A/N: I swear the rest of the A/Ns won't be this long. This entire story is dedicated to theladyingrey42 for her birthday (which was last week). She has enjoyed 30 days of birthday presents and has allowed me to share it with all of you as well. It will be a mix of drabbles and full chapters with alternating POVs. It is slash, so if this is not your cup of tea, this is your fair warning. There will always be a song (or 3) matched to each chapter that kind of set the mood. I plan to update every other day (or sooner if I'm happy).

Big thanks to ahizelm for beta-ing this entire thing and being a rock of support for me! Thanks also to .louise for helping me make Edward more British.

All things Twilight belong to Ms. Meyer. And so it begins...


The Setting: Hobart, Tasmania
The Music
: Use Somebody, Kings of Leon



How could you not notice him, all sex hair and silence?

I try to pay attention to my buddies and the games we're playing but his dark, brooding presence consumes my senses.

After losing badly and laughing it off, I feel the weight of his stare on me.

Slowly, I turn around, meeting bright green eyes over a torn paperback, and I inhale sharply. His even gaze seems to penetrate into the deepest reaches of my soul, as if all my secrets are laid bare before him.

I shiver with the eerie feeling that my fate had been irrevocably altered.

. . .

. .