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October 2013

Suddam Hussein laughed as his new son-in-law poured him a glass of wine.

Today was a good day.

Today, one of his blessed daughters married a good man.

Second Impact had devastated his country, and in the aftermath that had followed, infidels had tried to take his land from him, claiming that he had no right to hold his nuclear weapons after the new laws that the UN had decided.

He scoffed at a well-delivered joke from his friend, before downing the wine.

Tonight, he could rest.

Tonight was a night of celebration.

Tonight, he could make merry with his friends and family without concern about the UN soldiers, or these rumours of demons.

Tonight, a bullet exploded in his skull as Spartan-108 burst through the doors of the party hall and expertly picked off all fourteen of the government officials in the room with his rifle.

Someone screamed.

Several guns pointed at Shinji Ikari.

Shinji Ikari neutralised the threats.

He left the room.

They participated in merriment during a battle.

They were under siege, and they took the horse of Troy.

As Sam would put it, they were Too Dumb To Live.

December, 2015

Shinji looked over the city of Tokyo-03 from Misato's balcony with a stern look in his eyes.

He cringed slightly as someone pressed a cold can of beer against the back of his neck. "Lighten up." Asuka told him, resting on the balcony next to him as she took a drink from her own beer.

Shinji sighed. "I did that on your birthday, remember?"

Asuka coughed up the alcohol, smirking at the memory of the night almost four weeks ago when she turned fifteen. "So?" she asked eventually. "New year's eve, dumbass."

Shinji just looked over the parading city. "We haven't had to sortie since the tenth angel Asuka." He told her. "That was in October."

She sighed. "I know." She said. "And yeah, we all know that it was a kamikaze attack so that the next Angel would have an easier job, and we all know that it's on its way, but what's your deal?"

"This isn't a war Asuka." Shinji explained. "We're under Siege. We can only fight on the defensive. No matter how strong the defending force is, one must keep applying pressure on the enemy stronghold or they'll be able to prepare a stronger attack during the next battle."

"And they actually taught Spartans how to fight Sieges?" Asuka asked. "Whatever happened to 'Show a Spartan a fortress and they'll show you a ruin'?"

Shinji smirked at the memory of the Chief's lessons. "I made an estimated timeline to predict the occurrence of each Angel." Shinji explained to Asuka. "My predicted arrival for Materiel was three days out, but I managed to predict Sahaquiel to within an hour."

"Seriously?" Asuka sighed. "So you're scared because your schedule's wrong?"

"We should be facing the eighteenth Angel tomorrow." Shinji told her. "On top of that, I predicted that the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth angels would be stealth based angels, infiltrating Tokyo-03 and NERV and attacking from the inside."

"You think they're already here." Asuka nodded. "Right. I can see why that'd be getting all up in your head."

"The Angels are waiting Asuka." He said. "They're planning on us letting our guard down so they can strike. There's no other reason for them to be hesitating like this."

"And because New Year's Eve is the one night of the year that everyone on the planet gets drunk off their heads and has a party, ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Asuka snapped, jabbing a finger in his face. "Shinji, I go along with a lot of your crap, but I am drawing the line HERE!"

"Sorry?" Shinji asked as Rei grabbed his arms from behind and spun him around. "Wait, what?"

Misato grinned in his face as she forced the party hat on his head. "Party on, Sergeant Major Ikari." Major Katsuragi told him with a smile. "That is an order."

Ritsuko downed the coffee as she worked to replace the rusted pipe inside the Zordon unit of the Magi.

All three super-computers had been acting up for a couple of months now, but after they found the source of the main glitches back in October, the system had settled down, barring a few hardware issues like these.

She knocked one of the hundreds of sticky notes from one of the pipes in the narrow tunnel by accident, and glanced at it to see if it was important.

Hate Ikari Hate Ikari HATE IKARI!

Ritsuko sighed, screwing the paper up in her hand and tossing it down to Maya, who was crouched near the entrance to the tunnel.

"Um, Senpai?" she asked the blonde.

"One of my mother's insane ramblings." Ritsuko explained. "Just get rid of it."

There was a knock at the door of the Katsuragi apartment.

"I'll get it." Kaji announced, getting up from the couch. Ever since he and Misato got back together, Asuka's guardian had practically moved into the apartment.

