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Chapter One - Seireitei

"Hey Snowflake!"

Nine year old Tenshi Hitsugaya turned and watched as her best friend and the girl that she had grown up with Hisana Kurosaki made her way across the yard toward the spot where she was standing underneath a large weeping willow tree. Hisana was only about two years older than she herself and her best friend was tall for her age, possessing the ebony hair of her mother and the amber eyes of her father. And her personality was somewhat of a mixture of the two, which had the capacity to be really funny at times and really ironic at others. Hisana loved bright colors and today she was dressed in a cute little sundress that was decorated with bright pink and purple flowers.

In sharp contrast to her best friend Tenshi had hair that was the pure white of newly fallen snow and teal eyes that were a perfect match for her father's. The younger girl was a quiet child yet determined and somewhat stubborn once she set her mind to something. She was dressed in a pale blue pleated skirt with a white blouse and wore a ring around her neck. Ice blue and in the shape of a coiled dragon it was suspended around her neck by a thin golden chain. The ring had belonged to her mother, who had died when she was just an infant and whom she couldn't remember. The ring had been given to her by her father, as a keepsake, and Tenshi always wore it.

"Must you always call me that?" Tenshi asked as Hisana came to stand beside her. She'd had this nickname for as long as she could remember and couldn't in fact recall where exactly it had came from.

"Of course," Hisana said with a bright smile, gently and affectionately pulling on the end of one of Tenshi's snow white pig-tails. The younger girl wore half of her pure white hair pulled back into two small pig-tails while the rest was left loose to frame her pretty face. And pinned in front of the left pig-tail was a fake daffodil in a vibrant yellow color. "You wouldn't know what to think about it if I didn't."

"You're probably right," Tenshi said, offering her friend a small smile.

"So would you like to come over to Grandpa Isshin's house and play today?" Hisana asked, a hopeful expression lighting up her amber eyes.

Tenshi nodded, an excited smile spreading across her face. She always enjoyed going over to the Kurosaki Clinic, which was owned and operated by Hisana's grandfather Isshin, and never passed up the opportunity. The girl was fairly certain that Hisana's grandfather was completely insane but that just made him all the more fun to be around. "Just let me ask Auntie Yuzu if that's okay."

Hisana nodded. Yuzu was her aunt as well and she knew that she would say yes. Both girls were aware of the fact that Yuzu wasn't actually Tenshi's aunt however the woman had raised the young girl since she was a baby and Tenshi couldn't have been closer to her had the two of them been related by blood.

"Auntie Yuzu!" Tenshi called out as she and Hisana entered the modest little house where Yuzu and Tenshi lived together.

"I'm in the den Angel Baby," Yuzu called out, using the nickname that she had given Tenshi when she was just a tiny infant. Yet another nickname that the young girl didn't know the origins of but accepted none the less. Such was her lot in life that everyone she knew insisted upon giving her some sort of nickname.

Tenshi seized Hisana by the hand and pulled the other girl through the house and into the den. Yuzu was seated on a plushy sofa, holding a large book in her hand. The young woman gazed up from her book and smiled as she saw the two girls. "Why hello Hisana-chan," Yuzu said, offering her niece a wide smile. "I didn't know that you were here."

"Hi Auntie Yuzu," Hisana said, returning her aunt's smile.

"Hisana came by to ask if I could come over to Kurosaki-ojii-san's house and play," Tenshi told Yuzu, gazing at her guardian with large, teal eyes. Using the type of expression that rarely failed to accomplish what she set out to do... it wasn't one that made it easy for the target to say no to. "So may I?"

Yuzu thought about the request from the two young girls for a few minutes before she finally nodded her head. "Of course you can Angel Baby. Just behave yourself and be back here before it gets dark."

"Right," Tenshi said, nodding her head to show that she had heard and understood. "Thanks Auntie Yuzu."

Yuzu smiled as the two small girls turned and dashed out of the room, seemingly beyond excited by their destination. She was grateful that her charge had a playmate around her own age and never deprived the girls of a chance to spend time together. "And tomorrow her dad's going to come for a visit," Yuzu thought to herself with a smile. She hadn't told Tenshi about the scheduled visit, wanting it to be a surprise to the child.

"She'll be so happy," Yuzu thought to herself with a smile.

"Come on Snowflake!" Hisana called out excitedly, pulling her best friend along by her hand. "We're going to have so much fun!"

Tenshi smiled, amused by her best friend's enthusiasm.

"Hisana-chan!" a voice called out as the two girls made their way toward the front door of the Kurosaki Clinic. The two girls shifted their gazes toward the sound of the voice and watched as Hisana's mother Rukia began walking toward them. "Hello Tenshi-chan."

"Hello Kurosaki-san," Tenshi said.

Rukia had been trying to get the child to call her something other than Kurosaki-san for as long as she could remember however Tenshi refused to do so. The child was just too respectful. A side effect from her father's genes and influence was the only explanation that Rukia could find for it. "I was hoping that the two of you would return soon."

"Why Mom?" Hisana wanted to know.

