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Yugi: Hey!

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A few months later, we find our young dueler in the Tokyo cemetery. He was wearing a navy blue suit and was carrying ten yellow roses in his hands. He was walking along the stone walk-way to give his respects to the ones who had died.

Over the last few months, Yugi was piecing his life back together. Even though it was summer time, he was attending summer school to try and make up the year he had missed. The teacher gave him a decision that he could start his junior year all over again or make up the lost time during summer to stay with his graduating class, though he would have much homework. Of course he chose to stay with his friends. But, as a result, he was working his butt off ten times than he would have if he just started his junior year over again. Besides school, he helped his grandpa around the shop a lot and hung out with his friends to also make up the lost time from being away from them.

"I can't believe it's already been a couple of months." Alex whispered, appearing at his side and linked his arm with hers. They continued to walk.

His friend Alex had cut her waist length hair to her shoulders. Her brown hair was styled a bit differently with bangs that slanted to one side and the rest of her hair was layered. She also added a few layers of purple to her brown hair. She wasn't as pale anymore and gained the weight she needed back. She even gained some muscle from joining her school's track team, saying that she wanted to be doing things. Just sitting at home after school reminded her too much of her time back when Cassandra kept her and Krissy and Dixie in the basement.

Today, Alex was wearing a spaghetti strapless black dress that went down to her knees with black plats. Her hair was slightly curled and her bangs were clipped back from her eyes.

"Yup." Yugi nodded.

On his other side, Krissy linked her arm with his free one. Unlike Alex, she kept her hair the same length except for getting it trimmed and nicely layered. She had gotten a tan so she wasn't as pale and also gained all the weight back that she was missing. Like Alex, she was dressed in the similar clothes, making it look like they shopped at the same place together. Except, her hair was all pulled up into a high pony hair.

"At least they're no longer in Cassandra's grasps."

The trio stopped when they reached a group of people all wearing black.

"Hey," they all mumbled in unison.


The two girls dropped their arms and let Yugi walk over to the tombstones that littered the ground in front of them.

For Dixie Hisashi, he set a yellow rose on the gravestone. "Rest in peace, Dixie."

For Sokko Koji, he set a yellow rose down and muttered the three words, plus his name.

He went to each stone and set down a rose; one for Leon Roku, Sai Tanaka, Tiler Kyoko, Haku Takashi, and she set the three remaining roses on the last headstone marked, Alexander Hokins, Keo Tokaru, and Kouichi Fuggiama.

Yugi stepped back, bowed his head, and sent a little prayer to each of them.

Every month, the remaining of the nine survivors would drive to the Tokyo cemetery and regroup. They would clean the stones and put fresh flowers and burn new incents. Lee was the one who decided to do this. That and it gave them a chance to see one another.

'At least they will be forever free.' Yami mumbled.

Yugi nodded and looked away from the graves. He felt sad but also happy. They were free; all of them. /Yup./

"Hey, Yugi," Devin called out. Said teen looked around and realized most of the guys were leaving. "We're going to go grab something to eat and catch up on things. Wanna come?"

The tri-haired teen nodded and ran to catch up with his friends. As he ran, the mark that forever clung to him appeared. If marks could smile, then you know this one did.


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