Besides, Asuka, Misato and Rei were currently occupied with making Shinji enjoy himself.

"Happy new year." Kaji said, opening the door to find-

Commander Ikari?


"Happy new year." Gendo nodded, holding up a bottle of wine. "Mind if we come in?"

"We?" Kaji asked, and his eyes were drawn to the beautiful brunette that stood next to his boss.

The most stunning part of her was the fact that she looked like a bespectacled Rei Ayanami in her thirties.

Kaji's brain cobbled together the information he had and came to the most obvious solution.

"Professor Yui Ikari?" he asked in shock.

Yui smiled. "It's a pleasure to meet you too, Ryoji." Yui replied. "I'm hoping that once you get over the shock, you'll let us in?"

"Oh, SORRY!" Kaji saluted, stepping aside to let Shinji's parents into the apartment.

He could tell already that this would be one interesting night.

"Well, this sucks." Mana sighed, walking though the city of Tokyo-03 on New Year's Eve. "Hard to believe that you're the most likely candidate for my new year's kiss."

"Ya know, every time you say something like that, you double the chance of us ending up as a couple." Ryoma pointed out. "Don't you read Manga?"

"I'm not geek like you are." Mana sighed. "Spot anything fun yet?"

"There's a game over there where you scoop up goldfish with a paper net." Ryoma shrugged. "Could be fun if you're into that."

Mana sighed. "Might as well." She said.

The Katsuragi New Years party was, as expected, somewhat awkward, but at the same time, very very fun.

Misato and Asuka had to agree that it was going to be hard to take the Commander seriously again after witnessing his dorky dancing. Even harder when he ordered Shinji and Kaji to dance the same routine with him to prove he wasn't a bad dancer, which even had Rei smirking, and Yui in stitches.

He made up for it when Misato bust out the Karaoke machine as he belted out a German song about a nuclear holocaust perfectly, even with Asuka high-jacking the second microphone during the first chorus and trying to outdo the Commander's performance by singing over him.

That was most likely the point where Shinji decided 'To Hell With It All', and began to sing Livin' On A Prayer with Rei.

Yes, there were smiles on everyone's faces as the Tokyo-03 chanted in unison:


"Nine!" Hyuuga and Aoba shouted, raising their glasses with everyone in the bar. "Eight!"

"Seven!" Maya shouted excitedly as Ritsuko smirked, focusing on her work. "Six!"

"Five!" Keisuke shouted with his friends and family. "Four!"

"Three!" Ryoma shouted with the crowd. "Two!"

"One." Fuyutsuki said to himself in his office, raising his glass of whiskey. "Zero."

January, 2016


Yui kissed her husband.

Misato kissed Kaji.

Losing herself in the moment, Asuka kissed Shinji.

His eyes widened in panic, and two words ran through his head.


Sirens rang through Tokyo-03.

Sirens rang though NERV.

Sirens rang, and white lines appeared in the night sky, framing a sphere of darkness that was otherwise invisible in the dark of the night.

And the sirens were silenced.

_\_ "Fear not, mortals." _\_ A dark, menacing voice announced over the speakers. _\_ "Do not adjust your technology. We are in control." _\_

Gendo and Misato rushed over to the balcony, shortly followed by Asuka and Kaji. Calmly, Yui withdrew the mobile phone from her pocket, but there was no signal.

Instead, the screen showed a text display of the message being relayed through the speakers around the city.

_\_ "I have been watching, and I do not understand." _\_ the voice said. _\_ "I have trawled through your machines on my holy quest upon your base earth, and you lilim are weak. You are distrustful of one another. You fear and hate one another. Yet you fight us." _\_

"I see. There was an Angel in the Magi all this time." Gendo said through clenched teeth. "It never manifested its AT-Field, so we never found it."

"Dammit…" Misato snarled. "Shinji, if you want to say 'I Told You So', now's the time."

"Move." Shinji said, pushing his way between Misato and Asuka and stepping onto the balcony ledge with a sledgehammer rocket launcher over his shoulder.

"What is that?" Misato asked as the Spartan took aim.

"A ballistic missile launcher." Shinji explained rationally as he primed the weapon. "If the Angel has taken over the electronics, then we're gonna have to take out its buddy the good old fashioned way."

Yui sighed. "Shinji, that's not going to-"

Shinji fired.

