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2015 A.D.

_\_ "Due to the special emergency, all lines are currently unavailable." _\_

"Useless…" Shinji Ikari sighed to himself, hanging up the phone. "I shouldn't have bothered coming in the first place…"

He looked around the deserted city as he heaved his bag from the floor and onto his shoulder. "I guess we won't be meeting here after all…" he muttered, glancing at the photograph of the woman who was supposed to be picking him up.

Why couldn't his dad show up anyway?

"Can't be helped." Shinji decided. "Guess I'll have to look for the shelter-"

He saw a blue-haired girl in a skin-tight blue suit, standing across the road as birds flew overhead.

Then the earth and sky shook with a piercing roar.

Shinji turned around, attention perked from the volume of noise, to see a team of gyrocopters coming around the mountain.

Followed by a massive monster.

It was huge, towering over the skyscrapers of the city. Its colossal body was black with grey lumps of bone exposed on its skin. A red dome was on its chest, covered slightly by the beast's external ribcage.

Shinji looked at it in horror, the girl forgotten.

Deep beneath Tokyo, in the centre of the Geofront, humanity's final defence lay waiting. In the command centre, the raging battle was being watched by an entire bridge of specialist military operatives, each operator's arms tense and expression focused.

The only man who seemed calm in this dark atmosphere was the commander, seated high above the rest.

"It's been fifteen years, hasn't it?" Fuyutsuki asked Commander Gendo Ikari as the visual of the enemy came into view on the massive monitor.

"Yes, there's no doubt." Gendo replied as the behemoth strode across the screen. "It's an angel."

Shinji watched as the monster was bombarded with white explosions that did nothing to even slow the beast's march. The Angel raised an arm and launched a pink spike through one aircraft, piercing it with ease.

The spike retracted into the monster's arm, and the airship fell through the air, crash-landing through the payphone as Shinji leapt out of the way. The monster glowed red and a halo appeared above its head as it jumped into the air, landing with a foot smashing through the fallen gyrocopter.

Shinji shielded his face with his arms as shrapnel flew, then turned as a car handbrake-span to a stop behind him.

"Get in!" the woman driving shouted at him from behind her sunglasses as she opened the passenger door. "Sorry I'm late!"

Shinji vaulted over an overturned post, slamming the car door shut behind him as he landed. She shoved the car into reverse as the airships bombarded the monster with missiles that did little or no damage to the monster.

She swerved the car around and sped away from the warzone as a massive missile flew over their heads towards the beast.

The behemoth, Sachiel, caught it with one hand, pressing through the nose as the shaft split into four and bent around the arm before exploding.

Shinji turned in his seat to see the creature looming out of the flames almost unharmed through the rear window.

Gendo Ikari watched the military commanders in uproar over how useless their heavy artillery was against the angel. "So, it's an AT-Field after all?" Fuyutsuki asked the commander of NERV.

"Yes." Gendo replied, not taking his eyes away from the monitor. "Conventional weapons are useless against the angels."

One of the military men picked up a phone and swiped a card key through a slot.

"Activate it." He ordered.

"Now wait a second…" Misato whispered through her binoculars once they were a good distance away from the city.

Shinji took this chance to look her over. Captain Misato Katsuragi, despite being dressed for a more fun event, was glaring into her binoculars with the face of a woman of her military experience.

She tore the binoculars from her face. "THEY'RE GONNA USE AN N-2 MINE!" She shouted, forcing Shinji into his seat. "GET DOWN!"

A second sun rose from the ground near the angel.

The world was filled with the explosion.

Light and dust filled the horizon, and even from the distance they were at, the shockwave picked up the car like it was a toy and tossed it away.

The car rolled across the dirt.

Shinji knew.

He knew the beast wasn't dead.

After the shockwave, Shinji slipped through the window to flip the car. Misato was concussed from the crash, and he didn't blame her.

Thankfully, she's regained conciousness by the time the car slammed back to its wheels.

"Shinji…" she grunted, standing up from the recovery position Shinji had placed her in the dirt. "You alright?"

"I'm fine." He replied. "Are you alright to drive?"

She rubbed her head, checking for blood. "Yeah." She nodded. "I've driven with worse."

Shinji nodded as she walked around the blue vehicle. "Captain Katsuragi?" he asked. "What was that?"

"It's an Angel Shinji." She replied, getting into the drivers seat. "It's what your father fights."

Fortunately, while the N-2 mine had a payload comparable to a nuke, it didn't have the EMP properties of one, so the car's electronics were still operable.

Shinji remained silent as they repaired the car with some duck tape and commandeered car batteries, looking out the window as they drove.

