Okay I wanted to try something different and write my own story about bdsm relationship. I will do my best to make it good, just bare with me, only my third story. Sub/Dom relationship type. Its not all Bella being submissive, she has never been in this lifestyle, so it will be interesting as I can make it for you guys. Bella will give the most description, but we will start off with Edward. It will not be that exciting at first, I am just trying to lay out ground work!


I looked myself over in the mirror. Straightening my black silk tie for the 4th time this morning. I brushed my shoulders off swiftly and made sure to smooth out my black Armani jacket. My hair was slicked back and I was freshly shaved. It was time to get to work.

I walked out of my bathroom into my bedroom. I picked up my cell phone off its cradle and placed it in the breast pocket of my jacket. I slid my platinum Rolex watch on my wrist and my wallet into my back pants pocket and placed my set of keys in my right one.

Has I passed my hallway mirror, I took a final glance and was impressed with the outcome. I proceeded down the stairs. I could hear Mrs. Barker in the kitchen banging around some pots.

Mrs. Barker was my house keeper. A sweet woman in her early 60's with gray hair and beautiful blue eyes. She had worked for me the last 6 years. She definitely was a good heart-ed person and did a great job taking care of me.

"Good morning Edward, you are looking dapper today. What would you like for breakfast?" She asked sweetly

"I don't have time to eat. I have a board meeting in 35 minutes. I will have my receptionist just pick me up something on her way." I smiled at her.

"Of course sir. Should I send lunch?" She asked

"I will let you know." I smiled at her once more and made my way out of the kitchen.

I walked out of my penthouse door grabbing my coat and brief case.

Today was a big deal. I would be taking over Tombola industries, which was a company I had been trying to acquire for along time now. Import and exports was my field of specialty, among other things.

I made my way to the elevator outside my penthouse door and there stood Garret my driver/body guard if you will.

"Good Morning Mr. Cullen." Garret nods at me and presses the down button for the elevator.

"Morning Garrett." I nod back at him standing in front of the doors waiting for them to open.

Finally the elevator dings and we climb in to the parking garage under the building. Garret and I both step out and proceed to my Rolls Royce phantom. Garret hurries in front of me and opens the door. I nod at him and slide into the back seat.

I place my briefcase on the seat next to me while I watch Garret climb into the driver's side of the car. I pull my cell out of my jacket and say Jessica's name.

After about 3 rings she finally picks up on her end.

"Good Morning Mr. Cullen, what can I do for you?" She answers in annoyingly perky tone

" Jessica could you get me my usual before you get in? I was running a bit late this morning." I picked some papers up out of my brief case waiting for her reply.

"Of course sir, would you like a run down of your schedule this morning ?" She was over doing the eager.

"No that can wait until I get to the office. That's all." I didn't wait for a reply before pressing end.

I looked over the paperwork in my hand glancing at the numbers and the small details I would need to finalize before the meeting, which now was in 15 minutes.

Soon we pulled up into my office parking lot. Garret went to cut the engine and I slipped out of the backseat. I pulled my coat and briefcase with me and walked over to the elevator.

"Sir, will there be anything else.?" Garret asked standing tall and looking confident.

"No. If I need you, I will alert you, just finish up what I asked you last night. That will be all." With that I got on the elevator to the 50th floor.

When I reached my office it was still quiet. Seeming it was only 7:52 am, most of my employees wouldn't be here until around 8:30 or 9 am. I liked to the be first in the office and most of the time I was the last to leave.

I walked past the desk in the center of the floor, which belonged to Jessica, my personal assistant. Sometimes I wondered why I had hired her. She was efficient at her job, but constantly tried to flirt with me. She was way out of her league.

Entering through my office doors,I placed my coat on the coat rack and walked to my desk in the center of the room. I placed my briefcase on top and walked to the other side and turned on my computer. Waiting for it to boot up I walked over to the windows and drew the four blinds.

The sun was coming up brighter in the sky, an unusual site for Seattle, Washington. It was pleasant outside for early October. I had no fear that it definitely would be raining by the end of the day.

I heard the computer ding, letting me know it was booted and ready to go. I walked back to my desk and sat down in the big leather chair. I pulled up my email and began looking through them.

About 10 minutes into looking at the emails there was a knock on the office door.

"Yes." I asked from behind the computer.

"It's Jessica, I have your breakfast." Her tone pitchy

"Come in." I yelled out.

