E/O Drabble Challenge, challenge word: Lunge

Word count: 100 (no more no less)

Set: In the good old times - no spoilers

Rating: K

Summary: First hunter rule: Don't you ever get careless. It's just a thin line between being the hunter and the hunted…

My drabble buddy Shannz had the brilliant idea to add a bit of an extra challenge with one more shared word between the two (now the three) of us, so if you like hunting, go search the shared word in the drabbles of Shannz and BarbaraGER. Have fun (we had!) :-)

The first sting was unpleasant. The second made him lunge in surprise. Then all hell broke lose.

Sam was on his way the second he heard his brother cry out in pain. Sawed-off at the ready he stormed the clearing where Dean had vanished.

He nearly shot the creature stomping right into him, flailing and cursing.

"Burns" it squealed.


Dumbstruck he watched his brother tearing off his jeans and jumping on the pile like a mad bull.


More dancing and stomping.


Naked legs covered with nasty dots.


Green eyes, narrowing to slits at Sam's helpless chuckles.