Eventually, the question arose. "Captain Katsuragi?" he asked.

"Hm?" she smiled. "What is it?"

Shinji took a calming breath and continued to look out the window at the hulking figure in the distance. "My father… he wants me to fight that thing… doesn't he?"

Mitsato sighed. "You're no fun at all." She said. "What makes you say that?"

"He sent me to boot camp when I was five years old." Shinji told her. "He sends me a letter ordering me to come back nine years later, completely out of the blue, and one of the monster's he's fighting shows up on the same day I do." He turned around to face her. "Misato. Does my father want me to fight for him?"

She looked away, eyes on the road. "Yes." She told him. "Yes he does."

Shinji nodded. "And how am I supposed to fight something that shrugged off an N2 mine?" he asked.

"You'll know when we get there." She replied.

"Nerv?" Shinji asked as the steel door closed behind the car once they reached their destination.

"It's a secret organisation that works for the UN." Misato explained.

"And this is where my father works." Shinji nodded. "Understood."

Misato sighed. "Man, those soldiers trained you solid." She complained. "Do you even know what your father does?"

"He fights Angels." He replied. "And he works as part of a secret organisation under the UN. His work is vital to the survival of the human race."

She looked at Shinji.

He wasn't the teenage boy he had expected.

She'd been expecting some ineffectual loner, not this… solider.

He was huge. Much taller than a fourteen year old boy should be, and the muscles on his arm were bigger than some peoples legs.

The look in the eyes was like that of a soldier who'd been removed from a unit that had been his family for years. To be fair, he was.

A wolf removed from his pack to live with apes.

"Ah, that's right." Misato remembered. "Do you have the ID card your father sent you?"

Shinji silently removed an envelope from inside his jacket and handed it to her. She opened it, showing a document that had been completely blacked out, and an almost torched note that merely said – COME. Gendo Ikari. –

"Thank you." She added as Shinji pulled the ID card from his pocket, flashing it to her. "Then, read this." She said, handing him a green textbook with the NERV logo on the front.

He took it, and stared at it for a moment before opening it. "Of course." Shinji sighed, opening it obediently. "He wouldn't have called for me if he didn't need me."

"You don't get along with your father, do you?" Misato asked him, leaning back in her chair. "It's the same with me."

Shinji turned to look at her, somewhat surprised by her openness, as the platform carrying their car moved into an open space with buildings descending from the ceiling. "Wow…" he gasped, leaning for a better look. "A real Geofront!"

Misato smirked, happy to see a standard teenager reaction for once. "That's our secret base." She told him as he stared at the ground far below. "NERV headquarters. This is the key to rebuilding the world, a fortress for all mankind."

Shinji's amazement soon turned to disappointment as Misato got lost in her own secret base.

Still, it gave him more time to study the briefing documents.

"Don't worry." Misato stated as she glanced from her map. "I know exactly where we're going."

"We passed by this spot eleven minutes ago." Shinji told her, his nose in the manual.

Misato made a face at him, then smiled. "I-It's okay!" she said. "They made these systems to be used, after all!"

Exactly three minutes and twenty six seconds later, Misato backed away from the blonde scientist that entered the elevator in a swimsuit under her labcoat. "Uh, hiya, Ritsuko." She said, completely embarrassed.

"What were you doing, Captain Katsuragi?" Ritsuko asked her pleasantly. "We're short on both time and manpower, you know."

Misato smirked sheepishly as she apologised, with Ritsuko sighing. "So, is this the boy?" the blonde asked the other woman.

"Right." Misato replied, righting herself for business. "According to the Zordon Report, he's the Sixth Child."

"I'm sorry." Shinji interrupted, looking up from his book. "But according to this I'm only the third."

Ritsuko turned to him. "Well, we've yet to find the other three children." She said. "But for all intents and purposes, you are the sixth of the set. I'm Ritsuko Akagi, by the way."

"Shinji Ikari." He replied, bowing, before returning to the manual.

"He's just like his father, isn't he?" Misato asked the scientist.

Ritsuko just frowned at that.

Shinji focused on reading the book as the two women talked about the situation. As per his training, Shinji took in their conversation through osmosis, focusing his attention on the material he had been given as a briefing.

He just followed them until they stopped in a darkened corridor.

The door closed completely behind them and Shinji lowered his book, folding the corner of the page he was at as the room fell into complete darkness.

He closed his eyes just before the lights came on, allowing his eyes to adjust before opening them.

In the face of a dragon.

Shinji backed off in fear before the training took over.

