E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: lunge

Length: 100 words

Teenchester fic. Sam is 11, Dean is 15. Based upon a scene from Dark Side of the Moon.

Sam lunged toward his brother. "Give it back!"

Dean neatly sidestepped Sam, holding a letter above his head, just out of Sam's reach.

"It's from a girl, isn't it?" Dean sniffed the letter. "It smells like a girl."

Sam gave him a murderous look. "She invited me to Thanksgiving dinner, okay? Happy now?"

"Sammy's got a girlfriend!" Dean grinned. "Dude, is she pretty?"

"Doesn't matter," Sam slumped into the nearest chair. "Dad'll never let me go."

"Sure he will, kiddo. Leave that to me. So, tell me, what's her name?"

Sam smiled, his eyes shining with excitement. "Her name's Stephanie."

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