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My version (this should be good… J) of what should have happened between Katara and Zuko during Book Three: Fire Chapter 16: The Southern Raiders.


I am changing some things to fit this story. Aang and Katara never kissed in the cave of lovers (or whatever the hell it was called (I can't remember but I think that's it… (-.-) (ß omg its Kirby!)) and they don't like each other. Mai is a psycho emo bitch so she isn't in love with Zuko, she likes…that freaky emo chick with that ginormous anteater thingy that sees with its mole nose. Yeah they're in a gay relationship or something. XD


Scene: Around when they bust down that dudes door in the ship, (the current Southern Raiders captain) and shortly before Katara Bloodbends.

Zuko's POV:

Katara's arms were covered with water, and we were running down the hallway to the door to the captains quarters.

We reached a heavy metal door, with thick bolts and locks set in to the surface, so that in a case of the ship being attacked, they would lock tight and barricade whatever was inside from the enemy.

"This is it, Katara." I said. "This is the captains quarters." She nodded and I stepped aside.

She threw back her arms, gathering the water to her hands before slamming them forward, sending a pressurized blast at the door.

It blew of its hinges with and huge CLANG and slammed against the wall.

I slid in front of her and blocked the blast of fire I had been expecting. I battled the captian for about a minute, until something made me pause.

Katara's POV:

I swore never to do this again. Ever. Yet here I was.

I slid my left foot forward and entered a water bending stance, shifting slightly sideways beside Zuko. My right hand was lifted in front of me and eyelevel, my left hovering near my stomach.

I swallowed the bile that came up at knowing what I was about to do.

I'm sorry. I thought. I'm so sorry. It was toward no one that I thought that, I just knew that this was wrong.

I tried blinking back the tears, but they came anyway, flowing freely down my face and soaking the black cloth around my neck that had slid from my face.

I twisted my right hand and the captains hand stopped, turning in an unnatural direction.