Green Eyes

By: Hobblefoot.11

Summary: Lucius is looking for a partner in bed, Albus is looking for a saviour, Lily and James for their long lost son and Tom for the prophesized child. Now meet Hayden Montgomery, a lost teenager with no memory of his past, working in a gay club to earn his keep. Lucius is about to meet the biggest challenge in his life, Albus will be brought down to a harsh reality, the Potter's will try to accept a stranger who wants no part in their lives, and Tom will find himself unwillingly tipping the tables, setting off a chain of events that undoubtedly change the world as he knows it. At the bottom of all this? Meet Hayden Montgomery, a green-eyed mystery, and the most powerful grey wizard since, well... ever.

AU, no Voldemort, Lily and James are alive, no BWL, slash, graphic violence, attempted rape


Born as the fourth month begins,

The boy with the green eyes of death,

Who grows up a life full of sin,

Power spoke with every breath,

Whose past has been forgotten,

Whose future lay decided,

Hunted by friend and by foe,

Magic that was never guided,

For seven years he hides,

The boy with the green eyes of death.


JULY 8TH, 1985


By: Diana Dastinoi

On July 2nd, Harry Potter, son of Lily and James Potter, was reported missing. James Potter, a well known and respected Auror, has had his team searching for five days to no avail. The eight year old boy went missing sometime after his mother put him in bed the evening of the 2nd. It is supposedly impossible for anyone but the Potter's and people they clear to get past the wards around their house, which leads several people to believe it might have been a kidnapping by one of their close friends. It is extremely unlikely Harry Potter managed to leave the house by himself. Lily Potter said in a brief statement yesterday that "I refuse to believe one of our friends could be responsible for his disappearance." Her husband echoes her feelings and added that they will never stop looking for their son.

However, Head Auror Layne Zinick says that most probably, Harry Potter is now dead. "There have been no ransom letters, no threats, no indication at all he was kidnapped to gain anything, besides one family's grief. It is more probable that he snuck outside during the night, wandered outside of the wards and got lost." Auror Zinick adds that though that is most likely what happened, there is still a chance that Harry Potter is still alive...