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The Kidnapper

Yami walked around the familiar, but unfamiliar, maze, everything looking the same; the stairs, the doors, and even the walls. He decided to walk up a flight of stairs, then without thinking, walked down a different set of stairs. Yami was so bored that he wanted to wake his partner, Yugi, up to talk to him. But he knew his partner needed as much sleep as possible so he could concentrate on the upcoming test in the morning.

The nameless pharaoh sighed and sat down on one of the steps he was standing on. He lay's back, closing his eyes and suddenly felt a disturbing presence.

With his eyes flashing open, he looked around the maze and then felt it, the fear and confusion coming from his partner.

"Yugi?" The pharaoh called out. He quickly stood up and phases out of the puzzle and into the familiar room of Yugi's.

The room was dark, except for the moon casting its bright light through the window. The quiet night was disturbed by Yugi's muffled yells and the crashes of Yugi's possessions as they are knocked over by Yugi's thrashing legs.

Yami looked at Yugi with horrified but angry eyes. A tall and well built man had Yugi pin down on the floor, using one huge knee to pin his legs down, one hand holding both of the boys' wrists, and the other hand pressing a cloth to his mouth and nose.

"Yugi!" The pharaoh yelled, knowing that only they two will be able to hear his voice.

Yugi stopped struggling against the man for a moment, seeing his partner.

Even behind the cloth, the small tri-haired boy yelled out, "Mou hitori no boku!" His words were a bit muffled, but still understandable.

The guy, also understanding him, looked around and whispered in his deep husky voice, "No one's here boy and even if they were, they can't do anything!"

Yugi's eyes filled with fear as he stared helplessly at Yami, hoping for help.

As Yugi's protector, Yami has vowed that he would protect him. So what does he do? He charged at the man, forgetting that he was only a spirit.

The pharaoh slipped right through the man and stumbled to a stop. He looked at Yugi. "You have to get to the puzzle! There's little I can do when you're not wearing it." Yugi nodded and started to squirm harder.

Raising his right hand to point at the man's chest, the pharaoh forces all his dark energy to the chest. A small and dark object erupted from the pharaoh's hand and flung itself at the target implied.

Surprise and startled, the man lets go of Yugi and fell backwards, landing on his back.

Once the man fell off, taking the cloth with him, Yugi yelled as loud as he could. "OJII- SAN! Help me!" He hurried and made it to his feet, stumbling a bit. Catching himself, Yugi ran to his desk, even though it was only a few feet away, which held the Millennium Puzzle on top.

But right as Yugi's hand seizes the cold chain, the man was already up and made a grab for Yugi. He grabbed the small boy at the waist and threw him across the room, watching Yugi hit the closed door.

"Oh no you don't, brat!" The man yelled as Yugi's whole right side hits the door hard. The small boy fell to the floor, the puzzle escaping his grasp. "I know what that puzzle does, but I won't give you the chance to put it on!" The buff man walked over to Yugi, laughing harshly.

"Yugi! Hurry, the puzzle!" The pharaoh urgently told him. Yugi nods and quickly sits up, wincing a bit from the pain. He looked around himself, finally locating his most prized possession nearby.

Right as Yugi was reaching for it, the man's fingers wraps around Yugi's small neck and tightens, picking the boy up so his feet dangled in the air. "Like I said, you won't be able to put it on." Yugi's innocent amethyst eyes looked into the man's hateful blue ones.

"Why . . . are you . . . here?" The boy squeaked out. The man was holding Yugi's neck so tight, that he was crushing his wind pipes; allowing Yugi to breathe only small amounts of air.

The man laughs, saying nothing as he walked over to Yugi's messy bed and grabbed a thin blanket.

"Yugi!" The small boy looked towards the door; making out his partners figure before black dots started making its way into his vision.

"Mou hitori no boku!" He managed. And, using the rest of his energy, Yugi kicked the man hard in the gut.

Once again, the man released Yugi, doubling over. Yelling, the man glared at Yugi, "Why you little bastard!" He dropped the blanket and lunges for Yugi, who was already on his feet and running towards the door as soon as he was let go.

Throwing open his bedroom door, Yugi grabbed the puzzle and zoomed out of his room, hearing the man yell in frustration.

"Aibou!" The pharaohs voice echoed.

Yugi ran down the stairs, talking two at a time. In a hurry, the boy shoved his puzzle on and immediately, the puzzle's eye grows brightly.

Instead of Yugi running down the remaining steps, the tall and very muscular pharaoh does, and in doing so, he yells, "OJII- SAN! . . . OJI-"

"That's right!" Yugi's voice sounded in the pharaoh's mind. "Grandpa is out of town with Mr. Hopkins. They won't be back until later today!"

"Err..." Was all Yami made out as he reached the last step. He swung to the right, not stopping, making his way to the game shop's front door. But before making it to the door, his eyes caught the time on the wall. It read 5:34 a.m.

Yugi noticed too. "He's supposed to be back around seven or eight."

Yami nodded. "Yes, but that isn't now."

Just as his hand touched the door handle, Yugi cried out, "Wait!" The pharaoh stopped, resting his hand on the handle. "Where's that guy? Wasn't he just following us?"