"Your father and I both have to go to a meeting in Soul Society," Rukia replied as she gazed at the two girls. "And I wanted the two of you here before we left. Grandpa Isshin's going to be in charge of you girls until we return so please, please behave yourselves and stay out of trouble."

"Okay," Hisana and Tenshi said in one voice.

Rukia was by no means reassured by the innocent expressions that the two girls were wearing on their faces however she and Ichigo were going to be late if they didn't leave soon so she had no other choice except to trust them. The situation wasn't ideal, since Isshin was busy with the clinic, however it was the best that could be done. With one last smile Rukia dashed off to find Ichigo and force him to Soul Society before the two of them were late for their meetings.

Or, to be more precise, even later than normal.

"So what do you wanna do Snowflake?" Hisana asked her best friend once her mother had disappeared from sight.

Tenshi shrugged. "Whatever."

"You're always so easy to please," Hisana said with a smile. The young girl held a thoughtful expression on her face for a few minutes before making a decision. "Come on, let's go out into the backyard and play a game of soccer."

"But we don't have a ball," Tenshi said, gazing at her friend in confusion.

"I'm sure we can find one," Hisana said, not the slightest bit deterred. "After all my Aunt Karin was really into soccer when she was younger so surely there's one left over from her childhood around here somewhere."

"Okay," Tenshi said with a shrug.

Hisana led the way into the clinic and together the two girls searched the place for any signs of a soccer ball. The search did not go over well and as a last resort Hisana led the way downstairs to the basement, which was used mainly for storage.

"What's that?" Tenshi asked as her teal eyed gaze fell upon a strange arch way that was standing out in the middle of the room. It looked as though someone had been planning to make a seperate room but had stopped short with the doorway. All in all it looked really weird.

"That's the Senkaimon," Hisana replied, following Tenshi's gaze. "It's the portal that Mom and Dad use to go to Soul Society."

"Wow," Tenshi said, her voice filled with awe as she gazed at the portal with a new perspective. She knew about Soul Society of course, knew that it was the place where the Shinigami lived. Her dad had told her all about the world from which he came, not wishing to keep anything a secret from his daughter, however Tenshi had never been there. "What's it like?"

"I have an idea," Hisana said, her amber eyes lighting up with excitement. "Why don't the two of us take a little trip to Soul Society?"

Tenshi thought about her friend's proposal for a few minutes, torn. On the one hand she was fairly certain that the two of them would get into trouble if they went to Soul Society without permission but on the other hand she was really curious.

And in the end curiosity won the battle.

"Alright," the young girl said after a few minutes of thought.

Hisana's smile brightened as she placed one small hand on the strange door frame. Tenshi watched in surprise as the archway began to glow and then it was as though a doorway opened up. As soon as the portal had been opened Hisana grabbed Tenshi by the hand and pulled the younger girl inside.

Tenshi's eyes widened as she gazed upon Soul Society for the first time and Hisana couldn't help but laugh at her best friend. The smile faded from her face however as she noticed what Tenshi was now wearing. "What happened?"

Following Hisana's gaze Tenshi gazed down at her clothes and her teal eyes widened, perfectly matching her friend's confused look. "I have no idea."

"You're a Shinigami," Hisana whispered, her voice filled with awe.

"But that's not even possible," Tenshi said, shaking her head in denial. "I'm still alive, I can't be a Shinigami."

"Well you sure look like one," Hisana maintained. "All you need is a zanpaktou."

"I'm such a weirdo," the young girl said, a slightly mournful tone appearing in her voice as she shook her head.

"Oh well," Hisana said, once again grabbing her friend by the hand. "Come on and I'll give you the grand tour. We have to be careful though cause if we're found then we're both going to be in a lot of trouble."

"Of course," Tenshi said with a laugh. Honestly she hadn't expected anything less from her friend, who loved to cause trouble and was very good at it.

"Let's go Snowflake," Hisana said.

"Hey Kurosaki," Squad Nine Captain Renji Abarai called out as the two made their way toward the Head Captain's office for the meeting that they were about to be late for.

Ichigo turned to face his former rival turned friend and nodded his head. "An unfamiliar reiatsu, I feel it. But we really don't have time to check it out or else we're going to be late."

Renji shuddered involuntarily. "I don't wanna go down that road. Let's go."

"This is so much fun," Hisana said with a giggle as she and Tenshi made their way across the Seireitei, being careful not to run into any of the Shinigami who were standing guard. Not being caught had turned into a sort of game for the two young girls.

"Watch out!" Tenshi hissed, grabbing Hisana by the arm before the other girl strolled out in front of an approaching Shinigami.

Hisana's eyes widened and once the guard had passed she whirled to face her friend. "How did you. . ."

Tenshi shrugged. "I don't know, I just sort of felt his presense."

Hisana's amber eyes widened even further. "You ARE special Snowflake."

"I think not," Tenshi said as she and Hisana continued on their way across the Seireitei. There was nothing special about her, she knew that for a fact. The young girl absently fingered the ring that she wore around her neck as she thought about her friend's words.

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