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Here begins the second arc of Shinji-108.


August 2004

"You're in trouble." Matt told John, shoving him to make him look at the pretty lady below.

She was wearing a knee-length white dress, and she was holding a straw hat that protected her face from the sun. She was looking directly at John.

John was a big boy. He was a full head taller than anyone in his class, had blonde hair, freckles, a gap in his teeth and was currently sporting a split lip. He got that fighting off the three kids that had ganged up on him to push him down the hill.

He still fought his way back up.

He was always the King of the Hill.

The other kids began to leg it, but John stood there defiantly. He hadn't done anything wrong, but even if he had, he wasn't scared of any grown-ups.

"Can I speak with you please?" The lady asked him.

John broke eye contact, noticing that he'd torn his trousers. Mom was going to tan his hide for that.

But that didn't mean he was scared of this lady. He walked down the hill towards her. The other kids laughed, one throwing a rock, but John ignored it for now. He'd get them back later.

The lady walked with John to the sandpit and sat down with him. "What's your name?" She asked.

"I'm John." He said, holding his hand to shake. The lady seemed surprised, but shook it anyway. John made sure that he held a firm grip, showing that he wasn't scared.

"It's very nice to meet you." The lady said, smiling politely. "I wanted to ask what you were doing?"

"Winning." John replied, without any hesitation.

The lady smiled, a slightly different one, like he said something funny. "You like games." She nodded. "So do I."

John sighed, relaxing as it seemed that he wasn't in trouble. "Yeah, but they made me play chess last week. That got boring. It's too easy to win." John breathed, then continued. "Or- can we play dodgeball?" he asked. "They don't let me play dodgeball anymore, but maybe if you tell them it's okay?"

"I have a different game I want you to try. Look." She told him, reaching into her purse and pulling out a silver coin. "People used coins like this for currency when I was your age, before second impact."

The sun gleamed from the quarter as the lady turned it in her fingers. John wanted it. He reached for it, but the lady moved it away. "Each side is different. Do you see?" She asked, still turning it between her thumb and forefinger. "One has the face of a man with long hair. The other side has a bird, called an eagle, and it's holding-"

"Arrows." John interrupted.

"Yes, good." The lady nodded, impressed for some reason. "We'll use this coin in our game. If you win you can keep it."

That got John's attention. "Okay." He told her. "I always win, though. That's why they won't let me play dodgeball anymore."

"I'm sure you do." The lady said with a smile, humouring him.

"What's the game?" John asked.

"It's very simple. I toss the coin like this." She flicked her wrist, snapped her thumb, and the coin flew into the air, spinning as it went, and landed in the sand. "Next time, though, before it lands, I want you to tell me if it will fall with the face of the man showing or with the eagle holding the arrows."

"I got it." John said as he tensed, bending his knees. His eyes seemed to unfocus.

The lady picked up the coin. "Ready?" She asked. The boy nodded, and she tossed it, making sure to give it plenty of spin.

John watched it rise into the air, then followed it as the coin began its descent.

His hand snapped out and snatched the quarter out of the air.

He held his closed fist outstretched. "Eagle!" He shouted.

The lady reached for the hand and peeled open the tiny fist.


John could see the lady thinking. She was very impressed.

"I get to keep it, right?" John asked, closing his hand and pulling away. "That's what you said."

"Yes, you can keep it, John." The lady said, then her smile vanished for a split second.

That surprised John. "Can we play again?" He asked the lady.

She stood up and stepped back. "That's the only one I had, I'm afraid. I have to leave now." She told him. "Go and play with your friends."

"Thanks." John said, turning around and going dashing back to his peers, showing off his new trophy.

Yui Ikari forced herself not to smile as the boy left, knowing that in a few short months, he might be dead. Instead, she turned around and walked towards Lieutenant Keyes. "Tell me you recorded that." She demanded, eager to look over the footage.

January 2016

Yui collapsed into her chair, exhausted. She always knew the risks, like spinning a cosmic roulette table, she had always known that her life's work was a long shot, but the payoff was potentially huge,

That last night had been one of those where the ball could have gone in either slot. And she didn't even know if the current situation was good or bad.

