The Tapestry of Time - by teddylonglong

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Chapter 10

Severus thoughtfully cleared his throat, apparently feeling uncomfortable at the situation.

"Harry, Tom, there is something I wish to speak with you about," he began to explain. "This is about a wizard with the name Gellert Grindelwald. Professor Dumbledore knows him well, although their opinions concerning the magical and non magical world differ completely. I will explain about Grindelwald's theories at a later time. I just want you to know that he is on the dark side. The main point of which I wish to inform you today is that together with Professors Dippet and Dumbledore, I have made a plan how to conquer this evil wizard in order to prevent him from pulling our whole country into a war. In order to achieve this, it's essential that he notices me and makes me his Potions Master." Seeing that his two sons were following him with confused but curious expressions, he continued, "I will brew Professor Slytherin's wolfscure potion and sell it to the Ministry of Magic as my own invention from Professor Slytherin's notes. This is not one hundred percent correct, and frankly speaking I do not appreciate having to lie like this; however, it is important for our plan."

"Of course we won't tell anyone anything else," Tom threw in, bewildered that their father had deemed it necessary to speak with them about the matter at all.

"Of course," Harry echoed.

Severus laid both hands around the boys' heads and smiled. "Tom and Harry, I know that. The reason why I've told you this is not that I don't completely trust you. On the contrary; since both of you are capable of brewing the wolfscure, I decided to publish it under our three names, if you agree, especially since the Ministry will probably demand that I brew a huge number of batches for them, and I thought that you might be willing to assist." He stepped around to face the boys, clearing his throat to win a few seconds, before he had to tell his sons the inevitable. "Professors Dippet and Dumbledore suggested that I should keep this from the two of you because of your young age; however, I deem you old and especially responsible enough to hear the truth. In fact, a prophecy was made a few months ago, and we believe that it concerns Harry."

Harry and Tom listened in shock when Severus told them about the content of Professor Trelawney's prediction.

"Woven in the temporal tapestry
The changeling shall undo the woven threads
Shapechanger childe marked by evil
Assuming forms not of his nature
Shall vanquish the evildoer by deceit
Evil shall be undone by the slight of hand."

"Are you sure that it means me?" Harry finally asked, sounding terrified.

"I'm afraid so, yes," Severus replied quietly.

'Thank Merlin that we could speak with Rowena about the matter, and that she could advise us what to do,' Severus thought. 'I really feel bad for Harry. We came to this time in order to make the future prophecy unnecessary, only to be trapped in another prediction.'

"Dad," Harry's voice pulled him out of his musings. "May we speak with Minerva and Poppy about it?"

"You may," Severus replied without hesitating, knowing that he could fully trust the two young witches. 'I wonder if Harry remembers at all that we came more than fifty years into the past,' he thought. 'Sometimes, it is strange that the boys remember things, which happened a few years ago and are not really important, while they have forgotten things from last year, which we thought they'd keep in mind forever.'


However, if Harry and Tom had expected that Harry would have to fulfil the prophecy sometime in the near future, the boys were completely mistaken. During the following years, the magical world remained fairly peaceful, and most people in Britain's wizarding world had not even heard the name Grindelwald yet.

The invention of the wolfscure potion was the huge success that Severus and the Founders had expected, and Severus, Harry and Tom each received the Order of Merlin first class for their achievement. At the same time, Severus once again took the Potions Mastery exam and like in the future became known as the youngest Potions Master of all times.

As Severus had predicted, the three Snapes were asked to brew a huge amount of batches of their wolfscure potion, which he and his sons brewed during the summer after Harry's and Tom's third Hogwarts year. The Ministry of Magic bought the potion for one thousand Galleons per phial and invited all werewolves in Britain to come to St. Mungo's in order to be cured from Lycanthropy.

'Thank Merlin, Lupin probably won't become a werewolf this time,' Severus thought, unbeknownst to Harry and Tom. The boys were just totally in awe about the huge amount of money that wandered into their vault and completely unaware of their father's former experiences with a werewolf and thus of the special meaning that their achievement had for Severus.


It was almost two years later, when the children had taken their OWLs and were just enjoying the Leaving Feast, that Severus suddenly received a letter, which was delivered by a black hawk.

'I can't wait to travel back to the past,' Harry mused, absentmindedly pushing a carrot around his plate, when Minerva suddenly kicked him into the shins.

"Harry, look at your father. Have you ever seen such a bird?" she whispered, pointing towards the Head table.

"No," Harry whispered back and mind thought to his father, 'Dad, what's that for a bird? Is everything all right?'

However, his father did not reply immediately but fed the bird a few pieces of meat, before he waved his hand over the parchment, which the bird had brought, a few times, as if he was checking it for dark spells. Seemingly contented, he finally unfolded the parchment and read what was written on it, a blank expression on his face.

