"We're here," Yosuke announced, removing his hands and uncovering Hua Po's eyes. She blinked a couple times, adjusting to the dim light before taking in her surroundings.

Dancing lights.

Atop a grassy hill, under the soft light of the moon, she watched as the small lights drifted about her, their glow blinking off and on.

"They're called fireflies," Yosuke said, standing beside her and basking in the calm. "They're small bugs that come out at night. You like 'em?" He turned towards her as she nodded enthusiastically. She was in complete awe of the strange creatures, her aqua eyes shining whenever a firefly passed by her face. Suddenly Hua Po broke out into a huge smile, eyes brimming with excitement as she pointed down the hill at a large gathering of lights. Her joy was infectious, Yosuke unable to restrain a quiet chuckle. "Go ahead." Sitting down Yosuke's eyes followed Hua Po as she fluttered toward the fireflies, the bugs dispersing before moving to surround her.

She danced about, twirling around so she could see all of them. She looked so happy, so free, and it touched Yosuke's heart in a way few things had. Yosuke had taken many things for granted in his short life: his friends, his home and family, his good fortune...Hua Po seemed to appreciate everything. Yosuke, for as long as he'd been there, had resented Inaba. Before when he looked at Inaba he saw a backwater town with no charm or appeal, nothing but a bunch of middle-class houses thrown into an empty valley.

But just by watching her -she who couldn't speak, she who wasn't human, she who was but a figment of his friend's mind- made him notice so many things. The pale glow of the fireflies. The cool breeze that brushed his hair and the green grass below him. The little slice of moon that shown over the night. He could feel each individual blessing reaching and wrapping around his soul, instilling his senses with the soothing melody of the earth.

Yosuke looked past his thoughts to see Hua Po clapping her hands, seemingly in an attempt to catch one of the bugs. He knew he must be wearing a goofy grin, as smitten as he was, and even then he knew that she would once again vanish into the depths of Souji's soul, but right now he didn't care. Yosuke would wait patiently until Souji summoned her again, but that didn't matter.

Because this moment, she and him underneath the moon and the stars and fireflies, this moment was real.

All he needed was this.