Sweet Revenge

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: Rub.

Summary: When it comes to fire up a prank battle, Sam may be inventive – but Dean's ready to use every weapon he's got.

A/N 1: Hey Dizzo, happy Birthday honey, I wish you sunshine, laughter, joy and some really nice adventure trips (knowing that you love to travel). Hope you like embarrassed Dean :-)

"Sam, look at..."

Dean's grin faded into confusion, when the guy in tight black leather weaved his way through the crowd towards their table, hips slightly swinging.

"So", he purred, scanning the older Winchester with obvious delight, "that's the wildcat asking for my number?"

Dean blushed, desperately trying to regain his composure.


Jeez, did he sound frightened?

"No offense, but..." he looked at his brother for help, finding him shaking with silent laughter.

That little freak! He wouldn't... goddamn, he would!

He suddenly smiled, softly rubbing Sam's neck.

"See... I'm already taken".

And his lips dipped into sweet revenge.

A/N 2: Girls, this is only to fight back, okay? Don't get it wrong, I can't see Dean kiss his brother for any other purpose EVER :-)