'It's from Grindelwald. He wants me to become his personal Potions Master,' he telepathically informed his son, while he pocketed the parchment in an inner pocket of his dark green robes.

'Wow, congrats Dad. That's what you wanted, right?' Harry replied, smiling.

'Indeed son,' Severus admitted, 'however, you mustn't speak about this to anyone apart Tom or your mother.'

'Minerva and Poppy know about it anyway,' Harry thought back, rolling his eyes in annoyance.

Ever since the Snapes had taken Minerva and Poppy with them to the past for the first time, it had become a tradition that the two girls accompanied their best friends to the time of the Founders, so that they were fully informed about Rowena Ravenclaw's visions and the prophecy that involved Harry.


Two days later, Poppy, Minerva, Harry and Tom were gathered in the Snape's living room, working on their summer assignments, whilst helping the six-year-old twins doing a puzzle of Hogwarts at the same time, when the black hawk entered their quarters through the owl flap in the outer door that led to the teachers' herb garden at the backside of the castle.

Quirking an eyebrow, Severus carefully accepted the parchment that was attached to the hawk's foot, and thoroughly checked it for spells, before he read his letter. "He wants to see me tomorrow afternoon," he said, sighing as he handed the parchment to his wife.

"Dad, will you be all right?" Harry was the first to interrupt the silence that had spread in the room after Severus' announcement.

Even the twins were looking from one to the other, apparently sensing that something was not as usual.

Severus smirked, hiding his own feelings behind a blank mask. "Of course I'll be all right. I'm not going to fight him tomorrow. He's probably just going to ask me for some potions. Anyway, it'll be an easy task in comparison to my duties as a spy for the Dark Lord in my past," he added, more to himself than to the children, who stared at him in surprise.

'The Dark Lord?' Harry wondered, only now realising that Severus had never told him much about his past in the future. 'Strange that he never went back to meet any friends in the future,' he thought. 'Does Tom even know that Dad and I originally came from the future? Probably not.' Glancing at his brother, he resolved to speak with his father about the matter at the next opportunity.


During the following weeks, Severus had to brew potions for Grindelwald every week. Once a week, usually on Sunday afternoons, the dark wizard expected him to come and deliver the requested concoctions.

"Dad, won't we go to the past at all this year?" Harry enquired one day two weeks into the holidays. So far, the four friends had only wondered about the matter but not pestered the adults, knowing that Severus had to be stressed enough by his new task of serving the evil wizard.

"Your mother and I have been discussing this for a few days," Severus replied slowly, "and decided that your mother will accompany all of you to the past, while I'm going to remain here to be available whenever he calls me."

"I really don't like this," Roxana disagreed. "Harry and Tom are old enough to travel alone with their friends, and the twins and I can just stay here for one summer. I don't want to leave you alone."

Severus smirked. "It's not as if I was really alone here in the castle, especially..." he replied, when his daughter Rowena interrupted him fiercely.


"We wanna go too," Helga immediately joined her protest, and the twins sent their mother a double glare.

"We'll go with Harry and Tom," they added, pouting.

Roxana let out a long sigh. "Well, if you're sure that you want to go even without me, I can just take you there and come back here. I'm sure that Aunt Rowena and Aunt Helga will be happy to have you there, if Tom and Harry help them looking after you." She glanced at Severus, who gave her a short nod in return.

"I'll also help," Poppy offered, smiling, and Minerva nodded eagerly.


On the following day, the six children travelled to the past, accompanied by Roxana, who stayed a few days, before she made her way back to the day, on which she had left. The Founders reassured her that they would look after the twins and at the same time make the four older students study.

"Thank you, Rowena. I really appreciate it. It means a lot to me that the children are able to spend at least the summer holidays here in the time, in which I've grown up," Roxana told her sister, pulling her into a light hug.

"Don't worry, Roxa, they'll be fine," Rowena replied, smiling. "I can understand that you want to return to Severus, although you can trust me. He'll be all right. Remember that we set up the whole connection to Grindelwald in order to allow Harry to vanquish him in a relatively secure way."

"Yes, I know," Roxana replied, "but I'm still worried."

"Roxana," Rowena said slowly, "are you really content living in the future?"

Roxana looked at her sister in apparent surprise. "Of course, Rowa. I have an awesome husband, four wonderful children and the position of the Charms professor here at Hogwarts. I am really happy. Nevertheless, coming here to this time means coming home, and as far as possible, I intend to come here every summer."