She had Spartans in Tokyo-03. This could be very good or very bad.

Shinji was no longer capable of using the Green Ranger coin. This was bad.

Shinji had fused with an angel, and appeared to be in control. This is potentially very good, or very bad.

Angels have surrendered. This is good. Angels have taken control of NERV computers. This is bad.

Angels want SEELE dead. This is good. They want NERV to do it. This is bad.

This whole situation could either end up as a jackpot or with the mob burying her corpse in the desert.

This could mean absolute victory against the angels, or the death of all her Spartans.

"Good morning, Doctor Ikari."

Yui turned around to face Cortana, who cross-legged, hovering a centimetre above the desk. Cortana was slender, her skin varying between blue and lavender, depending on her mood or the light around her. Her 'hair' was fairly short, like her own, and her face had a hard, angular beauty about it. Lines of code flickered up and down her body. And if you looked at her at the right angle, you can just about see her skeleton...

Cortana smiled. "So... I read the report of last night's mess-"

"-which was classified as Top Secret, Eyes Only." Yui interrupted.

"Hmm, must have skipped over that part." Cortana lied, hopping of the desk and walking around Yui's office.

An office Yui wasn't supposed to have and an AI that wasn't supposed to exist.

"I assume you also read the classified data from Shinji-108's medical exam?" Yui asked, accustomed to Cortana's disregard for rules and regulations.

"I might have seen that somewhere." Cortana replied in a matter-of-fact manner while suppressing a smirk.

"Your conclusions?" Yui asked.

"They have no idea what's going on and are missing the blindingly obvious."

"Oh?" Yui asked, taunting Cortana to explain why her AI mind was so superior to those 'drones' down at the MAGI.

"They're looking for similarities between Shinji and Rei, even though they're completely different." Cortana stated. "Rei was cloned from human and Lilith DNA, Lilith being the primordial mother of the human race, whereas Shinji was already human, at one point, and then fused with an Angel. Rei is a combination of the human race now and the human race as it once was, while Shinji was a fusion of what the human race may become, and a completely different evolutionary branch. His blood type is completely angel, yet his molecular structure bears none of the wave/particle pattern the previous angel samples have shown. And yet, he is lacking the S2 engine that all angels carry within their core."

"Perhaps that is kept within his shadow, which is actually the angel Leliel?" Yui asked, getting a spark of laughter from Cortana.

"Hardly." Cortana said. "Shinji's AT field is human, like a Power-Rangers, only cleaner. The shadow is his, and has no AT field, though its behaviour does suggest an alternative personality." Cortana grinned. "Your son's Peter Pan. How does that make you feel?"

Yui sighed. Cortana was brilliant, but with all that processing power, she was always doing a thousand things at once just to stave off the boredom. Of course she was downloading works of fiction while performing calculations that would cause the MAGI to overheat!

"Your conclusions, Cortana?" Yui reminded her.

"Insufficient data for a complete analysis, Doctor."


Cortana bit her lower lip. "There are two possibilities." She said. "Either Shinji is still Spartan with Angel knowledge and capabilities, and will be an incredible fighting force alongside the Spartans in future, or Shinji and Leliel have truly fused, creating a being like unto the race that created the Zords and geofronts. Either conclusion opens up several new opportunities-"

"I am aware of that." Yui interrupted, knowing that if she didn't, Cortana would go on all day. "One of these is Project ZEO."

Cortana twisted around to face her. "They approved the final phase?"

Yui smirked. "Is it possible that I know something that you don't?" She asked cheekily.

Cortana's brow wrinkled in frustration, then smoothed out into her normal, placid, expression. "I suppose that is a remote possibility." She admitted. "If you like, I could calculate those odds."

"No, thank you." Yui replied. Cortana reminded her too much of herself. While that was most likely because Cortana was made from a clone of her own brain, Cortana quite similar to her teenage self. Too brilliant to be pulled down by anyone else, and loved to show it off. Yui suddenly had a lot more sympathy for those who had to put up with her during her teens, but they had seemed to enjoy the show for the most part.

Yui, on the other hand, was somewhat grateful she had been able to raise Shinji in her Spartan-II program. Unfortunately, the program didn't seem to do much to calm him down; to the contrary, it had only given him discipline and drive to complete his varied exploits, if that little stunt from earlier was any indication.

