Little Potato

part 2

"Okay" England says in a defeated manner, closing his eyes and rubbing his temple, praying for some kind of a god of patience to help him survive the evening. "What is wrong with you?"

"Mhe?" Spain asks through a mouthful of potatoes - quite an unnecessary question, really, considering how Arthur is pointing at him with his fork.

"Yes, you" the blond man confirms, his voice laced with acid. "Why aren't you eating the tomatoes?"

France and Prussia exchange worried glances, Germany is unfazed though, apparently convinced Spain just came to his right mind and finally chose to eat real food.

"I like potatoes better now" Spain shrugs. "Is that such a big deal?"

"That's not funny" England replies, trying to keep his calm. "This is a business dinner, so stop playing dumb jokes on me and eat your fucking tomatoes. Anyway, why aren't the Italy brothers here yet?"

"Veneziano said something about teaching his brother how to be a good daddy" Germany reports, putting more mashed potatoes on his plate. "I believe Romano wasn't interested though, as the last time I saw him, he was running away screaming from what looked like a diaper."

There's a moment of heavy, uncomfortable silence hanging over the table and then - Spain starts to cry.

"Romano" he sighs dramatically, his teardrops drowning in the mashed potatoes. "He really is useless, after all, isn't he? He wanted me only for sex. I'm going to become a single parent now."

Prussia looks a bit bemused, obviously still not used to his friend being so emotional, but he gives Spain's back a comforting pat.

"Don't worry. We won't leave you" he says seriously.

England is gaping at them, open mouthed, and France can't help a delicate chuckle escaping his lips at the sight, but he hides his smile in his hand.

"Yes!" he says, looking at Spain with pure affection. "Having the country of passion and the country of love around, the child will experience a lot of love, so don't worry, dear Espagne!"

"You know what, France?" Prussia scowls at his friend. "That sounded really pedo. The poor thing isn't even bean-sized yet, restrain yourself."

"Why" England hides his face in his hands. "Why did you all have to go completely nuts today, when I have to be there to see it?"

"I'm not nuts" Germany points out, chewing on his food.

"You must be immune to being nuts if you're sane after spending so much time with Italy" England replies dryly.

"We're not, as you like to put it, nuts. Espagne here is pregnant."

"Yeah right, and I'm married to Hello Kitty."

Spain chooses that exact moment to get up suddenly and run towards the toilet, covering his mouth with his hands.

"And that is a morning sickness" France explains helpfully. "How is your beautiful wife doing, by the way?"

"It's evening now, though" England replies skeptically, ignoring the sarcastic comment.

"Well then, it must be an after-siesta sickness. Poor thing" he sighs, shaking his head. "And that poor excuse of a nation left him, just like that, can you believe it?"

"Who's the poor excuse of a nation?"

"Romano!" France exclaims furiously. "I used to think he was cute, but acting like that... that's just unforgivable."

"Bullshit" Arthur is once again forced to rub his temples, feeling the idiocy-inducted pain spreading behind his eyes. "I am not going to accept this rubbish." He stands up abruptly, glaring at the remaining table occupants. "Let's meet again after you clean up this" he gestures towards the toiled. "mess. Goodnight."

"Poor Angleterre" Francis sighs, as the door behind Arthur closes with a loud clunk. "He must be worried."

"Haaa?" Gilbert raises his eyebrows. "He seemed pissed to me. And what's with you and the poor word?"

"No, I'm telling you - you don't know him. He's worried."

"I AM NOT FUCKING WORRIED!" the door shouts at them angrily.

"See?" France smiles, as if that proved his point.

Gilbert can only roll his eyes at him.

The doorbell interrupts Romano's new favorite way of spending time - staring into the space, doing nothing. His conscience doesn't let him have fun - hell, it doesn't let him do anything besides thinking about Spain. And so, he also can't focus on work - everything is just... too messed up.

The Italian freezes, for a split of a second worried it could be his stupid brother and his stupid good intentions - but no, that's not possible, Romano distracted him telling him that their fridge was empty. And shopping is one of the things that take Veneziano forever.

Then who could it be? Probably a business letter or something like that. Sighing, Romano decides to get the door.

When he opens it, he immediately regrets the decision. A very smug-looking England on his doorstep can't be good news and suddenly Romano thinks his brother's good intentions aren't that bad, after all.

"W-what the hell...?"

"I came here to talk" England announces, letting himself in before Romano can react and shut the door in his face. "You people seriously can't do a thing by yourselves, can you?"

"W-what thing...?"

"No need to look so pale" England smirks at him. "I'm not here to fight. You don't have to hide under Germany's skirt."

"The potato bastard doesn't wear a skirt" Romano protest mechanically. "If he did, I'd probably... oh no." He covers his eyes with his hand. "Bad mental image."

"Great" England snorts. "Your boyfriend is pregnant and here you are, miles away from him, imagining Germany in a skirt."

"It's your fucking fault that I'm imagining Germany in a skirt!" Romano shouts back, distressed. "What the fuck are you doing here, anyway? Let me tell you - you're not exactly my favorite person on Earth!"

