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PS: This Chapter is my first. To be honest it barely has much to do with the Underland, but more so what happens that makes him go back to the Underland. Its pretty...I guess you could call it boring? Maybe Angsty. Even unrealistic if you want. But take my word and read past the 1st chapter. It gets better.

PART 1: Internal War

Ch 1: A Change in the Tide

Gregor's family was dysfunctional. That much was obvious.

His father was finally recovering after over 3 years. He had finally gotten his job back as a High School history teacher in school. However not all was going so well. His grandmother had died a few weeks after they had returned from the Underland. It was as if she had been waiting for her entire family to be together before she finally moved on. His mother was over stressed trying to pay medical bills and support her children. At the very least, Mark was finally back on his feet helping the household again.

Then there was Lizzy and Boots. Of course Lizzie was excelling in all of her classes. She was the code breaker after all. However that didn't deter from the depression that followed her separation from Ripred, Hazard, and all the other friends she had made in the Underland. And of course Boots was doing dandy, except for the fact that she preferred roaches to her human friends. And Gregor? Well Gregor was just...




All in all they were getting by. And oddly enough they were satisfied with it.

Life was going smoothly, and Gregor could feel his family getting back on the fast track of Overland life.

But since when do things work out normally for Gregors family?

No one expected a mass terrorist attack to hit Washington D.C.

Suddenly his mother was pretty damn glad they hadn't moved to Virginia. They saw from their 20' screen as missiles impacted the very White House itself.

Maybe Sandwhich had some kinda point when he said the Overland was doomed...

"Nah..." thought Gregor.

However, numerous officials died that day and the President was said to have fled into an unknown location. Eventually the terrorist forces were driven back.

However that would've been too simple.

The Terrorists Organization proceeded to launch military invasions over 5 major cities in the USA at the same time. Where the resources for such an operation were acquired? No one knew.

Los Angeles

Las Vegas



And New York City.

It was on a regular school day when it happened. December 20th. 5 days before Christmas.

Gregor was just in his Math class, basically half asleep as his teacher tried to explain the complexities of Radical Algebra to the class. He was in 10th Grade and it had been a little more than 3 years since he had left the Underland. Yet as he dozed off in class all he could think about was the Underland.

Then an explosion. Gregor looked out to the window on his left to the park where kids went to "relax" after school.

It was in flames. Then a scream. Of course every student thought it a good idea to dismiss themselves.

Gregor naturally went with them until he heard the sound of gunfire. Then he knew that this wasn't just a gas tank exploding by accident. It was an attack. As he left the school building he started hearing screams. That was the last straw before his rager senses kicked in.

And suddenly he could hear and see everything. He could see the heavily armed men with armor advancing on the school. He then knew he needed to get home then and there.

But where was his dad?

The only place he could think of going was the teacher's cafeteria. He ran up three flights of stairs and thoughts of his Dad, as well as his few friends rushed through his head.

Gregor ran to the door of the teachers cafeteria and looked in. Or atleast what was left of the cafeteria. Since the room was situated on a corner about half of the building was gone, probably taken by a missile.

"Dad!" Gregor ran over to a slumped figure in corner of the room. Imaged of blood and death flooded Gregors damaged mind. "Ares? Ares? Don't go, Ares, okay?"

Or what was left of him. His entire left arm was missing and he was out cold. Gregor didn't think there was a good chance of bringing him back to consciousness at the moment.

"Why a school?" Gregor thought. He was infuriated. Like he didn't have enough violence in his life without commando's attacking his high school.

Gregor got his dad on his back, who was luckily fairly light for Gregor who had taken extensive martial arts lessons in the past 3 years. Otherwise his pent up rager instincts probably would've had him murder someone.

He ran down the stairs and tried to run out of a back exit. he couldn't help but wonder where his friends Anya and Callaway were. He kept running.

Well, anywhere but straight ahead where he saw soldiers being cut off by the NYPD. Great.

He went back into the school and decided that maybe the front exit would be better. It offered him an even quicker route to the subway.

And of course there was Anya on the ground with a gun in her face.

His rager senses kicked in automatically. He grabbed a pen from his pocket and threw it into the barrel of the gun right before it fired. Of course the soldier flew back in shock as the gun exploded in his face.

That wasn't rager technique. That was all the martial arts training he'd been taking for the past 3 years. Gregor couldn't help feeling pride knowing it was his own skill, and not some murderous instinct that he was saving his friends with.

