uSchool for Fools./u

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A/n: So, i've lost it. I tried so hard to come up with a new idea for Sladin I produced the most f'ed up idea, possibly ever. The Classic "schoolgirl" fantasy, with a dramatic twist. Dear LORD what have I gotten myself into? Looks like it's going to be a story. . . oh god XD. I really did try to think of something else, truly, but this wouldn't leave my head 'til I damn well wrote it. I'm warning you now, this is nothing like TT; I didn't write this to be like TT. It's an alternate universe of TT, where there are no superpowers/heros/villains. The most extreme change is personalities, aside from the whole not making sense to the series. You'll see what I'm talking about when you read. SO, please enjoy :3. If you don't like, please just click off. THANKS :D xo.

uChapter One – Thoughtless./u

Another summer gone, another school year begins.

Robin's thoughts were clouded with the dreaded imaginations of returning to Titan Boarding School for his senior year. Although he knew that he would be leaving this place soon, he still couldn't get the hatred of this place out of his mind. His father sent him here with the intention of making his adoptive child receive a higher sense of being . . . and it was now perfectly clear why he wanted him here; in a way, to make him be out in the world. Alone. Robin, even though he was a spitfire and somewhat of a troublemaker, the notion of being alone with his thoughts and his memories paralyzed him with fear. Perhaps his father thought this to be the best way for Robin to be by himself without actually being by himself. Perhaps he thought wrong.

The limo pulled up to the gigantic building, stopping slowly. Robin got out and said goodbye to his driver when they had unloaded his final bags. He dragged them up to his quarters, a private one – the good thing about being a senior was that their rooms were now separate and he could get away without being bothered by 7 or 8 other pubescent boys who only had one thing on their mind. . . .

It wasn't long before Robin was out and about on the grounds of the school. It was a strange building, created to look like some sort of 'monk's-prayer-ground', situated on the top of an escarpment that dropped at a 90 degree angel into the sage green forests below. Quite picturesque, if you were interested in painting or photography. Robin was more interested in the martial arts classes they had at Titans. He was reaching closely to the end of the program and he yearned for the continuation of his learning. The physical activity helped his mind get off the pain of his memories.

He stocked around the grounds a bit, lost in his own world he didn't hear a fellow classmate call out his names. Several times. A hand rested on his shoulder and he near but jumped out of his skin. "Yo, Robin! Crap, sorry, man. I thought you had heard me!"

Robin rested a hand on his chest, catching his breath. "No, sorry, Cy. I was . . . thinking."

The boy before him was dark skinned, tall and stock-ly built. He was known around Titans simply as Cyborg, as he was more machine then human when it came to things like homework, but especially sports and auto-mechanics, yet more human than his would be machine parts when it came to things he cared about. It seems backwards and forwards but it made sense to everyone else, so why not join along? The two began to walk together and catch up on their summers. The two were best friends, but it was hard to get out to see one another sometimes – although Robin could be flown out anytime he wished to see his friend, Cyborg usually was out of town working on cars, or racing them, and working nearly as much. The two took it as something special when they could finally see one another again. "Oh, heads up. Goth at 12."

A girl dressed in navy and black seemed to float ahead of them, her head wrapped in a book, but somehow weaving her way through the crowds with perfect ease.

"Cy, have a little more respect."

"Dude, she gives me the creeps! And she probably couldn't hear me anyway. You said it yourself that you were sure she wouldn't be back because of what everyone puts her through."

Robin was silent looking at the girl still reading and still weaving. Her name was Raven, or so he was told. He always thought of her just as a strange outsider, but he had a strange soft spot for outsiders. Of course, he doesn't say anything to her anymore. He spoke with her once, two years ago, but everyone seemed to think it was hilarious to call the two names like "Rabin", and "Love birds", so that stopped quickly. It was shitty sometimes, to be named after a bird.

"Yo, Rob. Lookie what the cat dragged in. Uh . . . so to speak."

Robin looked up and saw what Cyborg was referring to. It was a gang of boys wearing leather jackets and outrageous motorcycle gear. They called themselves the "Animals", one was even sporting a jacket with the muppet Animal on it, and the one who lead them around called himself Beast Boy. He was sometimes a little shit, causing all sorts of mishaps with his gang of stupids. Mostly petty pranks but they'd even gone as far as to steal things once or twice.

"I thought for sure they would be gone this time." Robin's voice was slow and quite. Though he didn't fear Beast Boy and his Animals he sure as hell didn't want to cross him. Not if he wanted to pay for it the rest of the year in pranks.

"I'm sure mommy and daddy paid his bail and sent him right back. Bet the only reason he is back is cause his 'rents couldn't stand him as much as most of Titans does. Speaking of someone who hates him . . . . "

"Oh, buzz off, Beast Boy. I do not want your fleas!"

"Ah, but, Star! You know you'd make the perfect candy for my arm! Hows 'bout it? Just a date, that's all I'm askin'!"