The missile passed through the black sphere harmlessly.

"No AT-field, so the ball's either a projection or an illusion." Shinji deducted as the rocket exploded over the city. He altered his target and aimed below the black sphere, an area which all the civilians had already evacuated from, and fired at the shadow.

The rocket disappeared into the darkness.

"It's a pincer attack," Shinji said grimly. "They've finally decided to start using strategy..."

"Two angels." Misato whispered in terror. "They're working as a team now."

"And according to the projected timeframe, we could be facing up to seven angels in one night." Gendo snarled, turning to the children. "What are you waiting for?" He asked. "Morph! Summon your Zords!"

Shinji, Rei and Asuka nodded. "IT'S MORPHIN TIME!"




The Green Ranger leapt from the balcony with the Red and Blue Rangers, running along the buildings as the Eleventh Angel, now dubbed Ireul, continued its irrelevant speech.

Shinji remained focused on his target, the Twelfth Angel, Leliel, as the Black and the Yellow Rangers caught up with his team.

"You five, initiate the manual summon of the Dinozord's here." Shinji ordered, before running alone towards the ocean bay and playing a song on the dragon dagger.

Tokyo-03 shook as four mechanical beasts rose from the ground, and a fifth rising from the ocean. The five Rangers leapt into their respective Zords and took control.

"Megazord mode, ENGAGE!" The Red Ranger shouted, and the Black, Yellow and Blue Rangers each got into position and fused with the Tyrannosaurus, the Megazord rising up to face its enemy as the Dragonzord approached the black sphere that may or may not be Leliel.

"Alright everyone, get ready." Asuka ordered her teammates. "We need to neutralise its AT-Field if we're gonna land a solid hi-"

She froze as she felt something slimy touch her shoulder.

She turned around to see white fungus growing out of every nook, cranny and console from the Megazord cockpit.

It was then that the horrible scope of the disaster sunk in. It wasn't a pincer movement – it was a three-pronged attack.

A fatal Snag.


She froze as the fungus gripped her by the wrists and pulled her to the wall. "MAYA!" Ryoma shouted, backing away from the slimy substance.

"EVACUATE YOU IDIOTS!" Maya shouted as the whiteness grew over her mask. "GO!"

Wasting no time, Rei grabbed Ryoma and Asuka and leapt out of the Megazord and onto the street again to see the Dragonzord sink into the blackness of Leliel's shadow.

"No…" Asuka whispered.

She had caused this.

Shinji was prepared, and she let his guard down.

The one Spartan in the city was ready for battle, and she was the one who told him to lower his gun.

That sweet taste on her lips tasted so sour now.

Shinji sat on the train in the dark green fatigues that he grew up in.


He looked across the train to see a young boy, his face hidden in the shadows.

"Shinji Ikari, Sergeant Major of the United Nations army. SII-108" Shinji reported. "State your name, rank and number."

"I am you." The boy said. "I am another aspect of yourself."

Shinji glared at the boy, then drew a Sig Sauer from the sling under his armpit and fired two bullets into the boy's head.

"What I said was not false." The boy said. "The beings that you call Angels are not alien to those that you call Humans."

"Take your true form." Shinji ordered, gun trained on the boy's forehead. "Name, Rank and Number."

The boy smiled, and blackness rose over his skin. Curved white lines opened over his black figure, and it made itself comfortable on the train seat.

"Leliel, Angel of the Night." The angel said. "I am the tenth of fifteen children; born of the one you call ADAM."

Fifty-three minutes later, and Tokyo-03 was silent.

Everyone that wasn't NERV personnel or Yui Ikari had evacuated the city under the threat of three simultaneous Angel attacks, two Rangers down, all of the Zords neutralised, and the entire city has been hacked into by the angels, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Yui Ikari stood in front of the gates as Gendo, Hyuuga, Aoba and Kaji worked with crowbars to pry the emergency entrances open, when they suddenly widened.

_\_ "Negotiations are moving smoothly." _\_ The voice of Ireul said through the speakers. _\_ "NERV has been allowed basic technological clearance." _\_

"You are idiots." Kaji said loudly. "Don't you realise that the UN are just gonna bomb this city if we can't fight?"

