Author's Note: Dogbertcarroll's story at Twisting the Hellmouth entitled "Twirling embers" had a recent added chapter dealing with several entirely different hilarious endings to the episode 'Once More, With Feeling.' That chapter deserves to be read and enjoyed before you continue, but without revealing any spoilers in 'Once More, With…Wait, What?!' it starts with Xander challenging Sweet the demon to a very different dance-off contest. Mainly, which one of them could pull off being the better male stripper, G-strings and all.

After laughing at what the author came up with, I couldn't resist writing a review to his story which included another unexpected outcome. In his response, dogbertcarroll indicated he wouldn't mind if I posted the review as a one-shot, so here it is!

"I didn't know they were this competitive," Sweet thoughtfully said while he took a quick chug from his beer bottle.

Seated by the demon, Xander swallowed his own mouthful of beer and then he shrugged. "My girls - all of 'em - haven't ever been eager to back down from a challenge, fella."

"Yes, well, that reminds me," commented Giles on the other side of Xander in this man's chair and nursing his own drink. The Watcher in full dirty old man mode lustfully eyed the performance area where just minutes before Buffy, Dawn, Anya, Willow, and Tara had stormed the Bronze's stage in the middle of the stripping men's routine, shoved both a dancing demon and a human off the floor, and were now enthusiastically gyrating away there to the accompaniment of blasting music. After a few more moments of enjoying how the pair of lesbian witches were locking lips while expertly removing each others' clothes in time to the music, Giles finally remembered what he'd been about to say. "Speaking of competitions, Xander, how does this affect your particular challenge?"

Sweet and Xander reluctantly tore their attention away from the stage where skirts, pants, blouses and other items of outer apparel littered the stage floor and firm, nubile, revealed female bodies continued to dance to the pounding beat. The two members of the masculine species gazed at their former opponent for a couple of seconds, and then as one, they chorused, "Draw."

Keeping his lecherous stare firmly fixed at where Buffy was now demonstrating just how flexible she was while twirling around a pole, Spike at the far end of the row of chairs didn't look over at hearing this. Still, considering how the vampire's eyebrows rose in bemusement, he'd indeed been listening to the other guys in between contently downing an entire six-pack.

The red-skinned demon went on to admit while waving a cheerful hand at the stage filled with sexy ladies about to start their grand finale. "This alone makes up for anything I might've won. Don't worry, I'll be leaving peacefully after the show and you're free to go on with your lives."

Perking up at that bit of good news, Xander, Spike, and Giles joined with Sweet in clinking together in unison their beer bottles. The quartet next also simultaneously ducked to avoid Buffy's bra whizzing by over their heads to embed itself halfway through the plaster of the rear wall.

In a Slayer's hands, even tossed lingerie can be a dangerous weapon.