Be A Good Dog

I set under a tree with my Mate Sesshoumaru and we are watching our children, Rin and Shippo play.

'I wounder if Sesshoumaru can fetch, he is a god demon after all'

I smirk and stand up, I heard Sesshoumaru asking me where I am going but I don't answer. Instead I walk away, towards the back training filed of the castle.

I meant Sesshoumaru 4 years ago while I was traveling with his half brother Inuyasha. 2 Years ago I fell in love with him and 2 Months ago we finally told each other that we love each other.

Shippo and I then moved into the castle with Sesshoumaru and Rin. I have been named the Lady of the West. I know I have to do half of Sesshoumaru's paper work, which I do not mind at all.

All the servants and guards are always bowing to me and calling me My Lady. The Shikon Jewel has been put back together and Naraku and all of his incarnations have been dealt with.I just found out a week ago that I am expecting. So much in my life has changed in just the span on 2 months.

I know Sesshoumaru is following me, because his aura is directly behind me. I see the object I am after. I brought Rin and Shippo and frizbe from my time to play with. This is a big part of my plan.

I bent down and pick the green Frisbee up and turn around and face Sesshoumaru. I have no clue how he is going to act at this, I know Sesshoumaru does not like to be treated lowly, so I hope he don't try to kill me for this.

I smile up at him and he gives me a puzzled look. I take a deep breath and look him right in the eyes. Brown clashes with gold and we both don't move. After I break away from his gaze I say.

"Sesshoumaru will you do me a favor"

"Yes Mate"

I throw the frizz be and say. "Fetch"

He doesn't move at all and just stairs at me as if I am crazy. I just stair back at him and we continue it for the longest time till I break the silence and say.

"Sesshoumaru be a good dog and get it"

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