Yami looked around the little store, realizing everything was quiet. "But where is he?"

Just as he finished his sentence, three short taps sounded on the door's window, along with a deep husky voice.

"Little piggy, little piggy, let me in!"

The handle started to turn under Yami's hand, but he quickly locked the door and backs away. The handle stopped, being locked in place.

"Damn it!" All three guys reply in unison.

Now, instead of tapping on the door, the guy banged his fists. "Damn, you bastard! But don't worry, this little lock won't hold me; I will make it in there."

"We have to do something!" Yugi said, phasing out so he floated a few feet beside the pharaoh.

"Like what?" he asked, not looking at his transparent partner.

Yugi floated silently for a moment. "I don't know." He looked around the game shop until his eyes sought out the phone. "The phone!" This time, the pharaoh looked at Yugi with confusion. "We have to call the police!"

The pharaoh nodded and quickly turned around, running for the counter. But just as he did, the glass on the door broke and a huge hand entered through the shattered window.

"Heh, see? What I tell ya? The lock couldn't hold me!" The man started to feel his way down to the lock.

The pharaoh watched the man turning the lock so it clicked open. Yugi turned to his partner, fear showing in his big amethyst eyes. "Hurry!"

Yami nodded and reached for the phone, quickly punching in the numbers for the police. He put the phone to his ear just as the man swung the door open, putting so much force into it that the wood cracks when it hit the wall.

The man laughed loudly, filling up the whole room.

"Police department, what is your emergency" A female's voice said on the other line.

Quickly, the pharaoh yelled into the phone, "My name is Yugi Muto and someone broke into my house and-"

The man started walking towards Yami, a look of murder plastered on his face. "They can't help you, little Yugi."

Yami tried to ignore him and continued to speak into the receiver, "I need help!" He quickly told the lady his address but could say no more as he watched the man approached the counter, closing in on him so that only a few feet should stand between the two males.

Without waiting for a reply, Yami dropped the phone and turned around, about to start running when the man threw himself on the boy, pinning him down.

All the air rushed out of Yami's lungs. He tried to fight the guy to get free, but the guy doesn't budge.

"You can't surprise me anymore, boy." The man said, adjusting his position so he dug his knee into the boy's back. Yami lets out a gasp of pain as the man's knee dug deeper. Next, the man reached down and grabbed the puzzle around Yami's next. "Can't have you wearing this." He took it off and threw it across the room; the puzzle landing near the broken door.

"Mou hitori no boku!" Yugi yelled just as his and Yami's soul suddenly switched, causing them both to cry out in pain. Yugi gasped as his own soul ig thrust back into his own body, then adds that as he feels the pain as the man dus deeper into his back.

The pharaoh stood next to his Millennium Puzzle, angry by what has just happened. "Aibou!" He yelled. He ran to his partner, feeling his stomach tighten from being so helpless. Kneeling next to him, he muttered, "Aibou, hold on. The police, they're on their way!" Yugi nodded and tried to break free of the man.

Suddenly, the man grabbed Yugi's wrists and restrains them behind his back. Yugi winced in pain while Yami curses. The man, laughing the whole time, stopped. "You're pretty hard to handle, Mr. Muto. I can see why the boss told me to do this."

"What... are you... talking about?" Yugi managed. He sucked in oxygen as he tried to jerk himself free, but that only made the man tighten his grip.

"Heh, for the past month, the boss has been keeping an eye on you. You see, the boss likes to find handsome young boys to become her love slaves." Yugi's eyes grew twice its size. "But the only way that could happen, is if she can force the boys to her home. And that's why I'm here!"

Looking beyond angry, the pharaoh looked at his partner. Yugi's eyes were laced with fear and disbelief. "Yugi, you've got to be strong!" Yami orders his partner, but, already, he knew that that is impossible. "We'll find a way out of this . . . We always do!" But Yugi only nods, nothing changing. "And Yugi," The small boy looked at his protector, "We still have our links. I will find you with it, so keep calling out." Yugi, still scared, gave a sharp small nod.

The man laughed before getting up. Still holding onto the boy's wrists, he pulled him up and hoists the tri-haired boy over his shoulder like he was a sack of flour.

"Mou hitori no boku!" Yugi squeaked out. He thrashed his legs around, still trying to get free.

The man was getting irritated now. "Hey brat! How 'bout going to sleep now?" Using his free hand, the man hits the back of Yugi's head so hard; that he was slowly loses consciousness.

The last thing Yugi noticed was the pharaoh, one of his best friends, yelling his name. Tears slide down his cheeks as he watched helplessly as the man started to carry Yugi out the backdoor. Off in the distance, blue and red lights were flashing as they neared.

But after that, the darkness swarmed around Yugi, leaving him in complete darkness.

Yugi: Why do I have to get kidnapped?

Kairi(Me): Because Yugi. Your just so cute and innocent.

Yugi: But. . . . That's not MY fault! Why… Can't you make it so that I DON'T get kidnapped?

Kairi: Sorry Yugi, but then I wouldn't have a story! But don't worry, I promise you WON'T die!

Yugi: O.O *Runs and finds Yami*

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