"Well, excuse me for being worried" England growls, and then, all of sudden - blushes and looks away. "I-I mean, I'm not really worried, but... hell, where is your sense of responsibility? Leaving your boyfriend like that? He's really not doing that well, you know."

"Oh yeah?" the Italian glares at him. "And since when do you care?"

"Well, maybe I'm not so good at expressing my feelings- wait, why am I explaining myself to you- you're even worse than me!"

"What?" Romano is furious now. "I'm not a fucking sadistic crazy bastard who talks to fucking fairies and feeds everyone with poisonous shit he calls food!"

England is completely dumbstruck for a moment, his eyes wide and his mouth open, making him look - well, stupid.

"My cooking is n-not that b-bad..." he finally manages a weak reply, sounding like he's on the verge of tears.

Romano stares. And stares. And stares some more.

No way.

"Uhhhh..." the awkwardness in the air is getting too much to bear. "Are you... crying?"

"I-I'm not!" England coughs, running a hand through his hair, trying to regain his composure. "Just. Go back to Spain. He needs you."

"Yeah, right" Romano rolls his eyes. "Needs me to make him cry again? That idiot is better off without me. I... I can't help him with that."

"What kind of bullshit is that?" Arthur snorts. "That idiot drowned his fucking mashed potatoes in tears after he was told that you'd run away screaming because of a fucking diaper. If anything, that's enough of a proof he needs you around to help him with that. Such a fucking cute nickname for your kid, by the way. And frankly - I don't care about you two, really. You're a cowardly jerk and he's just, well - an idiot. But there's also the baby. A tiny, helpless, innocent being that needs..." he suddenly pauses and blushes, yet again looking embarrassed. "Fuck, I... N-never mind. I-I'd better just go now" and with that he turns around and disappears behind the door, leaving Romano more confused than he has ever been before.

Fuck. What is he supposed to do? He cares for Spain, he does - he kind of was forced to admit that to himself before they slept together for the first time. Spain is- for Romano, he's someone who simply makes him happy. He's a good person to be in a relationship with - he rarely gets angry, leaving that to Romano. He's basically ready to do anything for the person he likes. He's patient, always bright, always smiling. Living with him was supposed to be easy - no responsibilities, no problems, no fucking babies. Romano is smart enough to understand those things eventually come with a relationship, he knows relationships are also about giving, not only taking - but when he decided to be together with Spain, it was because he knew Spain was okay with mostly giving at first, he thought he would have time to just- get ready. But this, this is just too early for him. Not to mention, he would have never excepted a baby in their relationship. He has absolutely no parental instinct, that's for sure. When he thinks about the little innocent being, he just feels sick and scared.

No place for love there. He can't possibly be a good father.

But. Can he still stay around, just for Spain?

He's not sure. But the again, not staying around- that's a scary thought. Leaving him for good. No - Romano can't do that, can he? If he could, he'd have done that a long time ago, and now he would be dating a hot girl and just enjoying life.

And eventually, he would end up with a baby.

I'm really not being fair, am I?

But what can he do? He's not ready to come back, not yet - but maybe, eventually, after reading up stuff about how to deal with pregnancy and maybe attending a parent's course... maybe then he'll able to go back. And be of some use to his boyfriend. He doesn't have to like the baby - but he can do that for Spain.

Okay. That's it. Now I just need to call him and tell him I'll be back - in a month. Or two. Three, at most.

However, all Romano's plans are soon completely forgotten with just one word.


It shouldn't be possible to put that much hope and joy mixed with anxiousness and nervousness into one word, but Spain somehow manages to do it and Romano feels his heart clench and he suddenly feels like crying.

"Y-yeah, that's me. U-um, how are you?"

"Oh. I'm okay" he does sound okay - just tired and kind of out of it, and Romano suddenly really wants to be there, just - just not to let him feel down. "Gilbert is making a mess out of your CD collection. And Francis is making a mess out of our kitchen. But it smells good. You'd kill him though, he's cooking potatoes" he laughs; a warm, gentle sound that sends pleasant shivers down Romano's spine. Then there's a quiet pause and then- "I miss you."

Romano can't even be angry about the CDs and about the kitchen and even - about the potatoes.

"I... j-just" he takes a deep breath, tightening his grip on the phone, his palm cold and sweaty. "Just wait for me, okay? I-I'll be there soon."

He hangs up before Spain has a chance to reply and he sighs heavily, running a hand through his hair.

He can't just keep on making up excuses. He can't keep on running away. He's not a little kid, is he.

He can do this.

I'm not really happy with that chapter. Where is my sense of humour? It died. All the drama killed it.

Oh well - in the next part, we're going back to the stupid. And the fluff. And oh - I hope the sex will come soon, but... there are still obstacles on the way. XD

Thank you everyone for the reviews! I felt very happy! Most of you mentioned how Spain being the pregnant one is unusual - I agree. And I really like pairings where both guys get a chance to top so I'm just balancing things out haha. I also don't really like mpreg - unless it happens to unusual characters. I'd surely read Denmark mpreg, for example. XDDD *shot*

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