"Ew, as if! I do not want to catch rabies!" The girl in question was Titans hottest hottie and head of the cheerleading squad, Star Fire. It couldn't be her real name, but she had so much money from her own parents that she probably changed it. She, with the following of her drones, stalked away from the Animals and holding their noses high in the air, as if a disgusting smell was in the air. Star looked to the side, catching sight of the two boys and batted her eyelashes. "Hey, Robin." The rest of the girls giggled in unison.

"Damn. That's embarrassing for the Beast. I mean, not only was he shot down, but he was also showed up. That's low."

"It's Star."

"Yeah, but remember freshmen year? Remember how sweet she was? How . . . innocent?"

"Yeah, I remember. But do you remember when she made cheerleading? That's gotta be what got her."

"I guess. Something about showing off all parts of you 'cept the important ones and still get crazy reactions must change your nature."

Robin was silent. He remembered a time when all of them were friends. Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Star Fire. Must have been freshmen year . . . when they had a name for themselves as a group. When it was all different.

The students filed into the auditorium loudly: Star Fire's girls chattering loudly about girly things and Beast Boy's crew was shouting at someone. Surprisingly, both leaders were silent. Robin looked over and he saw Star looking over at Beast, who happened to be looking at her. He saw Star slowly raise a hand and give him a small wave. Beast Boy smiled small and gave her a wink. Robin scoffed to himself; deep down, he supposed, they were still the same people he knew back then. Star suddenly snapped back to her followers and laughed obnoxiously.
Robin spied Raven float into the room, people spreading apart for her to past, her nose still stuck in the book. One of the Animals gave out a terribly loud animal call and they all laughed. Raven looked up and over and suddenly the Animals went quite. Robin was sure that he saw Beast and Raven cross glances, before she slowly walked towards a seat at the back corner. She's just trying to get through the year. Like me. Cyborg walked in with many other members of the football team, all chanting something out of unison it was hard to make out just what they were saying.

Robin sat by himself in the middle of the room, looking absent minded at the sheet he had printed off that morning. His schedule. Something that caught his attention when he had gotten it was the name under his English course. Last class of the day, every day, taught by a teacher he didn't know. His curiosity was peaked as he eyed the course.

The principal came to the stage and stood before the student body; the majority of whom went silent, but of course the Animals were still making a riot. The principal cleared throat, a couple of times at least but to no avail. Finally he spoke. "Mr. Beast Boy."

It certainly got his attention, as he never called him by his nickname.

"Mr. Beast Boy, if you would be but so kind to control your Animals."

"They may be my Animals, Pops, but I ain't no tamer."

The Animals found this particularly amusing and burst into fits of laughter, before finally settling down. Perhaps a set of rules had been bestowed into the boys – or perhaps they just ran out of things to talk about.

The Principal went onto talk about the new school year, events to start it off and the like. He let several people come onto the stage and talk as well, but Robin was in the midst of a battle in his mind. He was constricted by the curiosity of who this new English teacher was. Something was telling him, deep down, that this probably wasn't going to be a good year.

The day had crawled by so slowly Robin was sure something was making time slow. He had been waiting anxiously for the last period so he could finally find out this mystery. The principal hadn't even made mention of him in his assembly. The curiosity was gnawing at him from the inside. He had known every teacher coming or going from this school, so why didn't he know this one? His father held many events in which many esteemed teachers had come, practically ones who would be teaching his adoptive son.
Finally last period's bell chimed in the hallway. The students marched off in cliquey fashion to their classrooms. Robin opened the door the room he was scheduled in for English and too much of his dismay he spotted Beast Boy and one of his members sitting at the back. Beast had his feet up on the desk and was leaning back in his chair. He had dyed his hair a strange colour green over the summer and his blond roots were starting to pep through.


Robin was startled when Beast said something to him. "Hey, yourself."

"What? Can't a guy say hi to 'nother guy, who he happened to be friends with in the past without getting attitude?"

Robin was silent for a moment, just looking at the punk. He used to be such a better kid, such a good friend. "I didn't mean for it to come out like that. And I wish you would speak properly, you're not 12."

"Well, I guess that's why I'm in this English class. They say this new teach is a hard-ass."

"Who's they?"

Beast shrugged. "Just they."

Robin surprised Beast, and himself even, when he sat down in the seat in front of Beast Boy. "I think the seat front-row-center has your name engraved into it from years of being teacher's pet."

"I thought that was you and your animals' job, Beast."

Beast Boy gave him a toothy grin. "And then, you'd be right."

Robin turned around and looked at the front of the classroom as the front door creaked to an open. The students feel silent and looked up. They all are probably wondering the same thing I am. Who is this teacher?

A man walked in. A tall man with broad shoulders and hair that was as long as a rock-stars. He was wearing what seemed to be a designer suit, maybe something European, and, strangest of all, an eye patch. But not something you'd see on a pirate, but something you'd see in Paris. Weird.

Robin was transfixed.

The man put his alligator briefcase on the table and turned around, picking up a piece of chalk and started to write.

The room was silent.

The man turned around and looked everyone dead in the eyes.

"Good Afternoon." The lusciousness of his voice trickled by them like a creek, soothing yet haunting. "None of you know me so introductions are in order. I am your brand new English Teacher. You may call me Slade."

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