_\_ "As far as the lilim outside of this city are concerned, Helel is battling Leliel in a lengthy but hopeful conflict." _\_ the voice replied. _\_ "There is no need for any concern." _\_

"Tell me one thing." Gendo asked as he strode the halls of his base. "How long have you been observance NERV?"

Iruel did not deign the question worthy of response. In its alien eyes, the conversation was over.

"I see." Gendo replied to the silence. "So we're not worth your attention."

"So, who would this Helel be?" Misato asked. "Another Angel?"

"Helel refers to Helel Ban-Shachar." Kaji explained. "This translates to 'Morning Star, Son of Dawn'. Most of the Angel's names end in 'El', meaning 'Of God', but Helel's different." He said, craning his neck to look at Misato. "Know what Morning Star means in Latin?"

"Kaji, stop being a pretentious prick and give me the damn answer." Misato sighed.

"Lucifer." Kaji smirked. "These Angels seem to think that Shinji's the damned devil himself."

"Of course they do." Yui said. "I look after my children."

The door opened and the four of them walked into a corridor patrolled by several Golems.

Gendo turned to Hyuuga. "Your jacket." He told the Lieutenant. "Hand it over."

"Sir?" The asked, looking down at his black suit jacket, which he wore with a loose red tie, white t-shirt and hat, then compared it to the Commander's Hawaiian shirt, and Aoba's and Kaji's own coloured shirts.

He could tell which one gave off more authority, and authority is what NERV needed right now.

"Yes sir!" The man shouted, pulling the coat from his sleeves as Maya ran up to them and saluted.

"Sir, the Golems appear to be non-hostile at the moment sir." The she reported as Gendo donned the jacket. "Rather, they seem to be guarding us sir. As if we're hostages."

"How is Terminal Dogma?" Gendo asked.

"Perfectly fine sir." Maya said. "No attempt to take the Second Angel has been made sir. Nobody has been harmed or injured. Everything is under control, just not ours."

"I see." Gendo said. "Have the Angel's made any demands?"

"We've asked that sir." She reported. "The only thing the Eleventh Angel will say is that negotiations are moving smoothly."

"Are you aware of the situation outside?" Gendo asked her.

"No sir." She said. "Nothing apart from Ireul's announcements and that negotiations are being made. We assumed it was talking to you."

"Misato." Gendo said. "Brief the Lieutenant. I'll be in my office."

"Well." Ryoma said, looking over the scene. "We're boned."

"The Commander will come up with a solution." Rei said diligently, sitting on the rooftop with her helmet removed as she cradled her legs.

"Shiest." Asuka swore to herself, biting her thumb through her glove.

"Not helping Cap'n." Ryoma said. "Stop blaming yourself."

"He saw this coming." Asuka snapped at him. "I was the one who got him to lower his DAMNED GUARD!"

"Three Angels working in harmony, Soryu." Ryoma told her. "Both Megazord's down due to traps we could never have predicted."

"WE LOST because SHINJI was so DAMNED OUT OF HIS HEAD, HE DIDN'T HAVE ROOM TO DEAL WITH THE SNAGS!" Asuka screeched at him, before leaning backwards, head in her hands. "Shiest… Blue, slap me."

"I'm sorry Captain Soryu?" Rei asked her.

"Slap me across the face." Asuka repeated. "That's an order from your superior."

Rei obediently got to her feet, walked over to Asuka, and slapped her face.

"That's it?" Asuka sneered. "That's all you got? Come on, the Commander slaps your pasty-white ass harder than that when he calls you into his office."

Rei's eyes narrowed fractionally. "Are you implying that Commander Ikari and I have some form of illicit relationship?"

"Implying?" Asuka laughed. "Come on, he modelled you after his wife, he's that horny-"

Rei's palm whipped around and stuck the red haired captain's face with a sharp CRACK, sending the girl toppling to the ground.

"Thanks." Asuka said from the floor, rubbing her cheek. "Sorry about saying those things, I-"

"I understand." Rei said, reaching down to help Asuka up. "How are you feeling?"

"Better." Asuka smiled, pushing herself to her feet and slinging an arm around Rei's neck. "Alright, think. What've we got?"

"What scares me the most is that they haven't hurt us yet." Maya said once the command team was gathered in Central Dogma. "They're at the perfect chance to strike, but they're negotiating with Shinji?"

