this came to after reading the private peaceful for school it's from the unnamed german soliders p.o.v. of the gas attack

"Gas" "Gas" the English were running around like rats who had just had their nest uncovered. Soon the green-yellow cloud completely covered their trench. They kept shouting. I could not understand all of it of course as I only spoke a little English. I could hear them trying to escape and put on gas masks. Their attempts made me smile but then in the cloud, I saw three figures running away. I quickly loaded my rifle and followed. The three figures started running but the third fell coughing violently. The other two just kept running. While the man was on his knees retching, he had pulled of his gas mask and was now vomiting violently. I walked over to him and pointed my rifle at his head. He looks up at me with tear stained eyes. He can only be 16-17 he's so young, he shouldn't be here. He doesn't plead or beg for mercy. He just closes his eyes and braces himself. My finger clenches round the trigger but I can't do I. I can't kill a child. I lower my rifle "Go boy" I wave him away with my rifle." "Go. Tommy, go." He scrabbles to his feet and runs off but he turns round and looks at me and his eyes say a silent thank you. I look at he's retreating back and say "good luck Tommy" " good luck."