Title: Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang (The Twilight of Such Day)

Author: Kuria Dalmatia

Rating/Warnings: FRM, R (profanity, adult content)

Pairing: Rossi and the BAU, past and present.

Summary: David Rossi knew none of the Kids—and they were all kids to him—would take the shot. Hell, he doubted he could do it himself.

Word Count: ~6,255


"Some say the most terrifying part about what we do is that we know how these UnSubs commit these crimes. We observe the evolution of their crimes, understand the why, and see what mistakes they made. And that's what makes us—we profilers—the most dangerous of them all."

SSA Max Ryan


ADDITIONAL AUTHOR COMMENTS: I've been dabbling around with the idea of writing a "Gideon as an UnSub" fic for quite a while. Of the BAU team that we've been introduced to, past and present, it had always felt that Gideon was the closest one to the edge. After all, he kept a Book of the Saved, which even in my early years of watching the show, kind of creeped me out because it was eerily like a trophy collection. Remember, Mr. Patinkin gave no warning that he was not going to return to do Season Three of the series, so the writers hadn't been building up to writing him out of the show.

I found two photos of Mr. Patinkin—with and without the beard and glasses. When I saw the beard and glasses, he did remind me of a scruffy old man and the ideas just came from there. We know that Gideon is an avid birder and I had been in Boston when I had read about workampers in USA Today although I cannot find the article anymore. Still, combining the two made sense, and adding in that Gideon may not have been all that stable to begin with… Viola! Story.