This is for solemnly swear up to no good's 100 drabbles,50 days challenge.

Prompt: Broken

Hermione sits on the stairs crying. Ron had just said that Viktor was using her and it had made her feel torn as if she had been broken in two. One part wanted to be with Viktor and the other with Ron but she still didn't know what he would say if she told him that she liked him. She decided to not even wonder what would have happened if she told him, would he have laughed or tell her that he liked her too. Those thoughts could have plagued her mind the rest of her life if she didn't remember what happened just before to her.

The Yule Ball was fun but the thoughts that wafted over her were so unbearable that she didn't want Harry or Ron seeing her in the condition that she was in.

So she went upstairs to the Grithindor House and then as she went up the stairs to the girl's dormitory her mind drifts over to what the boys might be doing at this moment. When she lies down on her bed she starts to cry without remorse since no one was there.

Before she goes to sleep due to her crying she picks up a picture of Ron, Harry, and her all smiling happily. She then clutches the picture close to her and finally goes to sleep still broken though some parts are fixed inside her.

The night air almost seems to whisper 'Good night'.

Super short as you can see but I hope it is okay. Hope you all liked it.