Hey this is my version of Dumbledore's visit to Tom at the orphanage. I thought of this as I was watching HBP and as a result cannot take the scene seriously now! I recognise that Michael Jackson and Pot Noodles weren't around at the time but well tough.

I apologies for any grammar and/or spelling errors

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Dumbledore: You can do things other boys can't can you Tom?

Tom: I can count to 10 without using my fingers, do a handstand, recite the lords prayer backwards, sing like Michael Jackson...

Dumbledore: Ah okay as for the Michael Jackson thing just wait for puberty.

Tom: What's puberty?

Dumbledore: Um... Anyway can you do magic?

Tom: Well I was once given mushrooms and told they were magic, is it like that?

Dumbledore: Er.. No. I mean have you ever done anything unordinary and unexplainable?

Tom: Well I once botched up making a pot noodle…

Dumbledore *takes out top hat* By the count of three I will pull a bunny out of this hat, one, two, two and a half, two and three quarters… *Dumbledore rummages under Tom's bed*

Tom: Sir you won't find a bunny under my bed.

Dumbledore *stops looking for bunny*: Well then forget the trick! Watch as I burn all you worldly possessions instead, I even have marshmallows. *sets wardrobe on fire and hands Tom marshmallow*

Tom: *freaks out and chokes on marshmallow*

Dumbledore: *does Heimlich*

Tom: *breathes*

Dumbledore: So have you ever done anything magical like that.

Tom *thinks*: I think so.

Dumbledore: Good enough for me. When you are eleven you will come to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry but as for now have fun living in war torn London, in an orphanage where the probability of you surviving is incredibly low. *gets up to leave*

Tom: I can also talk to snakes.

Dumbledore: Me too but I'll be damned if they understand me.

Tom: They do understand me!

Dumbledore: Keep telling yourself that.

Dumbledore: *leaves*

Tom: Aw I hate him!

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