Green Eyes

By: Hobblefoot.11

Anything ITALIC is a flashback

Dedication: This chapter goes out to JWOHPfan.

Chapter Five:

The blonde man. There was no mistaking him this time. Hayden had seen him just moments ago, and he knew that he had seen him too. Now he hurried along at a fast pace, weaving through the thickest part of the crowd on the streets. It had to have some connection to the power he had used in the bathroom at the coffee shop. That much the black-haired youth was certain of.

He glanced behind him, but couldn't see the tall, lean figure he was so desperate to get away from.

When he looked back, he almost immediately bumped into another man. This one rather tall as well, probably a good six foot one, with messy black hair hanging loosely, just brushing his shoulders. He had dark brown eyes that looked almost black, and he wore a thick coat and was dressed casually, and nothing would have alerted Hayden about him, except the spark.

When they collided, Hayden could sense the... waves of power rolling off of him. Not as immense as the blonde, but certainly significant.

The dark man reached out a hand towards him, but Hayden backed up. "I'm fine." He mumbled.

"You're... I mean... Harry!" He exclaimed, looking shocked, his eyes wide. "Harry... I... it's me. Sirius! I can't believe I found you! James and Lily are going to be so happy!" The stranger reached out again, as though to pull Hayden into a hug, but he took another quick step to avoid the extended arms.

"I'm not Harry. My name is Hayden. Now, excuse me." He replied curtly, reeling from the seemingly familiar face. His mind told him he did not know that man, but a little nagging voice insisted that he did.

"You are Harry! I would recognize you anywhere!" He proclaimed, rather loudly.

"Shut up!" Hayden snarled, grabbing his arm and steering him out of the wave of bodies, against a brick wall. I know him, I know him! A voice in his head chanted, and he couldn't shake it away. He glanced to both sides, searching quickly for the blonde.

"Harry, it's so—"

"Who the fuck are you?" He growled, bringing his hand up to the mans –Sirius'- neck, revealing the short hunting knife he had pulled out. He pressed into the flesh. "Sirius, is it? Why are you two following me?"

"Two?" Sirius asked, looking confused, scared, and rather affronted that Hayden had pulled the knife on him. "It's just me. Unless Albus sent someone else to watch me..."

The name Albus rung another bell, but Hayden decided not to dive into that at the moment. "Yeah, tall, blonde, rough, likes 'um young." He elaborated harshly.

Sirius' eyes widened considerably as his implications sunk in, trying to pull away from the knife.

"Lucius is here?" He breathed.

"Is that the mother fuckers name?"


"It's Hayden! I don't know who you're confusing me with, but you better get it straight now."

"Please Har – Hayden, put the knife away." The man begged.

He shook his head, "Not until you tell me what's going on here." He pushed on the hilt, driving the blade in until a thin line of red appeared.

"Um... I'm your Godfather, and you, if you are Harry Potter, went missing seven years ago. Albus Dumbledore, he's the headmaster at Hogwarts, sent me to find you when you used magic. It was the first sign we've had about your whereabouts. We thought you were dead. So I came to find you, and I'll take you back to Hogwarts. You will join the other fifth years, and learn to control your magic..." As soon as he said magic, Hayden knew he was on the right track. He pulled back the knife and was rewarded by a brief smile.

Just then he saw those piercing silver eyes catch his, and that smile like a predator about to devourer its prey. "Let's go!" He demanded urgently, interrupting Sirius, his 'Godfather'.


"Get me the hell out of here." When the older man still didn't move, he bit out the word "Now!" and Sirius grabbed his arm, gave a quarter turn, and disappeared, just as a red light (A/N a stunning spell, but I'm not sure if the color is right) hit the wall where he had been pressed against moments before.

Lucius Malfoy cursed under his breath, a very un-Malfoy-like thing to do. The boy had gotten away, but this time with Black.

At least now he knew Hayden, or whatever his real name was, was probably at Hogwarts. Under the watchful eye of Albus Dumbledore. Of course, Dumbledore was an old man. Lucius felt very confident that he could get in to Hogwarts and take the teen.

Sirius and Hayden landed at the gates of Hogwarts (1). "Come on Harry."

"It's Hayden," He ground out, getting increasingly annoyed. "And I don't want to go with you. I have to find my older sister. She'll be worried about me." He lied easily.

"Yeah, Ariel will be worried." Sirius mumbled.

"I'm not Harry, my sister is not Ariel!" He shouted, "My name is Hayden Montgomery, my sister is Jessica Montgomery, and I need to get back to her as soon as possible!" He yanked his arm from Sirius' grip.

"Please Hayden, gave me five minutes to explain. Just come inside and Albus will tell you about your magic. You're family. They're waiting in there." The older men begged. "You need to trust me, kiddo."


"It's not working! Why isn't it working! You said it would work!" A six year old boy accused, starring dejectedly at the crate in front of him, filled with fire crackers.

"You need to trust me, kiddo." The man smiled at him.

They waited another minute, and the child was about to protest again, when the dark haired man pointed at the box, and the fire crackers began to explode, in a array of colors and shapes, some even singing or whistling. He clapped his hands together happily, a grin spread across his face.

"It worked!" He breathed, watching a sparkly blue unicorn dance around the sky, with sparks of red and purple falling around it.

"You can always trust me, Harry." Sirius promised.




There is no Voldemort, so no need for the wards to extend so far, so they only cover the castle, not the forest too.