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"Ms. Swan? Ms. Swan are you still there?" Echoed a male voice from the other end of the line

"Who is this?" I demanded picking up Bella's disguarded phone

"This is detective Baldwin from the Seattle PD. I was calling to inform Ms. Swan of our discovery of Mr. Lordes' body. I'm assuming this is Mr. Cullen." Detective Baldwin asked

"Yes when did you find him?" I asked

"We found him about 15 miles outside of Seattle. Not too far from where he initially got away." Baldwin informed me

"Can I reach you at this number?" I needed to get off the phone and comfort Bella

"Yes of course anytime Mr. Cullen." Baldwin replied

"Fine, I will contact you later, expect my call." With that I hung up

After dropping Bella off, I decide there are two places I need to visit before going into the office today. I leave Liam with strict orders to not let Bella wander off until everything has been checked out.

I could see the pain in her eyes when she asked to view James's body. I knew this was a request I would find hard to grant, but I also knew her too well. If I didn't grant this request of hers, she would take matters into her own hands.

So with that in mind, I make my way uptown to speak with Detective Baldwin about his phone call to Bella. I had informed the police if they had information about James to contact me first, but apparently they can't seem to do a hell of a lot right.

I park my car infront of the 21st precinct and enter the large wooden double doors of the entrance. People are walking around trying to look busy, but I can tell not a lot is going on here. I address the woman behind the desk of who I am and that I need to speak with Detective Baldwin.

What seems like hours later, Baldwin walks out of one of the hallways extending his hand for me to shake. I look at his hand then at him and he withdrawals it.

"What can I do for you Edward?" Baldwin rubs his neck

"Please explain why I was not notified of the discovery of James Lordes body? Did I not make myself clear that you were not to contact Bella? She literally fell apart this morning, I pay this fucking city enough money that you can't do one simple thing? Is it really him or are you too fucking blind to not be able to identify him?" My sarcasm thick

" Edward we planned to contact you, but Ms. Swan was first on the list, I have to follow protocol. I have a boss to answer to." Baldwin says matter of factly

"That's such bullshit and you know it! This psycho path shot me! Don't you think I deserve to know this just as much? Fuck this place. I will speak to the commissioner and see if you have a job at all. That's why I'm my own damn boss." I walk away in disgust not really bothering any further with this conversation.

Without waiting for a reply that will give me no peace, I just walk out and get back into my car. I head over to the city medical examiner's office to speak with Jason Scott, who just happens to be a relative and probably more useful.

Phoning my cousin to let him know I was on my way, he told me where to locate him and he would notify security I was coming.

I enter the sterile building moments later. Everything white and clean. Of course its the basement, so its quiet, only people down here are dead or Jason.

I'm directed to Jason's office by a petite red head who keeps trying to swing her hips as she walks in front of me, every so often with a backwards smirk. I roll my eyes and follow her.

"Mr. Scott said you can wait in his office, that he will be right down. Is there anything I can do for you or get you?" Her voice sings with a slight purr

"Nothing you can do for me, thanks." I give her my cold reply and take a seat across from the desk

"Well then Mr. Scott will be with you shortly." She seems taken back by my tone, but I could careless

I check my phone and notice that I have a text from Liam stating Bella seems like she is trying to rush out somewhere. I look at the screen and can't help but to laugh. That girl is up-to something and I got a good suspicion of what or exactly where it is.

I text him back letting him know not to let her leave until I clear up my business here. Right after I send the quick text Jason walks in the room. His scrubs covered in something I would rather not know.

"Well cousin, what do I owe this visit? Can't say I remember you ever coming down here." He chuckles

I get to the point. "Police told me they brought in James Lordes body, I want to see it."

Jason shakes his head at me with a knowing smirk,

"Is that the guy who shot you?" He asks

"Yes and I would really like proof that he is really dead, not some word of mouth from some unreliable detective who probably can't tie his own shoes." I sarcastically say

"Ever the demanding man, nothing changes with you, doesn't it?" He laughs

"You know me, I like to get to the point." I smile

"Yes they brought his body in last night, follow me." Jason gestures with his hand

I follow him down a long white hallway at the end has to metal doors. You can feel the temperature in the air change to a very cold climate. I'm sure it has a lot to do with preserving the body. We walk in the room seeing shiny metal tables and counters with white walls.

I notice a body lying on one of the metal tables, must be where the stains on his scrubs came from. I hold my nose to offend the smell. We enter another room which I assumed to be the morgue. I never had to visit one of these before and from the looks of it, I never wanted to again.