He faced a mighty metal snout and a massive row of pointed, triangular metal teeth, grinning at him. "It's… a dragon…" Shinji gasped. "A metal dragon…"

"You won't find this in the manual." Ritsuko told him as he began to flick through the remaining pages. "This is mankind's ultimate multipurpose decisive weapon. The synthetic machine-god, the mighty Dragonzord. Built in absolute secrecy, this is mankind's trump card."

"There are five more, aren't there." Shinji realised. "And only certain people can pilot them. I'm only the third one you've found."

_\_ "Correct." _\_

Shinji looked up to see his father looming over him in a glass box. _\_ "It's been a while." _\_ Gendo Ikari told him.

Shinji stood up straighter and saluted perfectly.

A sign of military obedience.

Awaiting orders.

Gendo smirked. _\_ "We're moving out." _\_

"Hold on!" Misato shouted. "The Triceratops is still being repaired!" her eyes widened. "You're not… no, Rei can't pilot the Dragonzord!"

"Correct." Ritsuko stated. "Shinji shall pilot."

"But… even Rei took seven months to be able to control the powers of her Zord!" Misato shouted. "It's impossible to do it, he just got here!"

"He just has to put on the suit and stand in the cockpit for now." Ritsuko told her. "We don't expect anything more than that."

Misato scowled. "But-!"

"Repelling the angel is of the top priority." Shinji stated, standing upright. "I will perform to the best of my ability. Please tell me what I need to do."


"Just answer me this, father." Shinji said flatly, looking up at the glass box where Gendo Ikari stood. "Why did you send for me? I thought you didn't need me."

_\_ "I have a need for you now." _\_ the boy's father replied.

"Why me?" Shinji asked. "Out of everyone in Japan, why me?"

_\_ "You are young, a Spartan and you can play the flute." _\_ Gendo explained. _\_ "You are our only candidate for this role." _\_

'And that's all, isn't it?' Shinji thought, scowling as the base shook. _\_ "It must have detected our location." _\_ Gendo stated. _\_ "So what is your decision?" _\_

"I'll do it." Shinji stated.

Ritusko nodded, pulling an octagonical object from a small case in her labcoat. "This is your Power Morpher." She said, handing it to Shinji. "Hold it out, shout the activation words you read in the manual, and the name of your Zord in order to morph. When more of you get together, only one of you needs say the activation words to initiate the morphing sequence, but by sounding off in reverse numerical order."

Shinji looked over it. "The manual said that you had three machines, Alpha 5, Ninjor, and Zordon?" he asked Ritsuko.

She nodded. "The magi."

"Right." Shinji said, hooking his fingers into the handle that flicked out the back of the device. "What are their prediction of my success?"

"Enough." Misato answered before Ritsuko could. "Shinji, are you sure about this?"

Shinji dropped the half-read book onto the floor and faced his father.

He spread his legs into a power stance and held the Power Morpher out with both hands.

Taking a deep breath, he shouted the activation sequence.


Shinji was surrounded by green lightning as he roared. "DRAGONZORD!"

The light faded and Shinji was dressed in green and white armour. There was a gold breastplate on his shoulders, and a dinosaur-like helmet on his head.

The Power Morpher was on his belt, as a buckle, with a pistol on one side and a large dagger with three keys on the black grip. "Impressive." Ritsuko said, masking her surprise. "A successful morph on his first try."

The Green Ranger turned to the Dragonzord. "The Ranger suit will enhance your physical abilities, as well as allowing you to enter the Dragonzord." Ritsuko explained to Shinji. "The Dragon Armour will also protect you further. The dagger on your belt doubles as a crude flute that you can use to control your various abilities, but that can wait." She gestured to the metal behemoth that was submerged up to the shoulders in the water. "Just jump inside."

"Just jump?" Shinji asked, frowning under the helmet. "It's too far, I can't jump that sort of distance."

"You can now. Just trust the suit." Misato said. "I'll be in the command centre. PREPARE FOR LAUNCH!" she ordered everyone, walking away from the scene.

Shinji nodded, pushed his feet against the ground and rolled through the air towards the Dragonzord.

He jumped impossibly far and far too slow for the momentum to keep him above the water below, and yet he didn't fall. For a person who had trained to know the limits of his body's capabilities, it was extremely disconcerting.

He didn't know how he landed inside the cockpit, only that he did.

It was a tight black box with a dim light.

The front and side walls activated to show a display of the holding bay of the Dragonzord as the team drained the cold brine and removed the restraints holding the Zord.

