Fix You

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Harry potter characters they belong to JK Rowling.

Chapter 1 - Drink

George stared deep into the brown liquid in the whiskey glass in front of him. He lifted the glass and drunk from it. The fire whiskey burnt as it went down his throat but he didn't care; anything was better than feeling the pain. He poured himself another drink and downed it in one. George didn't care about anything anymore.

Today they had buried Fred, his brother. Fred was gone and he wasn't coming back. George was all alone; a half that would never be whole again. They had been inseparable; joined at the hip. Now they were separated for life. He touched his ear, there was nothing there but flesh. He would never be complete again; he had lost his ear but more importantly, he had lost his brother.

He would gladly sacrifice his other ear if it would bring Fred back, he would cut it off without thinking twice. But these thoughts were pointless. Fred was dead and nothing could ever bring him back. His life felt meaningless without Fred; pointless and empty.

George had wept countless times and when they had buried Fred he was inconsolable but now he had no more tears to weep. A piece of him had died along with Fred and he would never be the same again.

Author note: This drabble collection is being written for Ninja Potter's weird pairing drabble collection. I hope you enjoyed this first chapter. I would like to thank xHarryxGinnyxloveX for betaing this chapter for me. Reviews would be greatly appreciated.