"Anya are you okay?" Gregor got down and tried to pick her up. With his dad already on his back it was impossible. Anya had to walk or she was staying there.

Anya Wolff was a weird girl. She had dark, dark auburn hair with a purple streak going through it. The purple was only accented by her green eyes and her tanned skin. She was pretty and everyone knew it. She was tough, a tomboy who could outplay most guys and money on top of it all. No one understood why she decided to hang out with "the weirdo with the angry face".

"I can get up. Don't worry about me I can handle myself" snapped Anya.

She wasn't always very friendly.

"I didn't have to help you ya know. Can we just get to the train? We both need to get home." Gregor sighed.

"We have to help Callaway! Whats wrong with you you're just gonna leave him?"

"In case you didn't notice i have an armless Dad on my back. And anyways, he didn't seem to have a problem leaving you. He's already on his way home." He wasn't lying. Callaway was one of the first to run out of the classroom when the bomb struck and run home. Gregor couldn't help thinking it wouldn't have been a bad idea to wait for him since they lived in the same building but okay.

"Wow that asshole. Fine lets go." Anya huffed and got up. "I have some antiseptic in my backpack. I can help your dad when we get on the train."

They kept on cautiously speed walking to the train and jumped the turnstile. He didn't think the dead MTA employee in the booth would mind this time.

"Gregor this is weird." Anya looked around suspiciously.

"What do you mean?"

"Well okay, our school and the surrounding area was just bombed. You had enough accuracy and strength to throw a pen into a gun barrel while holding your armless dad, and now were calmly waiting for a train? Where are all the people running for their lives? The soldiers trying to kill us?"

"Well when you put it like that...It all makes perfect sense!" joked Gregor.

Anya just glared at him as they went up the stairs to the train station. "Hmm...have you thought that maybe no trains are going due to extremely scared drivers running for their lives?" asked Anya.

Suddenly a completely empty train burst into the station. This time Anya face-palmed.

"Well it seems that put a stop in your theory Anya." said Gregor.

They went onto the train and sat down. Anya immediately opened a med-kit she had and tried to disinfect the hole where his fathers arm had once been.

"Why do you have a med kit Anya?"

"I get roughed up in sports a lot. I always have a small one on me." Gregor couldnt help thinking of Howard. He was the only other person who was so resourceful.

"We need to go see if our families are alright." said Gregor suddenly.

"Yeah, But they're probably okay. Why would they kill innocent civilians?" Asked Anya.

Gregor just pointed at his Dad.

"Oh yeah...Shit."

When their stop came they got off and ran toward their perspective apartment buildings.

"Hey, when you get to your apartment, call me and tell me if everything's alright." said Gregor.

"Ok, you too." said Anya as they each walked back to their houses.

As Gregor walked into his building and carried his father upstairs, he could see the path of destruction that lined the roads. In such a short time everything had changed dramatically. There were dead bodies lining the streets and the sky looked blood red in the sunset.

The glass doors were shattered open and the clerk in front of them reception was dead. He left his dad behind the receptionist desk.

"Goddammit..." He ran up the stairs 3 steps at a time and when he finally got to his door he was panting. The door was hanging on one end. He walked in apprehensively.

But there was no one in the entire apartment... He searched the entire apartment but there was no one. Not even a sign of a struggle.

He almost gave up when he heard a cry.

A cry from a women.

His Mother.

It was coming from below, most likely the laundry room five floors below. He ran down the stairs as fast as he could.

He went faster when he heard a gunshot.

Then he went even faster when he heard two.

Before going into the laundry room he ran to the door and picked up a giant shard of broken glass from the door.

He finally reached the Laundry room only to see two masked men standing over his mother and two sisters. His mother had two bullet holes in her chest and his sisters were crying.

This time he let the rager take over. He didn't care to control it anyways.

He dodged the two pistol shots that followed his entrance and jumped onto one of the men, pushing the shard of glass through his throat. The second soldier scrambled to reload his own gun, however by the time he had succeed Gregor had already pointed the dead soldiers gun at him.

A silent understanding went through their eyes. The understanding of war, rage, and pain that Gregor was all too familiar with. Gregor shot the man in the head.

"Mom..." he said as he walked up to her heavily bleeding body.

" need to leave."

"I cant just leave you here" he started to tremble.

"Take your sisters...and go somewhere safe..."

"Where?" He wasnt crying however.

"Go to... the Underland..."

"What? You cant be serious Mom"

"I am...I never thought I would be asking of this but please. Please keep your sisters safe."

And with that his mothers last breath left her.


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