_\_ "When we launch you, just use your mind to control the Dragonzord." _\_ Ritsuko told him a minute later as they prepared to launch the metal beast. _\_ "The angel will be right in front of you, so you'll have to fight straight away." _\_

"Right." Shinji nodded, standing in the cockpit as he willed the Dragonzord's fingers to move.

He felt it.

It was an odd feeling.

He was seperate from the Dragonzord.

It was separate from the Green Ranger.

And yet they were one and the same.

This would take some time to get used to.

Time he didn't have.

_\_ "Are you ready Shinji?" _\_ Misato's voice asked him.

"Yes." he answered immediately.

_\_ "Alright then." _\_ Misato replied. _\_ "DRAGONZORD LAUNCH!" _\_

The ground shuddered, and the platform the zord was standing atop shot up.

At this speed, Shinji should be feeling his blood rushing to his feet, but the G-force didn't seem to affect him.

So if the Dragonzord were to trip, Shinji wouldn't die from the fall.

That was good to know.

When the rush stopped, Shinji was in a dark city, towering above the skyline, facing the beast that wished to destroy mankind.

_\_ "Are you ready?" _\_ Misato asked him a final time.

"Yes." Shinji repeated, staring at the target.

_\_ "Release the final safety lock!" _\_

The locks binding the Dragonzord's shoulders to the platform came off.

_\_ "Dragonzord, lift off!" _\_

The behemoth's tail fell from its back and clicked into its rightful place as the columns around the Dragonzord retreated into the ground.

_\_ "Shinji, just concentrate on walking right now." _\_ Ritsuko told him. _\_ "Remember, the Dragonzord has short limbs so you will have to make careful, deliberate steps until you get used to it." _\_

Shinji knew this.

And it scared him.

In every fight in his life, he won through speed, skill, trickery and sheer fury.

The Dragonzord was strong and powerful, but it wasn't capable of any of these things yet.

Those commanding Shinji knew the terrain, but Shinji did not, so the angel had the advantage.

Shinji was battling an unknown enemy in unfamilliar territory with a body completely different to his own.

Everything he knew was useless here.

He took a deep breath. "Walk..." he said to himself.

The Dragonzord took a powerful, lumbering step towards the enemy.

It swaggered as it did so.

No, the whole machine turned a good thirty degrees just to move one foot.

How did they expect him to fight in something this unwieldly?

To his credit, Shinji didn't panic. "Walk." he ordered the monster, trying to control the step this time.

It raised a foot, but the tail didn't turn to counter the balance.

The Dragonzord fell forwards and sideways, smashing through a building as it collided to the floor.

Shinji grunted as the pain transferred through him, shielding his helmeted head from the sparks flying in the tight cockpit.

_\_ "Shinji, get it together!" _\_ Misato told him as the angel approached.

Shinji buried his fear, focusing in getting the Dragonzord to push itself back up.

Its hands were too short.

_\_ "SHINJI!" _\_ Misato shouted. _\_ "Get to your feet!" _\_

The enemy is getting closer.

Shinji rolled the Dragonzord onto its side, hoping to use its massive tail to force it upright.

The angel grabbed the crest on the machine's head and lifted it in the air. Shinji raised his arms to try and grab the angel's wrist, but the Dragonzord's massive arms weren't built for length or manoeuvrability.

Seeing the attempted movement, however, the angel grabbed the Dragonzord's left arm and began to pull.

Shinji grabbed his own arm in reflex at the pain.

_\_ "Calm down Shinji!" _\_ Misato told him as he looked at the massive veins bulging through the green suit. _\_ "That's not your arm!" _\_

Easy for her to say. It wasn't her arm that was being torn off.

Metal cracked.

The forearm of the Dragonzord crumpled under the pressure.

Shinji focused on his breathing as he began to block out the pain as people relayed damage reports into his ear.

The angel lifted the Dragonzord into the air with one arm, and a spike slid out of the back of the elbow. "DODGE!"

Shinji knew that was impossible.

The glowing pink spike slammed into the Dragonzord's face.


And again.

The black visor of the Green Ranger helmet broke from the recoil damage as Shinji blinked the blood from his right eye. "DRAGONZORD!" he shouted. "WORK WITH ME!"

The spike pierced the Dragonzord's skull, pushing the machine back through the city, slamming it against a building before retracting its spike. The Dragonzord slumped forward, streams of fire bursting from the hole in its eye and the back of its head.

Shinji screamed in pain as the cockpit turned dark and silent.

He couldn't do anything.

He was injured, but he could still stand.

He was alive, but he couldn't fight.

He had been defeated.

But the battle hadn't ended.

"Captain Misato?" Shinji asked, hoping for a response. " Captain? Captain Misato, respond!"