"It is admittedly strange." Ritsuko said. "But if the Angel's have been observing us for some time, perhaps they fear what he's capable of."

"Because Shinji is Spartan-108." Yui explained. "Implying that there are more of him. The exact numbers are Eyes and Ears only, but Shinji is just one of a pack. As it happens, the Spartans outnumber the projected number of Angels as it is, and just one of them has already caused the deaths of seven of them."

"Even so, why are they keeping us alive?" Misato asked. "I mean, sure, he's killed the most Angels, but why let us live?"

Yui smiled. "What you need to understand, Major Katsuragi, is that Spartans and Angels both look at the human race in contempt."


Yui nodded. "With very few exceptions, Spartans view humans as greedy, slothful, incompetent and most of all, weak." She explained. "To Spartans, humans are a liability, things to be protected. The Spartans think of us as a toddler playing in traffic."

She sipped her mug of coffee. "Imagine you saw someone hit a child with a steamroller, and then laugh about it." Yui said. "You would react, wouldn't you? Imagine if it was a friend's child that you were babysitting. Imagine that was your situation, and you were a living weapon."

Yui pressed her glasses up her face. "Shinji isn't the strongest Spartan." She said. "He isn't the bravest, the smartest, fastest, luckiest, most intelligent, and he isn't a leader. In fact, if you were to compare the Spartans to the Starship Enterprise, Shinji wouldn't be the Kirk, or even the Spock or Bones, but there is one thing that sets Shinji head and shoulders above all the others."

"What's that?" Misato asked.

"His anger." Kaji said.

Yui smiled. "Afghanistan." She said. "October fourth, 2014."

"That was the massive earthquake that levelled the city." Misato said. "NERV blamed it on the Second Angel to make the Angel Classifications match up."

"There wasn't any earthquake." Yui said. "Just a small team of Spartans."


"He's got a fuse." Kaji answered. "He's got it under control but if he snaps, he'll leave a bloodbath."

"You wouldn't know it from looking at him, but Shinji used to have a severe anger problem." Yui continued. "Eventually, he learnt to control his anger, and use it as a weapon. This was why he was the perfect candidate for the Dragonzord, as his anger lets him go further than other soldiers are willing to do in the same situation."

"Wait, so in a way, Shinji was the Second Angel?" Aoba asked, leaning back in his chair. "Makes sense."

"Sam-034 was killed disabling a car bomb." Yui said. "His death caused a six month operation to be completed in a single night."

"We ready?" Asuka asked Rei and Ryoma.

"Yes." Rei nodded.

"Born ready." Ryoma grinned.

Asuka turned to face the disabled Megazord, then tucked her long hair inside her suit and placed the helmet on her head.

"Move out." She ordered, leaping from the rooftop.

"Well, since we're talking about this, what was with that Spartan's Never Die thing?" Makoto Hyuuga asked Yui. "Something about only being listed MIA?"

Yui nodded. "It's a protocol we developed to maintain the illusion of invincibility in the Spartans, both in themselves and in others." She said. "Most soldiers, when killed, are listed as KIA, or Killed In Action. Spartans, however, are only ever listed as MIA. The Spartans know what that means when applied to them, but it distances their fear of dying and more importantly, no one can claim that a successful Spartan has ever died during the course of their duty, other than an actual Spartan."

_\_ "Repeat that statement." _\_

Asuka filled the cockpit of the Megazord with flames from her sword, incinerating the fungal body of the angel Bardiel.

Mana screamed from the flames as Ryoma cut her loose and pulled her from the wall.

"Megazord, disengage!" Asuka shouted, pulling at the controls. "ALL UNITS MOVE!"

Rei and Ryoma nodded, pulling at the acceleration of their individual Zords as the cockpit began to divide.

From the outside, it looked strange.

The Megazord had fallen on its back, and now its legs were trying to escape as grey flesh stretched, trying to keep the Zord together.

The fungal mass was pushed forward as the Tyrannosaurus's head tried to escape its chest, trying to return to its reptilian form.

The black arms of the Megazord reached to the sky and held each other, before hammering into the chest of the Megazord.

The Triceratops burst free from Bardiel's grasp and twisted on the ground to fire its blasters at the angelic flesh that held at the Sabre-Tooth Tiger.