Cortana leaned over Yui's desk, looking straight into her eyes. "When does it become fully operational?" She asked.

"Soon." Yui replied. "There's still a few-"

"Which one will be mine?"

Yui liked that impertinent spark about Cortana, no matter how much she complained about it. It was slightly amusing, having watched the drama at the Katsuragi household, seeing how similar Cortana was to Rei at some times, and to Asuka at other times.

And yet so fully, fully Yui.

Hm. Time to test the similarities. Yui picked out a Spartan in her mind and said "Which one do you want?"

Cortana leapt to her feet and examined the pictures on the wall. Her hands gravitated to one in particular, one where the Spartan in question was awarded yet another medal. "He looks so serious." She murmured. "Thoughtful eyes though. Attractive in a primitive animal sort of way, don't you think so, Doctor?"

Yui blushed, but then suppressed it. Apparently she did think so, since her tastes were the same as Cortana's, only held back by normal social and military protocols.

The problem was, that was also the Spartan she had in mind.

She couldn't have a Cortana that made it so easy to read into Yui's plans.

"Perhaps it would be better if you chose another-" Yui suggested, to which Cortana turned to face her, eyebrow raised.

"You did say I could pick which one I wanted."

"It was a question, not an invitation to the buffet." Yui replied sternly. "There's still compatibility issues to consider-"

"His neural patterns are in synch with mine within two percent. With the new interface we'll be installing, that should fall well within acceptable limits. In fact..." Cortana stopped speaking as the symbols on her body flashed white and began to move at an incredible speed, rising and falling across her body before returning suddenly to their previous speed and colour as Cortana smiled, flicking her hair playfully. "I have just developed a custom interface buffer that will bring us within zero point zero eight one percent. You won't be able to find a better match amongst the others."

She sat on a chair, resting on its back and spreading her legs around either side of the seat. "I can guarantee that. I just read their files."

"I see." Yui said, standing to her feet and pacing.

Why was she hesitating? The match was superb. Even without her own bias, Cortana's suggestion was not unreasonable, in fact, it was the ideal option. Was it because she'd chosen Yui's own favourite?

Did it matter?

Who better to protect him?

Yui walked over to the picture Cortana was looking at, and Cortana rose and stood beside her. "He was awarded the Legion of Honour medallion because he dove into a bunker of enemy soldiers." Yui told Cortana. "He took out thirty by himself and saved a platoon of marines who were pinned down by the stationary heavy fire placement. I've read the report, and I still don't know how he managed it. You've read his CSV?"

"I'm rereading it right now." Cortana replied.

"Then you know he is neither the smartest nor strongest of the Spartans." Yui told her. "But he is the bravest- and possibly the luckiest. And in my opinion, he is the best."

"Yes." Cortana whispered. "I concur with your analysis, Doctor."

"But could you sacrifice him if you had to?" Yui asked her. "Could you watch him die?"

Cortana froze mid calculation, the symbols dancing across her skin motionless.

"My priority Alpha order is to complete the mission." Cortana stated in an emotionless manner that would put Rei to shame. "The Spartan's safety as well as mine is a Beta-level priority command."

"Good." Yui said, returning to her desk and opening a file. "Then you can have him."

Cortana's processors flared to life as she hopped on the balls of her feet excitedly.

Shinji sat in his cell, opposite the armoured giant opposite him.

John-117 removed his helmet and looked Shinji in the eye.

"Now what the hell was that?' John asked him.

Silently, Shinji flicked a finger vertically upright, then shook his head.

John's eyes widened in horror.

'Clockworks?' John asked silently, to which Shinji nodded, while making a horizontal cut across the chest.

"Gendo was a snag." Shinji said, making a point to sit on his hands, ending the silent conversation. "I needed time to think without his watching my every move. Mendez has nothing on him."

John frowned. Normally, such a statement against the Chief was tantamount to blasphemy amongst the Spartans, but if Gendo had decoded the Spartan language...

He was trouble.

"You've gotten cozy with the Clockworks." John commented. "The redhead and the Yui doll seemed particularly attached."