I notice the rows of drawers on the wall, all labeled with names and numbers. This must be where the keep the dead bodies.

Jason pulls out a drawer labeled with Lordes on the front. The body is in a black bag which is zipped up, so a face can not be seen. I lean in to unzip it but Jason grabs my wrist first, giving me a warning look.

"The body isn't in very good condition and its kind of an image you can't get out of your head, I just want to prepare you for that." He waits for my response

"Its a vision I wouldn't mind getting out of my head if it means he is really dead, I would gladly have it stuck." I motioned toward the bag and Jason nodded his head and began to unzip it.

I stared down at the body as it was revealed to me, feeling nausea setting in. The smell alone was awful but to see his half decade flesh was enough to make me hurl.

Has if he knew my reaction, my cousin was there with a blue bucket, holding it under me so I could empty my mornings breakfast.

"I warned you." He laughed at me

"Shut the fuck up." I said between throwing up

Once I felt settled again, I reexamined his face.

"Where did they find him? His body seems to be well preserved." I took the handkerchief from my pocket to wipe my mouth.

They found him in a small stream, the water seemed to preserve him well. There are slight signs of decomposition but he's very identifiable." Jason spoke medically

I just stared at the face, I had memorized it completely in my head. Every encounter with this piece of shit. It was him alright and he was as good as dead could be.

I was at ease, my Isabella was safe from this menace. I motioned for him to rezip up the body and I turned away. I thanked my cousin for his time. I made my way outside, gulping in all the fresh air I could.

I lean against the cold brick building, trying to recover some of my composer. My head still swimming and my stomach twirling. I could not handle this, could she?

Sending Liam a text to back down and allow Bella her privacy, moments later my phone rings with obsession, Bella's ring tone.

"Hey Beautiful" I try not to sound off.

She begins to rant about me treating her like a child, which I always find it adorable and its a relief after what I just saw. She will be safe. I joke about her protection but guarantee her to ween in my men. She thanks me and the line goes dead.

I wonder what you are up to Ms Swan. But before I can linger any longer on that thought Jason comes hurriedly out of the building, stepping on my Prada dress shoes.

"Fuck man these are expensive, watch it." I spit out

"You are rich who cares? Anyway, Alice just called me, I thought you might want to know that." Sounding out of breath has leans on the building.

"So?" I shrug

"So...She wants to bring Bella here to see that James guy's body and I was under strict orders not to tell you." He rushes out

"I kind of had a feeling." I say nonchalantly

"You're okay with this?" His eyes fill with confusion

"I have to be." I shrug and we head back into the building


Of course Alice is on board with my plan. She agrees that Edward's behavior this morning was rather odd, so she sets things up with her cousin Jason who I only met briefly at some family function but apparently him and Edward have been close for a long time.

We make our way to the basement area and a redhead is there with a scroll on her face. She babbles some words to Alice and informs us to take a seat. There are a few plastic chairs set up against the wall and we both sit in silence.

I feel the eyes of the woman looking at me, as if sizing me up. I look up to meet her glare only to see disgust written all over it. What was her problem? I look toward Alice who is too busy fiddling with her manicure to even notice the death glares I'm receiving.

A few minutes later some feet shuffling on the floor have Alice jumping up instantly and gripping on to a tall lean young man, Jason.

"Oh thank you so much for this, I appreciate it a lot." Alice gushes at him

"Of course but the sight is a little graphic. I hope you both have a strong stomach." He laughs to himself

I didn't really like the sound of it, but I needed to get this out of the way. I needed to have closure once and for all. Dead was dead, you can't escape that.

We follow Jason through a room with a lot of medical equipment. I see a sheet laid over what appears to be a body, but I try not to notice it and continue to follow.

He leads us into the next room that has drawers in the walls, but one specifically pulled out and another white sheet placed over it. Jason moves closest to this one, giving us a last warning before he reveals what's underneath.

Alice is giddy with excitement and I hold my breath as he slowly pulls back the sheet. Has soon as the face comes into view my eyes are locked on it. The skin is purplish and blue, his face looks swollen and bruised.

I know that face, I know it too well. Every scar, every freckle, every little line, memorized like my favorite book. However he is far from any favorite thing. I just stare.

"Bella are you okay?" A concerned Alice asks touching my shoulder

I continue to just stare. I move the sheet further to reveal his chest. The scar is there, the one I put there with the fire poker. I trace my fingers over it, feeling how cold his skin is, how unnatural and stiff it feels.

I place my hand over his heart, I feel no beat. I check his pulse, but nothing is flowing under my finger tips. I expect him to jump off the table and attack me. I expect him to open his eyes and smirk at me, telling me he got me. But none of that ever happens.

