I hope you all like it. This was for two challenges.

AliceSpeak's Word/Phrase of the day.

Sunday 5th December

"Without fear we have no reason to be courageous." (source of phrase: unknown)

I had to use the phrase.

and the other challenge was:

SeriouslySiriusBlack's The Christmas Prompt Challenge.

I got Lily and James as my pairing and my prompts were blankets and snowmen(though i used it in a singular sense)

Enjoy :)

She feared that he wouldn't be there when she needed it most. It wasn't hard to love him, or think about him. He was not perfect but to her James was more perfect than she could imagine. It was around Christmas time in her fourth year when she realized that she loved him.

She stood out in the cold as she watched James and his friends try to make a snowman. Though every time they tried, the snowman fell apart.

Lily laughed as she watched them. James looks at her and smiles his signature smile.

"Hey Evans, you want to help us make our snowman," James asks, looking at her.

Lily shakes her head, trying not to smile.

"What are you scared," Sirius said loudly.

Lily rolled her eyes, "I might be but without fear we have no reason to be courageous."

The four boys look at her, and start to throw snowballs at her, ignoring the incomplete snowmen. Lily ran away from the boys then she skid on ice and fell into James's awaiting arms.

"Why did you do that for," Lily asks, as she got to her feet.

James grins and replies, "Without fear we have no reason to be courageous." James then kisses her, ready to feel her slap him or something, but Lily didn't do anything. It was a magical feeling, they two of them kissing, it was like the world could end and they would still have each other.

When the broke apart they had a cheering squad who were clapping and whooping with happiness this made the moment more magical and happier.

Many years later, Lily was in her seventh year, she stood in the Gryffindor common room waiting for James, who said he would be there to meet her soon. They had been together for a long time and every time she seen him her heart would skip a beat. James walks in with the rest of his friends, he smiles at Lily knowing she was getting impatient. Lily smiles and runs over to him to give him a hug despite being as impatient as she was, she was going to forgot him being late, and just relax.

James kisses her and then the pair goes over to the couch, where a blanket lay or what looked like one. "You want to go on an adventure?"

"I don't know James," Lily said, tentatively.

"Remember how you said 'Without fear we have no reason to be courageous'" James said. Lily nods. "Well this is your chance to act on that thought."

Lily looked at him and then at her hands. "Will you protect me?"

"Of course," he said, kissing her softly.

Lily glances at Sirius who was beaming with pride. She never did figure out the boys' bond, she did know that whenever James would pull a prank on her they would be right by him, Sirius being a strong adherent to whatever James had in mind for that day. James looks at Sirius and rolls his hazel eyes.

"So you want to go on an adventure," James asks again, whispering in her ear.

Lily nods, and James quickly pulls her to her feet. "Get something warm and come back when you are ready," James said, before kissing her cheek.

Lily came back with a shawl and the two began to go on an adventure. They go to all the places she had never been. Once back inside the Gryffindor common room they shared each other's company until Lily fell asleep. Since she fell asleep on James, James was stuck in the common room with Lily until she woke up, the next morning.

The next morning Lily wakes up and sees blankets upon blankets covering both her and James.

"Have a nice sleep," someone asks, amused.

Lily looks up and nods, "I felt safe with him."

She couldn't sit up because his arms were wrapped around her waist so she could barely see the person talking to her until the person walked up to her.

Sirius laughs his bark like laugh, as he seen the two more closely. Remus was right by Sirius, he had a serious face on and he didn't tolerate the behavior of Sirius but he didn't correct it either. James then woke up, his hair a mess like always and his arms still around Lily's waist.

"You can take your arms off my waist," Lily said, whispering to James.

"Oh," James said, and slid his arms off Lily's waist. Lily then sat up and saw something that would have made any girl blush. They forgot that the Invisibility Cloak was their first blanket and that basically meant that some parts of her and James's legs were invisible while other parts were not. When they tried to take it of both of them Lily found that it was tangled between both of their legs. Once ripped away from the two, they found that there was a tiny speck of blood.

Lily blushed and started to go upstairs to change. She was so embarrassed though they didn't know why she was so embarrassed. Once she got changed James and his friends were waiting for an explanation to that little escape of hers, when she seen the blood.

"Why did you leave when you seen that blood," James asks, crossing his arms.

"I am afraid of blood," Lily lied.

James looks at her and nods, not quite excepting her answer. Out of all four boys only Remus knew what was wrong.

A month later Lily acted very strangely, she acted so strange that even James started to worry.

He walked up to Lily and looked at her from top to bottom. "Is something wrong," he asks, looking at her worried.

"Of course not," she snapped, going back to the old Lily who didn't like James Potter, who would get pranked on by him and get annoyed at his behavior.

James was taken aback by the comment and stood there. "Can you explain to me what is wrong?"

Lily bit her lip and shook her lip.

"Please tell me I won't tell anyone," James said as he raises his hand in order to tell to tell her he was serious.

"Alright, aright I will tell you," Lily said.

She explains it and James's eyes become very wide. "So is it like Moony how every month he changes?"

Lily nods, "Something like that."

They walk away from each other. James still happens to being thinking about that particular conversation.

Can you tell what was wrong with Lily?

Hope you all liked it. This was a result of having nothing to do and being annoyed at life.