I logged out of the email and watched as Jessica approached my desk. She was a petite blond girl with long legs and an amazing ass. Maybe that was why I kept her around? She was good eye candy for clients. She was dressed in a tight black pencil skirt with a matching jacket with a white shirt underneath. Her breasts were pushing through the buttons of her jacket, obviously for me to see.

She swayed her hips approaching the desk with a cup of coffee in one hand and a gourmet muffin in the other balancing a black note book underneath it. I had no idea where she got these muffins from, but they were one of my favorites, I would have to ask her later.

"Here you are Mr. Cullen." She smiled brightly while placing the coffee and muffin on my desk.

"Thank you Jessica. Shall we begin." I looked at her while picking up the muffin and unwrapping it.

I watched her as I eased the wrapper off the muffin and she swallowed hard. Her eyes briefly filled with lust and then she shook it off. Poor naive girl you will never have a chance to know how it feels to be touched by me.

"Yes your meeting with Mr Chen will begin in 10 minutes, we are waiting for him to arrive. Then at 11:00 am you have a conference call with Ferber Soft that will be about 45 minutes long. At 3 pm you will have another meeting with blah blah blah blah." Was really all I heard.

I just started blocking her out. I already knew what I was doing for the day, I would go over it the night before. I guess to make her feel adequate I allowed her to run it down for me every morning.

"Then you have dinner with your parents at 6:00 pm." She smiled at that. Probably wishing I would invite her to join me. Not in your life time sweetheart

"Well if that's all, you are dismissed, just let me know when Chen gets here please." With that I disregarded her and opened up my briefcase.

The day went by quickly after that. Chen was a pleasure to do business with and I acquired his business without any mishaps.

Has I finished up my conference call with Ferber Soft Jessica buzzed me from her phone.

"Yes." I answered

"Emmett is on line 1 sir." Her voice was rather starting to irritate me today

"Thank you, put him through." I sighed and pressed the number to retrieve the call.

Emmett was my brother and the world's biggest pain in the ass. He was older, but not wiser. Him and I built this company together with the help of our father.

"Yo bro, what are you up to? Want to do lunch?" Emmett sounding chipper as usual.

"I have some things to finalize, I don't have time."

"Oh C'mon, I am already half way to your office." He whined like a child.

"Emmett, you only work three doors down, its not like you went out of your way." I scoffed at him.

"That's besides the point Ed." He was so annoying.

"Why don't you just call Kate and ask her to have lunch with you or have you disposed of her already." I had to smirk at that one.

Kate was a girl Emmett had been dating for the last few weeks. To be perfectly honest, he had been trying to bang her for the last few weeks. She was a nice girl, definitely not my type. She was too innocent, but Emmett took that as a challenge.

"Um she kind of told me to fuck off." Emmett's tone slightly guilty

I just started laughing, not a surprise.

"Fine Emmett you pain in my ass, what do you want to eat?" I leaned back in my chair.

"Can we go 94 Stewart's?" His eagerness was eye rolling to say the least.

"Didn't we just eat there like yesterday?" I huffed

Without a single reply my office door opened and in walked my brother closing his cell in his hand.

He took a seat in the leather chair across from my desk.

"Don't you know how to knock?"I asked

"Well I figured you were on the phone with my I didn't have to worry about you jerking off in here, so it seemed safe." He shrugged

"Asshole." I mumbled

"Do you not like that place? They got the best chicken stripes." He completely changed topics

"I could just call Grace and have Garret bring us something. I am not really in the mood to go there today." I started picking up papers off the desk.

Emmett gave me a raised eye brow trying to read my face.

'What?" I spat at him.

"Oh nothing." His voice sounding suspicious

The real reason I didn't want to go there was because at our last outing I learned one of my ex subs worked there. It didn't end well between us and she had tried everything to gain my attention last time.

"What about we go to Jasper's then?" He put his thumbs up

"Oh fine, anything to get you to leave me the hell alone." I threw the papers down on my desk and stood up.

I pressed the button on my phone called Garret letting him know we needed a ride.

"Can't you be like a normal guy and just walk? Its like 2 blocks away." Emmett shook his head at me.

"No." Was all I replied with.

The car ride over to Jasper's restaurant was filled with Emmett and Garret's chatter at a baseball game. I just rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest hoping the torture would end.

