The boys confront an enemy who boldly goes where none have gone before.

And I'm jealous ...

disclaimer: I own nothing except my own disturbed mind!


The tiny creature buzzed past Sam and he lunged at it with the butterfly net.

Instead, he caught Dean's head; knocking him over, legs akimbo.

"Damn fairies" snorted Sam.

They looked at each other as the buzzing became muffled …

Suddenly Dean flinched; "it's flown up the leg of my friggin' jeans!" he yelped, leaping up and shaking his twitching leg wildly, "GAAAAAAAAH! CRAP, IT TICKLES! SAM, HELP!"

Sam doubled over laughing as Dean cursed hysterically, hopping around madly, frantically scrabbling at his jeans.

Then he froze; bulging, wet eyes staring at Sam.

"Sam…do fairies bite?" he gulped.


That's all folks!