Harry smiled at the sisters' conversation. 'I always thought they didn't overly like each other, but it seems not so bad', he thought, as he observed his mother and his many times great grandmother, unbeknownst to the two witches. In fact, Harry had wanted to have some quiet time from his friends and sisters in order to think about something and had transformed into a small, black spider. He had just made himself comfortable at the wall in the living room, ready to lose himself in his musings about how to ask the centre of his attention if she wanted to become his girlfriend, when the two sisters had entered the room.


In the morning after Roxana left, Ceridwen, who had just taken her OWLs, proceeded to teach the two six-year-olds Easy Charms and Spells, which was a common subject for children of their age. At the same time, the four Founders gathered the four sixteen-year-olds in the Headmaster's office.

With mixed feelings, Harry followed his friends into the round office. Of course it was not the first time that he entered the office in the past, and he knew each of his great grandparents well; however, on this morning, the Founders looked very stern.

"Very well," Godric began to speak, "since all four of you have already finished your OWLs in the future, it's time for you to consider what you're going to do after taking your NEWTs. We'd like you to inform us of your plans, so that we can put up a proper study schedule for each of you for this summer."

The four time travellers glanced at each other. 'If I only knew that. What am I going to say?' Harry wondered, feeling the strong urge to transform into a random object in order to win time.

"I'm going to become the Healer at Hogwarts," Poppy was the first to speak up. "My granny said she'd still remain for a few years, until I'm really used to everything, and then she wants to retire."

Suddenly, pictures from the short time, which he had spent with Severus in the future, came into Harry's mind. 'Yes, Madam Pomfrey was the Healer then, Dumbledore the Headmaster, and there was the old lady with the burgundy robes,' he mused. 'Wasn't her name Minerva McGonagall? She was the one who gave me Hogwarts: A History.' "Minerva, are you going to become the Transfiguration professor?" he blurted out, glancing at his friend.

Minerva shot him a surprised look. "I don't know if it'll be possible, since Professor Dumbledore is already the Transfiguration professor in our time," she then said, hesitantly, "however, I'd love to teach Transfiguration, since it is my best subject, and I'd really like to become a professor at Hogwarts."

"Everyone seems to want to stay in the castle," Tom laughed. "I want to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts, if the position will ever be vacant."

The Headmaster grinned. "Don't worry, my boy. I'm going to put up a new rule that if ever one of the Founders' heirs will be available for a post within Hogwarts, the Headmaster has to see to it that the person will receive the position, even if it means that another professor has to take his or her leave." Turning to his three colleagues, he queried, "Do you all share my opinion?"

Rowena, Helga and Salazar replied affirmatively, and Godric waved his hand over a parchment on his desk. Text appeared on the parchment, before it straightened for an instant and finally vanished into thin air. "There," Godric said, seemingly contentedly, "done. This rule has been filed in the book of rules, which is placed on the shelf, on which Sopho resides, the Sorting Hat." He pointed to a thick book with a dark blue cover right next to the Hat.

'I've never noticed that book,' Harry mused in surprise, wondering, 'Has it always been there?' He was pulled out of his thoughts, when the Headmaster addressed him.

"Harry? What would you like to do after your NEWTs?" Godric queried, as he rose from his seat and proceeded to stroke Fawkes' head.

"I don't know," Harry said in a small voice, once again resisting the urge to transform.

"You don't know?" Salazar sneered, turning his gaze at the boy in obvious disbelief. "After studying nine years at Hogwarts and spending as many summers here in our time, where my colleagues and I taught you, you just don't know what to do?"

"Well, my best subject is Potions, but since my father is already the Potions Professor..." Harry began to speak in a very upset voice, before he unsurely tailed off.

"Salazar," Helga threw in, soothingly placing a hand on her husband's arm. "Leave the boy in peace. He is only fifteen, and he still has time."

"Leo," Godric spoke to Harry with the nickname he used to call him ever since the boy's Sorting into Gryffindor, "I have a suggestion for you. Like Salazar pointed out, we've all been teaching you, since you came here for the first time. You know a lot about magic in our time. However, you've never taken any exams yet. You should take your OWLs and NEWTs here in this time and become a professor for a new subject, "Ancient Studies", in the future. How's that?"

"Oh, that would be awesome," Harry replied, feeling utterly relieved at the prospect of having an idea of what to do after finishing Hogwarts. So far he had never really thought about the matter, and the Founder's question had hit him totally unprepared. "But will I be able to take these exams without even attending classes in this time?"

Godric cleared his throat, before he said, thoughtfully, "We'll teach you while you're here, of course, and I suppose that you should be able to pass your OWLs at least in Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, Runes and Sword Fighting before you return to the future at the end of this summer."

"You'll fail your NEWTs though if you only study two month a year," Salazar threw in, sternly. "After taking your NEWTs in the future, you should spend a year here and attend the seventh year classes."