I liked sports, don't get me wrong, just not the type they were into. We pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant and I told Garret he was welcome to join us, but he declined.

We made our way through and the place was buzzing. The lunch crowd was definitely coming in. We made our way to the hostess Heidi.

"Emmett." She smiled sweetly at him.

"Edward." She basically purred out

"Where's Jasper?" Emmett completely obvious to her could be because he knew she wasn't interested in him

"He's in his office, would you like me to get him?" She smiled seductively at me.

"Naw I will go find him myself." Emmett babbled walking away from her

I smiled at her and began to walk in the direction Emmett went, but she pulled on my arm before I had the chance.

I looked at her hand on my arm then at her face. I tried to make my feelings known immediately and she dropped her hand.

"We should have a drink sometime, I would definitely make it worth your while." She gave me a sexy smirk.

"I highly doubt it." I smirked back and walked away.

She was sexy, don't get me wrong. I have had many fantasies of bending her over the bar and having my way with her, but I heard she had quite the reputation for putting out, not the kind of woman I could see myself with.

I walked to Jasper's office and found him and Emmett chatting about something. I took a seat opposite of him next to Emmett.

"Well hello Mr. CEO so glad you could join us." Jasper chimed from behind the desk.

"Fuck you Jasper." I smirked at him.

"What took you so long? Was Heidi hitting on you again?" Emmett elbowed me in the rib.

" What can I say the ladies love me." I smiled

"Yea that's the problem." Jasper chuckled

"What are you doing this weekend anyway Edward? I thought maybe we could go play golf tomorrow with your dad?" Jasper asked typing on his laptop.

"I will see him this evening, I will ask. You know he loves kicking your ass in golf." I laughed to myself.

"What no spankings tonight?" Emmett put his feet up on Jasper's desk.

Jasper pushed his feet off and dusted the spot with his hand.

"I told her to come around 8 pm tonight." I looked at my nails, definitely needed to call Angela to get my manicure.

"Are you going to collar this one?" Jasper asked still typing away.

"Probably not. She is beginning to wear me thin. I think I will end it after this weekend." I said so matter a factly.

"Man that's the third one in 2 months. I kind of liked her." Emmett pouted from his chair

"Well feel free to take her once I am done with her. She loves to suck cock." I laughed deviously at him

"Okay, I don't want a girl who as had your dick in her mouth." Emmett acted like he got chills.

"Wouldn't be the first time." Jasper practically fell over with laughter.

After about an hour of idle chatting and some lunch I made my way back to the office. It was Friday and most of the staff left around 4pm. It was around 5:15pm that I finally shut down the computer and gathered my belongings.

I called Garret telling him I was ready to head to my parents house. When I walked out of the office Jessica was still at her desk filing away paper work.

"Why haven't you gone home?" I questioned her.

"I just wanted to finish up a few things before Monday." She gave me a smile I wasn't sure how to place.

"Go home Jessica, its Friday night and I am sure you have plenty of other things to do." I commanded

Again she gave me that stare of pure lust. Sometimes I wonder if she would jump on top of me. Definitely not an option.

"I will 5 more minutes." She nodded her head.

I grabbed her wrist firmly in my hand making her look at me.

"Go home now Jessica. Whatever it is you are doing." I gestured with my hand across her desk. "Can wait until Monday. Grab your things and I will walk you down." I gave her a pointed stare

She shook her head and gathered up her belongings. I held the elevator door for her to get in and we rode down in silence. I could feel her eying me, though she never looked directly at me. I could only imagine what she was thinking.

When we reached the parking garage I said my goodbyes and wished her a happy weekend. I got into my car once I saw her enter hers and waited for her to pull out. I told Garret to drive and we were off to see my parents.

About 20 minutes later we entered a gated driveway and Garret spoke to the intercom and we entered the grounds. The outside of my parent's home was white stone with a red front door and well landscaped yard.

We pulled up behind Emmett's Bentley continental super sport and Jasper's range rover.

I rolled my eyes as I got out of the car.

Of course Jasper would be here. Anytime we had a family dinner he was always there. I mean Jasper has been my best friend since we were 2 years old, so he basically was like family, but I had no doubt he was only here because he hoped to see Alice. Little did he know, she was out of the country. Sorry Jazz.

Even though he tried his best to hide his infatuation with Alice, we all saw it. He was like a teenage boy around her, following her like a puppy. It was pathetic.

