious and in bad shape and..and..and I just left…I couldn't handle it anymore"

"You just left him? No card? No letter? No call? Miley that was…idk…mean!"Lily practically screamed

"I know I know…but I have Liam now…and I'm sure Dakota would never want to see me again"

"Miley…you shared your bed with Dakota many times! Trust me I heard both of you…and I know what you guys had was real…"

"I know Lily…he's the only guy I've shared a bed with..but it's all in the past now…it's not like Dakota will just pop up in Dracula's castle!"

"Stranger things have happened Miles…but anyways have a great time. I see Liam in there waiting so…"Lily said with a half smile on her face

"Oh it will be a blast Lily come on. Dracula's Castle so much mystery and…adventure…"Miley said with a smirk on her own face