"My orders were to work with my unit." Shinji replied. "Contention in the unit wastes lives."

"Spartan, I have seen you look Mendez in the eye and stand your ground while being disciplined for taking the lives of his men." The Master Chief told Shinji. "I have never seen you try and worm your way out of a situation, not once, so tell me what it is you are so guilty of, so we can get this out of the way."

Shinji blinked, and then looked down.

Then looked back up at his oldest friend, and leant back against the wall, hands running through his just-over regulation hair.


Ryoma-1337 hadn't left Mana's side since she came out of surgery.

She was still on life support, with machines controlling her breathing and heart rate for her.

He wouldn't hold her hand.

She'd smash his head in for that.

She wouldn't have accepted that, seeing it as a sign of weakness from both herself and her comrade.

So Ryoma was able to see the green lumps on her neck.

They were large.

He did the sensible thing and called for the doctor.

"Hey, Kelly-087." Asuka said, approaching the two armoured behemoths that guarded the entry way into the cells. "Simon-027. How's it been?"

Kelly turned her armoured head to Asuka, then back in its rigid position. "T-02." She said. "I have been well."


Asuka felt somewhat awkward trying to solicit a conversation with the humanoid tank, even if they'd both been little girls once.

No, even then, Kelly was a soldier.

The only sign of femininity you could see of Kelly now what the white rabbit marking on the breastplate of her olive-green armour.


No, that's a reference to her nickname. How she's so fast no one can catch her.

This was going from bad to worse quickly.

How much had they changed since they had met in Boot Camp.

And why was Shinji so willing to get along with her when these... These Spartans refused?


Well, they'd come around.

They were all going to be working together from now on, right?


Somehow, Asuka couldn't convince herself that it was going to work itself out nicely.

And she had no idea how to get around it.

Even Shinji was slightly human by the time Asuka was teamed up with him.

Ritsuko was not liking the changes Ireul had made in her magi. Mother had designed them on the three prototypes of ideal man: Zordon, The wise father, Alpha 5, the attentive son, and Ninjor, the protecting lover.

And the angel had overwritten them.

Not enough to cause significant damage, at least not to its cognitive functions.

Only, now Alpha 5 was the dominant one, as opposed to Zordon. Ninjor remained silent as usual, but... There was something that she wasn't liking about Alpha 5.

It seemed... much more controlling now. Like an annoyingly polite Gendo Ikari.

It was really getting on her nerves.

Ryoma was stood, waiting in the corridor as the doctors tried to figure out what was wrong with Mana. The lumps had started to multiply, and the doctors had rushed her to surgery.

Nerv had been alerted, and Katsuragi was coming with Maya Ibuki.

This could not get worse.

Then came the screams.

Rei had sat alone in the empty house. Misato was still on base, worrying over Shinji. Asuka was still on base, having refused to leave.

Perhaps, she too should have refused. It would have been better than this... this loneliness she was feeling.

She screamed when he went down that hole. Down into the angel.

She didn't want to lose him.

She didn't want him to say good-bye.


Why was she losing him.

Why did it hurt?

Gendo sat alone in his office, going over the documentation.

The files would never reach SEELE.

They would be dead long before that.

And that was what the Spartans were for.

To do what the Power Rangers could not.

They had a power and a force that the world had never seen before. When Angels were concerned, they had the ability to morph and to even up the score.

No one would ever take them down. They power lies on their side.

But that was why Gendo allowed Shinji to discard his Ranger coin.

Rangers protect.

Spartans Kill.

Ryoma drew his gun as the bloated, misshapen... thing came out of the surgery room.

It was like... it used to be human.

Now it wasn't.

It was like something from an old zombie movie.

Only with four-foot long ulcers.

And tree roots longer than its body sprouting from its arm.

Ryoma wasn't sure if it was alive, sentient, or even if it was real at all.


The creature lurched towards him, faster if anything.

Ryoma shot two bullets into the creature's bloated, misshapen head, and it stopped.

More lumbering creatures came out of the surgery, and the thing Ryoma had shot down exploded into half a dozen bloated tumours with crab legs and fangs.

And then Mana walked out of the room.