I made my way up the massive stairs and walked into the house. Maggie my parents house keeper greeted me kindly taking my coat from me. I thanked her and made my way into the living room where everyone was sitting.

My mother got up from the arm of the chair she was leaning on and walked over to me.

"Oh Edward, its so lovely to see you." She kissed my cheek and gave me a tight hug

"Hey mom, you look beautiful." I kissed her cheek and wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

My mother was stunning for her age, if one did not know better you would think she was in her middle thirties, but she was in her middle fifties. Same with my father.

We spent the next 2 hours chatting about work, life, and the golf game we would play tomorrow. Jasper bet Carlisle,my father, $200 he would beat him tomorrow. I hope Jasper had his ATM card ready.

I bid goodnight to everyone and made my way back to my penthouse. I still had at least 20 minutes before my guest would arrive. I made my way to my bathroom and took a quick shower.

Since the weekend is when I did the most entertaining, I really didn't need my help to be around. Mrs. Barker had her suspicions but never came out and said anything to me about what I did on the weekends. However Garret knew exactly what happened in the room down the hall with the lock on it.

Actually Garret helped me put together a lot of the equipment in the room. It was Jasper, Emmett, and Garret alone that knew my secrets. They were my three best friends, I trusted them all with my life.

The women who chose to be my subs, they signed a contract which entailed that if they were to speak of our discrepancies to anyone, well lets just say, they wouldn't risk it. It was legal and binding.

After finishing up my shower I glanced at the glass clock on the wall and it was 7:55pm. I dried my hair with one towel while I had another wrapped around my waist. I dropped the wet towel into the hamper in my bathroom and walked over to my closet and pulled out a pair black denim jeans.

I heard the sound of the doorbell. Right on time. I took my time sliding on my Prada slippers and walked down the stairs to the front door. I looked out the peep hole and recognized the beauty that was Makenna.

She was tall black hair, gray eyes, leggy, curvy, and just sexy. I opened the door to get a good look at her and she never disappointed. She smiled at me and sauntered past me. All she had with her was a purse and she wore a long black trench coat with tall black heels on.

She knew the rules and the first thing she did was open up her coat and let it drop to the floor. All she had on underneath was a lacy purple and black bra with matching panties and garters to hold up her thigh highs.

I appraised her beautiful body with my eyes. She had nice tits about a 36c and a nice round ass that I love getting behind and hammering. Her skin was tan and smooth. I would definitely miss those pouty lips the most. She was incredible at sucking dick.

"Does master approve?" She smirked at me holding her hands to her hips. She was looking too smug.

I know how to remedy that.

"Yes slave, I approve. Now get on your knees and unbuckle my pants." I ordered and she complied in immediately

"Now put my cock in your pretty little mouth." I commanded looking down taking her long hair in my hands

"As you wish Master." A smirk growing over her lips.

"Wait." I made sure she heard the authority in my voice.

She looked up at me, a little annoyed.

"Stand up and turn around."

She got off her knees and turned around so her ass was facing me.

"I'm going to spank you now and do you know why?" All seriousness in my tone.

"No, Master." She was sounding playful.

"Because you are being too smug right now and I think you need to be taught a lesson." I barked out.

"Has you wish, Master."

I bent her over the table I had in my hallway. I rubbed her ass gently with my hand to let her know this is where I would hit her.

"Count to five when you feel the first one."

"Yes Master." Her voice husky, she wanted this.

I laid the first smack to her ass and she yelped out one. Then I brought my hand a little more swifter this time and she screamed out two. By the time I got to five I could swear she was having an orgasm by the way she moaned out 5.

It was a punishment and this girl was getting off on it. I ordered her up the stairs to my playroom.

She was very obedient. That much credit I could give her, but she was too predictable. Easily satiable. I was getting bored and it was only 3 weeks into the arrangement. She was eager to please me and allowed me to do whatever I wanted to her.

She was a very experienced sub. Not much you could do that would surprise her and that took the thrill out of it. However she did mention every single time she was allowed to speak freely to me how I was the best fuck she ever had and she wanted this to be long term.

However I didn't do long term. I did three month contracts, nobody ever got an extension, nobody ever left me wanting more after that time period. Nobody but my master who no longer was or would be again.

Emmett was right, I was getting easily bored, had it been that way for a long time now? All I knew was after tonight, Makenna would be no more in my bed...