The legs free, the Dinozord flicked its tail out and flipped to its feet and its dinosaur head burst from its chest and let out a mighty roar.

"What do you mean, Repeat that statement?" Yui Ikari asked. "You've taken over the MAGI, replay it yourself."

_\_ "Recorded data is in error. Repeat your previous statement." _\_

Yui raised an eyebrow. "Spartans are listed as MIA when they die in battle." She said. "This is to stop anyone other than a Spartan knowing that they can be killed."

_\_ "Recorded data is in error. Repeat your previous statement." _\_

Ritsuko's mouth opened in shock, cigarette falling to the floor.

"You didn't…" she whispered.

"It did." Yui smirked. "The idiotic angel just listed Shinji as MIA on the official records."

"What's going on?" Misato asked, before cottoning on. "The other Spartans... they're not gonna like that, are they?"

"And so the Angel of Fear experiences the terror of its impending doom." Gendo Ikari said, walking into Central Dogma with Fuyutsuki at his heel. "Fear, Angel." He said, taking his seat. "Fear and die."

"Hold on, what just happened?" Makoto asked. "My brain doesn't work at its best at three in the morning."

"Simon-027. Kelly-087." Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 declared in front of the Pelican aircraft. "With me. Everyone else, you have the hard job."

"What's that?" Kurt-054 asked.

"You've got the hard job." Master Chief stated, turning around into the Pelican. "Stay here and wait. Kurt, you're in charge of that operation."

Kurt punched the Chief in the shoulder. "Armageddon that hoe." He said.

John nodded, shrugging in response as he boarded the aircraft.

Ryoma's roar burst from the jaws of the Sabre-Tooth Tiger as the Zord leapt at the Dinozord, clinging onto its shoulders as its teeth gnashed it the fungal body of Bardiel, trying to separate the Mastodon from the Tyrannosaurus as the Triceratops accelerated towards the shadow of Leliel and launched its grapple claws into its abyss, seeking out the massive Dragonzord.

Asuka, meanwhile, worked on slicing through the fungus that fought for control of the Dinozord and, more immediately, Mana.

The Red Ranger snarled, picking up the axe of the Black Ranger and turned it in her hand as it switched into the form of a shotgun.

Behind the helmet, Asuka grinned with bloodthirst and delight as she rammed the muzzle of the gun into the angel's flesh and fired.

Misato laughed at the Angel's mistake.

"They're coming." Yui sneered. "You better hope that these negotiations happen fast, because if Shinji isn't back by the time those Spartans get here, they will kill you all." She said. "And before you say it's impossible, they'll figure it out. That's what they were built to do."

_\_ "If they are so skilled, you would have sent more than one of them. You would not waste our time with your Rangers." _\_

Yui laughed.

"One of my Spartans is more than enough." She said. "Any more would be a waste of their talent."

_\_ "They cannot fight without an AT-Field." _\_

"Gendo?" Yui asked over her shoulder. "How did the final stages of MJOLNIR go?"

"Just as planned." Gendo smirked. "In fact, the Spartan-II's were equipped with the Spartan Coins just a few hours ago."


"Tell me, Ireul." Gendo said, twisting the knife. "What do you think we did with the Pterodactyl? And the Pink Ranger coin?"

"Chief." Kelly said from her computer. "Shinji's status has changed from MIA to Active."

"So he actually was Missing." Master Chief nodded. "This changes the situation."

"There are multiple Angels." Simon nodded from the cockpit. "The official one that Shinji's fighting, and a computer-based one that's got control over the Magi."

"Factor a third." Chief decided. "Something's keeping those wind-ups busy. Shinji's still captured by the enemy, or his condition would be marked as WIA, since NERV'd be studying the hell out of him for having achieve contact."

"Armageddon still on?" Kelly asked.

John-117 considered it.

"What's our ETA?" he asked.

"Another hour." Simon said. "We'll be in Tokyo-03 before dawn."

Master Chief nodded. "We'll settle for normal overkill at this point." He decided. "Should the situation turn out to be worse than the confirmed two Angels and Shinji captured, we cross the Godzilla threshold."

The other two Spartans nodded.

Yui whistled as the recording of the Pelican played.

"Well, you're screwed." Misato shrugged. "So, what's the Godzilla threshold?"