She had been stripped down for the surgery, and there were still lacerations open from where the doctors had been working on her, but she was covered with so many of the green tumours that it was clear that she was the walking dead, just as much as the others.

This was bad.

Ryoma dropped the gun and grabbed his morpher. "IT'S MORPHIN TIME!"


The panic bells alerted the whole Nerv Headquarters into action.

Hyuuga showed the CCTV of the battle in the hospital in response to Ryoma's panic button.

They saw the battle.

"It's a parasitic life-form that takes control of its host, living or dead, and makes the hosts corpse seek out more victims." Ritsuko explained as Gendo walked into the command room. "It specifically seeks out human prey, ignoring animal life, and, once infected, uses the host to reproduce more spores to use as weapons and a mode of reproduction."

"Evacuate the civilians into the shelters, seal off the hospital." Gendo ordered. "Order Yellow to retreat immediately and decontaminate the entire hospital."

_\_ "This is the Flood. Our common enemy." _\_

Ritsuko raised an eyebrow at this. "How did it get here?" She asked. "And how do we kill it?"

_\_ "Bardiel must have been infected himself. Standard human infantry will be sufficient at eliminating individual hosts and spores, but a weapon in central dogma will be necessary for a complete elimination of the species." _\_

"Deploy Red ranger and have the Tyrannosaurus destroy Bardiel by fire immediately." Genoa ordered. "Have the Spartans and Sergeant-First-Class Ikari wipe out every golem within NERV."

_\_ "The weapon must be deployed to stop the Flood." _\_ Ireul insisted.

"Have Ikari equipped with a duplicate Green Ranger costume for the sake of NERV staff morale." Gendo continued, talking over Ireul. "Equip him and the Spartan-II's with battle rifles and shotguns and brief them on what we know of the Flood threat. NERV is under contagion lockdown effective immediately."

Ritsuko looked at Gendo as the rest of the team relayed the orders across to their targets. She could see why Katsuragi was so essential to the operations.

Gendo was too ruthless to think twice about what he was doing.

The worst part was, she couldn't even find any holes in the plane.

Except for the gaping one the golems were going to put into his son.

"That thing will protect you like a wet paper bag." Kelly commented as Shinji dragged the green shirt over his head.

"I'll rely on you clowns then." Shinji said with a smirk, reaching for the plastic chest plate as Simon loaded a shotgun for him. "Ready?"

"I'll take the lead, Kelly with me." John-117 stated. "Simon, work on taking down any AT-fields, Shinji take the rear. Mark?"

Three lights in his HUD blinked in agreement. "Mark." His team replied, and stormed into the fray.

Ryoma watched as fire poured into the hospital.

He wouldn't allow himself to cry for Mana.

Not then, not now.

"The job here is done." Misato told him. "Report to Rei and assist in the evacuation. Just in case."

Ryoma nodded, getting into Misato's car as he tried to ignore the inhuman screams coming from within the hospital.

He hoped they weren't from Mana's remains.

Bardiel felt the red one tear down his defenses, but he could not see why.

She was not here.

Bardiel was all alone.

Then came the purifying flames.

Bardiel screamed.

He was silenced by the N2 mines.

The whole facility shook as the N2 mine blasted. "Angel death is confirmed." Maya reported, watching the sensors flatline on her monitor as she confirmed the room visually.

_\_ "You must deploy the weapon" _\_ Ireul repeated.

"We will see." Gendo said. "Spartan team, report!"

"All going well." Simon reported as Shinji and Kelly fired round after round into the Golems ahead of them. "We should be done within the hour. Floors 15-13 are secure."

Those around the Spartans marvelled at how they operated. The speed. The skill. The efficiency. The sheer power.

Even the humongous Green Ranger seemed tiny in comparison.

His ranger suit, a symbol of hope for so many, looked like a toy.

But none could deny that he killed with just the same, maybe even greater ferocity than the others.

A wall of flamed purged the corridor ahead of the Spartans, and the Red Ranger strode to face them. "All clear." She shouted. "Who is awesome? I am awesome!"

"Take over neutralising the enemy AT field." the Master Chief ordered, stepping to the front line to join Shinji and Kelly. "Shinji, drop back and take rear guard from Simon, Simon with me."