The line was dead.

"Ritsuko?" He tried again. "HQ, anyone, PLEASE RESPOND!"


Silence and Darkness.

"Father?" Shinji asked pathetially as he slumped to his bottom, curling up into a ball. "Mother... Chief... anyone... please..."

He pulled himself tighter.

'Tell me what to do... help me...'











I will help you.

Shinji lifted his head as the cockpit vanished, replaced with a view of the night sky from the Dragonzord's eyes as it roared.

The world turned as the Dragonzord fell onto all fours, roaring, then leapt for the angel.

It recoiled as the Dragonzord knocked it to the ground. The machine screamed in hate as the drill-like tail curved over its shoulders and stabbed into the angel's black flesh.

The angel pushed the Dragonzord back, throwing it across the city as it got to its feet and began to regenerate the damage. The Dragonzord landed on its face again, but stood upright with ease, simply by rotating the body while keeping its feet planted firmly into the ground.

Shinji stood upright and grabbed the Dragon Dagger as his Zord marched towards the angel. He put an edge of the hand guard to the lips of his helmet and played a song that formed in his hands without him ever knowing it before.

The damaged parts of the Dragonzord repaired themselves as the machine beast picked up speed, charging at the angel with a massive claw.

The angel summoned an octagonal orange barrier to stop the Dragonzord's attack, but the fingers pierced it, barely. The Dragonzord lifted up another unwieldy arm and pushed the fingertips into the angels AT-field

The fingers managed to push through.

The Dragonzord tore open a hole around the size of the Dragonzord's chest plate, as said chest plate began to glow red.

A roar from the angel signaled a massive blast of pink energy consumed that the Dragonzord, continuing for half a mile before splitting into a cross-shape.

A smaller blast of crimson light exploded from the source of the blast, neutralising it. As the angel's beam faded away, the Shinji's machine remained standing defiant against the monster.

The Dragonzord reached a stubby arm out and grabbed the crossed arms of the angel tightly.

The machine's wrist rotated 540 degrees, snapping the angel's forearms with ease.

The angel screamed as the Dragonzord released the useless, muliated arms and span around, slamming its tail into the side of the angel, sending it flying across the city.

It landed painfully in the middle of the street as the Dragonzord rushed it, slamming it into a building that skidded across the ground before sliding to a stop.

The angel lay there.

Completely at Shinji's mercy.

Right now, he had none.

Shinji lifted an arm high behind his head.

The Dragonzord brought its arm back.

Shinji reversed the grip of the dagger and slammed it forward.

The Dragonzord's claw crushed the red sphere in the angel's chest under its grip.

The angel's eyes glowed bright.

Shinji roared.

The Dragonzord spewed flame from its mouth.

The angel burnt.

The angel died.

The beast lived.

The boy was plunged into darkness.

Shinji fell back against the back wall of the cockpit, panting for breath as the adrenaline began to die down.

The cockpit returned to life.

Silence faded.

_\_ "...confirmed, the pilot is alive!" _\_

_\_ "Shinji!" _\_ Misato shouted.

"I eliminated the target..." Shinji gasped as pain began to burn in his bones. "I've sustained... minor injuries... the helmet is damaged... the Dragonzord... appears to have... shut down..." He closed his eyes. "I... I can't... keep... concious... much... longer..."

_\_ "Shinji, stay with us." _\_ Ritsuko told him. _\_ "You need to leave the cockpit yourself- we can't get in." _\_

Shinji opened his eyes, but fell back.

_\_ "The pilot has lost conciousness!" _\_ Hyuga shouted. _\_ "We can retrieve the Dragonzord, but he needs medical attention!" _\_

_\_ "Prepare the Blue Ranger." _\_ Gendo stated. _\_ "Even injured, she will be able to enter the cockpit and retrieve the boy." _\_

"Ikari, I advise against this." Fuyutsuki told Gendo as they strode to the docking bay of the Dragonzord as the team began to clamp the Zord back into place. "She's barely able to walk."

Gendo looked as the blue-haired girl was wheeled in on a hospital trolley. "Rei." he said, walking over to her.

"Commander... Ikari..." she replied, smiling behind her bandaged eye.

"The Green Ranger has lost consciousness inside the Dragonzord." Gendo told her. "I need you to go inside and retrieve him. Can you do this?"

"Ikari!" Fuyutsuki shouted.

Rei nodded, grunting as she pushed herself into a sitting position. "Don't strain yourself!" the medic warned her.

She shook her head as she gripped her Power Morpher, panting for each breath.

"It's... Morphing... Time."


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