"It where the situation is so bad, that everything becomes an option." Kaji explained. "Like summoning Godzilla to defeat Mothra, despite the fact that it will result in the city getting destroyed twice as fast."

"Any and all Last Resorts are now viable options." Yui clarified. "Ladies and Gentlemen, were are about to witness the wrath of a Spartan Unit with all brakes removed."

The main screen turned on.

_\_ "Negotiations are complete." _\_

The Green Ranger crawled out of the darkness, lying on the concrete floor.

_\_ SHINJI!_\_ Asuka's voice shouted from the Dinozord as he stood to his feet.

"RANGERS, TO ME!" The Green Ranger shouted, standing with his legs apart and his hands behind his back. "The angel's known as Ireul, Leliel, and Bardiel retroactively invoke their right of Parley, which is in effect immediately."

Everyone paused.

"BARDIEL!" Shinji roared. "LEAVE the Dinozord and get DOWN to the ground."

There was a silent pause.

"NOW!" Shinji barked.

Those in Central Dogma watched as a gray… thing emerged from the Dinozord, crawling down its body before spreading out on the floor.

"Did… did that just happen..?" Ritsuko asked.

"Come on Shinji…" Misato whispered. "Kill it… just kill it…"

_\_ "RANGERS!" _\_ Shinji repeated. _\_ "TO ME!" _\_

"What's he playing at..?" Asuka wondered, before lifting Mana up and leaping out of the Dinozord. She landed on the street below and Ryoma rushed over to help Mana to the ground.

"Alright, what the hell's going on?" Ryoma snarled as Shinji turned to face an operating video camera.

"Commander Ikari. Professor Ikari." Shinji said, removing his helmet. "The Angel Leliel and I have been negotiating terms of the surrender of these three Angels. Requesting permission to discuss the terms reached before you give me my orders."

_\_ "Where is the Dragonzord?" _\_ the Commander asked, his voice speaking through the Green Ranger's helmet.

"The Angel Leliel is currently holding onto it as insurance." Shinji stated. "I have it primed to self-destruct should that be deemed necessary."

_\_ "Granted." _\_ Gendo Ikari's voice said from his helmet. _\_ "Proceed." _\_

Shinji nodded. "The angels eleven through thirteen, Ireul, Leliel and Bardiel wish to be granted asylum and live amongst the Lilim, or the human race." He said.

"WHAT?" Asuka shouted.

"They wish to offer us our services in return for their continued existence and protection from the remaining angels." Shinji continued, ignoring Asuka. "Namely, the next angel, Zeruel: the Angel of Might."

_\_ "Why?" _\_ Gendo asked.

"They fear." He said. "These three angels have little desire to fuse with Lilith and attain Godhood, and would rather remain."

_\_ "We know that." _\_ Gendo clarified. _\_ "Why should we take them in?" _\_

"Their services, sir." Shinji stated. "Ireul wishes to continue serving alongside the MAGI, and has already displayed that he is more capable than the previous Magi, in hacking into and manipulating all other MAGI around the world. Leliel offers us access to the Angelic Armoury, as well as access to all knowledge from the White Moon that was not contained within the scrolls of the Black Moon, or the plates of the Red Moon."

Shinji could feel Gendo frowning at his increase in knowledge, so he decided to continue, knowing that he could only go further at this point. "They also wish to offer the golem army as material the aborted Evangelion project." He said. "Leliel states that if Sandalphon were to be revived, then the chamber of Guf would not be needed to be opened for them to function."

Again, Shinji had to keep himself from wincing at the revelation of his knowledge. "He also asks that after the defeat of Zeruel, that his sister Arael be offered Asylum too, before the last of his siblings, Armisael and Tabris, come for Lilith."

There was another silence.

_\_ "Any other requests?" _\_ Gendo asked.

"Two, one of them being a personal matter." Shinji stated. "The final request that you have authority over is the death of Lorenz Keel."

Another silence, this time broken by laughter on the other side of the speaker.

_\_ "Proceed for now." _\_ Commander Ikari declared. _\_ "I shall alter this deal as I see fit." _\_

Shinji nodded, then placed a hand on Asuka's chest.

"I- What?" she shouted as the Dragon Shield was transferred over to the Red Ranger.

"I hereby relinquish my title of the Green Ranger." Shinji stated, powering down his armour and handing his Morpher to Rei.