Asuka fell into position, annoyed at how, once again, her command was being ignored by some military thug. "What crawled up his butt?" She asked Shinji as she stepped into position.

"Focus on the operation T-02." Shinji replied, eye remaining down the scope of his gun.

Gendo smirked behind his steepled fingers as Iruel continued to state the necessity of its weapon while watching how the Spartans cleanly swept through his base, taking out the rest of the angel infestation.

Next would be Iruel itself, but not until he could replace the Magi.

Shinji seemed to be in control of Leliel, but he would be monitored for the time being.

Gendo was back in control of NERV HQ.

All according to the Scenario.

Rei and Ryoma were helping direct the flow of people.

Rei, the Blue Ranger, had the trust and love of the people of Tokyo-03. She and Eikichi had been defending Tokyo-03 for years, and she was loved in a way that none of the other Rangers were. She was a pillar of safety in this dangerous situation.

Ryoma, the Yellow Ranger, was loud, arrogant, but he too had won Tokyo-03's hearts with his reckless bravery, his concern for protecting the innocent, and the way he had used himself as a shield to protect that young woman back in November, fighting that golem with his knives. He was a hero, and would defend them from anything that would come their way.

Just seeing those two, even without the other three rangers, calmed the masses and helped them towards the safety of the underground shelters.

All according to the Scenario.

The corpse that once was Mana Kirishima screamed amongst the flames.

She was black and cracked already, and the eyes were gone.

A spill of chemicals had bleached her lips and jaw bone white, and the fluid that boiled out of her sockets had polished the bottom and outer rim of her sockets into a shining silver.

Red sores cracked across her body, burning white from the boiling pus.

Two holes opened up on her bald skull, and golden light came from the two holes on her crown.

A mind awoke amidst the torture.

A mind born of pain in this impromptu graveyard.

She named herself as such.

Far above the hospital, watching from a throne on the moon, a red figure laughed.

All according to the Scenario.

Lorenz Keel smirked as he read the reports NERV had sent him.

He had no reason to doubt them.

Another angel defeated, and a new candidate for Black Ranger was requested.

All according to the Scenario.

Far away from Tokyo-03, Kaworu Nagisa blew a speck of dust from the needle of the record player and placed it upon the record.

The drum beat started, powerful and consistent, and the humanoid angel sat down as the guitar wailed in agony.

Tapping his feet, he nodded his head to keep in time with the music, whistling along to the grief-stricken harmonica.

The doorway to the hospital burst open as the flames died.

Smoke poured out into the street, and the UN soldiers that had gathered around it raised their arms.

A feminine silhouette was visible, walking slowly through the smoke.

One soldier lowered his weapon as he recognised the lights on the figures head.

The Black Ranger.

He was rewarded with a green tendril piercing his right eyeball.

The rest of his unit opened fire on the figure, now clearly an enemy.

do not be afraid.

She was followed by several Warrior and Carrier form Flood victims pouring from the windows and doors as the black figure continued its assault.

i am peace. i am salvation.

She was half skeleton, half scorched flesh. There was an area of her incinerated face, around the mouth and chin, that was bone white, and the rims of her empty eye sockets were shining silver in the sunlight.

Some areas of white bone were visible in criss-crossing areas on her torso. Two holes on her forehead shone white.

One soldier's dying thought was how she looked very much like a sick, twisted effigy of the black ranger.

Especially dragging that mutated axe behind her.

i am a monument to all your sins

And the Flood had captured Tokyo-03 Municipal Hospital.

Kaworu smiled as his favourite bard began to sing and mimed along to the lyrics of this song.

If it keeps on rainin', levees goin' to break.

If it keeps on rainin', levees goin' to break.

When the levee breaks, I'll have no place to stay...

The voice stopped for a moment, and Kaworu continued to take in the sounds.

Mean old levee, taught me to weep and moan.

Mean old levee, taught me to weep and mo-oaannn...

Got what it takes to make a mountain man leave his home...

Oh well, oh well, oh well.

Kaowru smiled, feeling the pain that was about to be poured out upon Tokyo-03, drinking it in like sweet wine.

Now to see if those Rangers could take the thunder.


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