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Ch 8: Burnt Sight

Gregor just stood there in shock. He fell back against the wall and decided it might not be a good idea to try and move.

"Luxa...she is betrothed?"

Anya could feel the tense air and sorrow radiating from Gregor. It made her feel horrible. She hadnt really realized just how much this Luxa girl meant to Gregor but now she could tell.

"I'm sorry Gregor, but Luxa was forced into this marriage. We have been looking for suitors for over a year now" said Vikus. He had a look on his face of regret. "We never thought you would come back. We thought you had moved on in your life, found an overland girl, moved to Virgina..." Vikus trailed off.

"And this one just seemed perfect." Ripred sighed. "We just couldn't keep unmarried, she will be the queen in less than a year. Her 16th birthday is coming up in a few months after all."

"She...shes getting married?"

"If only we could have known you were coming back...permanently nonetheless..."

"I assume you say that for formalities sake Vikus" Gregor said with a ghostly smile. "Most Underlanders hardly approved, nonetheless knew of our relationship. Howard himself was very disapproving."

Ripred was looking away. He probably knew how the two had felt about each other. He was close to Gregor and Luxa as a teacher and bond. Anya still looked fairly confused but Gregor guessed that she knew what was going on at this point.

"So...he's going to be the new king?" Gregor asked. "This Justin?"

"Yes...He is the to-be king"

"Well I guess that is all the more reason we need to get her back! Is that not right?" Gregor forced out a smile as he said this and repressed the tears that threatened their way out. "We cant have her miss her wedding day." His tone was meant to be motivated but it had come out almost harsh in nature.

"Gregor..." Ripred just looked at him pityingly.

Just then the council room doors opened and two fliers as well as two Gnawers walked out.

"Greeting, The council told us to tell you, its time for your hearing now, your welcome to go in." A large silver bat purred.

"Well what are we waiting for?" Gregor joked. "Lets go."

Gregor walked straight into the council room and looked up at the 10 old council members. They were surrounded by 5 fliers, 5 Gnawers, 2 nibblers, and 2 spinners. There was also one young member at the front who looked around Gregor's age. Ripred and Vikus soon followed Gregor and Vikus quickly took his seat in the rows of council members. Anya just stood behind Gregor.

"Gregor the Overlander! How fare you! I have heard of your great exploits in the kingdom of Regalia and I am overjoyed that you have decided to return!" The man who was speaking looked to be around 16 maybe early 17 at most, and he had a mop head of silver blonde hair. He had a sharp jawline and was wearing black pants and a white long coat with gold and red embroidery. It was obvious he was not only tall but built. Otherwise the coat would not have looked so appropriate.

Gregor was quickly reminded of his black armor. "Well I couldn't pull my armor off, but he seems to be pulling his coat off rather well" Gregor thought with a scowl.

"I am Justinian Lemarque, head knight of the Regalian forces and to-be king"

This was the guy.

Gregor forced himself not to rush up there and knock the grin off of his face. At the very least, at least he seemed genuinely happy at his return for unknown reasons.

"Hello King Justinian, It is an honor to be in the presence of such an esteemed member of Regalia." He forced the words out of his mouth through clenched teeth. He could see Ripred suppressing his snickers through the corner of his eye.

"Please, not so formal. You may call me Justin. I'm nothing special" The other council members looked at him as he said this almost as to say 'Why the hell is he putting himself down?'

'Hes humble. Good thing two for the guy. I don't like where this is going.' thought Gregor

"I see that you have brought a friend with you to the Underland, Is she here to stay as well?"

"Yes I am staying here forever. Me and Gregor have nothing left in the Overland that we didn't bring with us." said Anya.

"I am sorry to hear that. May I know your name dear lady?"

"Anya, Wolff."

"Well, Anya. Its a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

" Same here, please call me Anna" replied Anya.

well that's a new one. Anna?' Thought Gregor

"Anyhow, I've been told you and Ripred wish to partake in a mission and require some of Regalia's resources. What is it that you wish to do and how can I help?"

"Well we have been recently informed of Luxa's hostage situation." stated Gregor. "Me, Ripred and a select few members would like to head over to the Uncharted lands to search for Luxa and bring her back home, back to Regalia."

'Back to marry you' thought Gregor with disdain.

"And exactly what do you hope to do?" A lone voice broke out from the council of elders behind Justin. "We have sent our best and been defeated horribly! What could you possibly hope to do..."

"Silence Plaxius" Justinian's voice rang out across the room.

" But sir, I was just..."

"And there was no need"

Gregor just stood there in semi shock. He had just completely disregarded and disrespected the council.

Well at least now I know why Luxa liked him.

"Gregor tell me...If I'm correct you're a rager and Ripred is one as well. So you're thinking that two will be a good number I am assuming."

"You are correct Justin...but we are bringing others as well. We would also like to take Howard of the Fount and my friend Anya on the trip as well. We also need fliers." explained Gregor.

"Fair enough. I'd assume that the Howard would be a medic? But why is Anya going?"

"...She wouldn't let us not take her"

At this Justin started laughing. "I see" he said with a grin. "I do not think its the wisest decision. But if she is coming she will most definitely need battle training. Howard could sharpen his skills as well."

"I agree completely. This is why we, the 4 of us would like to leave in 3 days max, after Anya has had a decent amount of time to train. I think I already know what fliers we should take."

"And that would be?"

"Nike, Pantharos and Aurora"

"For four of you?"

"Well yes. You see Anya cant fly a flier very well. While It doesn't take much training I believe we can leave faster if she just rides on Aurora with me."

"I see, and Howard would fly on Nike, while Ripred rides on Pantharos? Are you sure Aurora is strong enough for that? Two Overlanders with armor and supplies?"

"I'm positive. She is strong. She can carry Ripred, just not with any extra weight. We can just put any extra supplies on Pantharos"

"I think I'd be more comfortable knowing there was a fourth flier going. How about Ulysses? Hes a strong flier and a member of royalty in the Bat colonies. You saw him leaving as you came in"

Gregor briefly thought of the Silver bat. He was certainly large and looked strong. Gregor didn't know how to feel about taking a flier he didn't know on the trip but he didn't want to insult Justin. Well not yet at least.

"Alright. Anya will ride on Ulysses if that is the case. She will need bat training of course."

"And she will. Well than I guess this all works out then doesn't it?" said Justin.

"Id think so" Said Gregor with a hopeful look.

"Okay, as to be King of Regalia I give you permission to fully utilize any weaponry, armor, or rations you wish to in the remaining 3 days."

" Thank you, Justin. I appreciate the help" said Gregor relieved.

"There is one more thing I must ask of you as well, I'm afraid."

Gregor faulted in his thoughts. "And what would that be?"

"I will accompany the four of you to retrieve my betrothed" he said with fire in his eyes.

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