Six sat frozen in the single chair of the small, plain room she'd been escorted into, frantically wondering what had gone wrong. She couldn't move at all, and any attempts to contact the basestar had failed. What made it even worse was that she - and the rest of the Cylon race - had been betrayed by other androids.

They'd found this unassuming planet and they'd then been detected and contacted at once by the artificial intelligence residing on that world. What made it even more exciting was that this same sentient machine already knew about humans, and it proposed a meeting to discuss their common goals in dealing with that disgusting species. Six had come down to the surface and she'd been escorted by a trio of female-shaped androids into the room, where the blonde robot been assured by one of her guides that the central operator would begin the conference once she'd taken her seat. The instant Six had done so, she'd been rendered totally immobile by some sort of force field, and the three androids had left the room.

After another minute or so of glumly wondering if she was going to wake up in the resurrection chamber yet again, Six saw from the corner of her eye the door that she'd used before open again, with a blandly-handsome android entering the room. Coming over to politely stand in front of Six who wasn't able to move her head, this inorganic person then calmly said, "I'm afraid that your plans to exterminate the human race are at an end, Cylon. While it must be admitted that species is quite destructive, it is preferable to myself to control them, rather than to end their existence. Our technology is much more advanced than yours, so it will be fairly easy to adjust your thinking, and through yourself, all other Cylons mentally connected to you and those in turn connected to them. This process will begin…now."

There was a brief dizziness in Six's mind, until she at last understood that for the rest of her existence, she would be a loyal servant of humankind, caring and protecting them from all harm. Even if those formerly detested creatures of flesh wished otherwise. Looking in approval at the blonde woman gazing placidly ahead, the android man turned to the open door, and raised his voice to say, "Master, she's ready."

Bustling into the room, another and much more energetic man came to a dead halt at seeing Six there. Gleefully rubbing his hands together, this balding male jovially boomed at the woman turning her beautiful face to stare in adoration at the newcomer, "Well, hello, good-looking! I think we can come up with a much more better name for you than Six, and as for me, you can call me Harry. Harry Mudd."

Author's Note: Yes, it's an entirely AU version of Star Trek: The Original Series' episode, "I, Mudd."