_\_ "WHAT?" _\_ someone in Central Dogma shouted as Shinji-108 began removing the various guns from my position.

"I'll be out of my head for a while, but I'll be fine by the time the next Angel shows up." Shinji promised, making a horizontal cutting motion over his chest before spreading his arms wide and falling back into the darkness.

"IKARI!" Rei shouted, diving forward into the blackness. Her fall was cut short as Asuka grabbed her arm and yanked her back to solid ground. "LET ME GO!" Rei yelled, struggling to escape the Second Child's grip.

"He told us to wait." Asuka told her, eyes facing the ground and her shoulders shaking. "So we wait."

"THE HELL IS HE DOING?" Misato shouted.

"Get him out of there RIGHT NOW!" Gendo shouted as Yui watched the screen in horror.

The black and white orb above the angel's body quickly shrank into a sphere the size of a tennis ball, then fell into the sea of blackness that was Leliel. The shadow-like Angel rippled, then shrank in on itself, shrinking and shrinking until it was only a couple of metres in diameter, when it rose up and took the form of a human being.

"The angel's Blood Type Blue reading is gone!" Maya shouted as black, humanoid figure stood to its feet, and the blackness shrank away to show a boy in plain black clothing and jet black hair. "Its Blood type is Orange!"

The creature with the appearance of Shinji Ikari opened its eyes.

Its iris's were blood red.

Just like Rei's.

"Shinji…" Yui whispered.

The being that was once Shinji Ikari stood there, arms loose by his side. His posture was withdrawn, his shoulders and head were closer in on his body, like he was trying to defend himself from the world, a far cry from his normal posture, his previously powerful and confident, yet wise and contained figure.

It looked odd, to see such a muscular and physically large person appear so… small.

"H-hello." The nervous Shinji Ikari said. "I'm the manifestation of Shinji-108's subconscious."

"What?" Asuka said.

"He'll be back once he's completed his fusion with Leliel." Shinji's subconscious said. "I'm just here to look after his new Nephilim body until his mind returns."

Rei, Asuka, and Ryoma stared at Shinji in shock as they heard a fast, stomping sound behind them.

Shinji went flying back as a green, mechanical fist impacted against his face, launching him flying back.

The three standing Ranger looked at the olive green, mechanical behemoth that stood where the being claiming to be Shinji Ikari previously stood. It was seven feet tall and looked like a human being wrapped in a tank.

There were two others of slightly different build, both in the same kind of armour. One was kneeling on Bardiel with a large battle rifle trained on the Angel, while the other was treating to the still unconscious Mana.

"SPARTAN-108!" the walking tank barked. "STAND!"

The black-haired Shinji Ikari slowly stood to his feet and saluted.

"Sir!" he barked. "Master Chief!"

The tank removed his helmet, revealing a young man with shaven hair as Shinji started giggling.

"What's so funny?" Master Chief asked Shinji, before realising something. "Why isn't your nose broken?"

"Your faces." He said, stretching his shoulders back and cricking his neck. "Remind me never to look pathetic again, it's hard."

Shinji rushed forward and hugged the man.

"It's good to see you again." Shinji told him. "Thanks for coming."

John pushed Shinji back, then punched him in the shoulder and made a traced a semi-circular path on Shinji's face. "You've been with Civvies too long." He said.

"Yeah." Shinji nodded.

"SERIOUSLY?" Asuka shouted, pushing Shinji back. "Why the SCHEIST would you DO that?"

"What, fuse with an Angel or pretend to be buried in my subconscious?" Shinji asked.


"Well, he likes acting like a douche." The Spartan with weapon trained on Bardiel, a woman, pointed out. "As for faking mental trauma, do explain."

Shinji laughed at that. His shadow raised its hands behind its head, leant back and shook its head.

Yui's face fell into her palm as Ritsuko sighed against a wall. Misato collapsed into a chair, biting her thumbnail as Kaji placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Happy new year." Fuyutsuki muttered to Gendo.

"Happy new year." Gendo stoically agreed.

_\_ "She's not breathing!" _\_ Simon-027 shouted, tearing off the Black Ranger's helmet and giving her the kiss of life before attempting to get her heart beating again. _\_ "We need medics up here STAT!" _\_


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