It seems like a very long time. Nobody has spoken a word. One thing I need to see before I leave, just one last thing to put the nail in this demon's coffin. My fingers glide open his eye lids.

This may come off morbid, but I need to see his eyes. Has his blue eyes appear I wonder what I will see. Remorse? Hate?

The only thing I see are blank empty eyes staring off. There is no life in them, no soul. He is dead.

My legs give out but before I even hit the floor, a pair of warm strong arms wrap around me, holding me up. I'm gasping for air feeling so faint. My vision begins to blur, but not before I can turn my head and see beautiful emerald eyes.

"Edward he's dead." I whisper

"Yes, yes he is." I swear I can see tears in his eyes

He helps me to my feet and I hold him tightly to me as if my life depends on it. He rubs my head comforting me, all my fears forgotten and the sense of real freedom setting in. James was finally out of our lives.

After leaving the morgue Edward decided that we should take the day off. So we spent the afternoon looking at priceless art and strolling through the park. Has we walked past a spot I knew very well I began to laugh.

Had it only been a few months ago when I sat in this very park with my laptop reading about dom/sub relationships? I turned to face him, he was perplexed by my sudden out burst.

I stared at him, remembering not that long ago I thought he was only playing with me, that someone like him would never want someone like me. Now here we stand holding hands, engaged and so in love.

"What?" He smiles radiantly at me

"I love you Cullen." I smile, kissing his lips

"I love you too soon to be Mrs. Cullen." He rubs my cheek grinning so widely

Then it hit me, his strange behavior this morning and how he knew I would be coming to the morgue. Did Alice call him? Did he have me followed?

"Edward, about this morning.." I began to say but he cuts me off as if knowing what I'm about to say

"Alice called Jason to let him know you two were coming, I just happened to be there." He shrugged

"Okay, but why were you acting so weird?" I eye him

"I wasn't sure if you could handle seeing the body, it caught me off guard, but as always you turned out to be stronger than I expected." He says in awe

"You think I'm weak?" The feeling over taking me from a very happy moment to a sad one

"No, never Bella." He insisted immediately

"I just wasn't sure how you would react, you been through so much. I guess I was the weak one thinking you needed protection when really, you were the one protecting me." He glanced at me, rubbing my cheek

"I hardly protect you." I laugh

"You protect me more than you realize." He leans in to kiss me

We are sitting at the table where the bride's maids and groomsmen sit with the happy new couple. I look at my two adoring friends, feeling so much love and joy for them. Emmett can not keep the smile from his face while Rose just gives him googly eyes.

Their wedding was beautiful and the garden they choose for their reception is breathtaking. I can't help but wonder if Edward's and my wedding will be just as perfect. I guess it doesn't really matter, I could marry him in city hall and be happy just to know we are Mr and Mrs. Cullen.

I take a glance in Edward's direction, his green eyes penetrating me. His stare is smoldering, I feel like I could go up in flames how he is looking at me. His eyes soften and he gives me a shy smile, like he was caught doing something he shouldn't be.

To my complete surprise the DJ announces Edward's and my names. I look at him and he just shrugs like he has no clue, but begins to rise from his chair. I look at Rose and she gives me a knowing smile. I blush and feel my seat being pulled out from behind me.

Edward holds out his hand and I take it. He leads me to the middle of the empty dance floor, twirling me and pulling me into him. I wrap my hands around his neck and he pulls me into him closely.

He looks at me adoringly, so much love in those green eyes. I recall the moment I first laid my own eyes on him. So utterly beautiful he was.

"What are you thinking?" He whispers in my ear

"The very first time I saw you on the elevator. You were completely oblivious to my presence." I laugh to myself

"I was never oblivious to you. You had my heart that very moment you stepped on the elevator. My life has not been the same since." He looks like a child at this moment

"Yea I keep things real interesting." I roll my eye playfully

He grips my chin so our eyes meet. Those sweet beautiful eyes that make me do whatever he wants.

"I admit I live a far from boring existence but you made my entire life extraordinary. Its like a real life thriller and I can't wait to spend the rest of it with you. You know me and I'm far from being a dud. Has for you, each time you open that beautiful mouth, I find myself more surprised." His smile so amazing it captivates me

I lean up to kiss him, but he is already holding me in the air kissing me so sweetly, so passionately, so loving. I hear Emmett whistling and howling and Edward places me back on my feet.

"No one will ever love you more than me Isabella Swan." Edwards words are strong and permanent...