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It was pouring rain and she was supposed to walk back to her apartment.

The others had left in a hurry, Friday night beckoning, save Arthur. He'd been so engrossed in his research and fine details that he'd barely noticed when Eames rushed out and barely raised his head to the noise of Ariadne packing away her own work.

But when she opened the warehouse door and kept it open, he looked up, worried. She knew better than to keep the door open for others to look in if the curiosity got to them. Her back was to him, one hand on the door, the other hanging limply at her side, and she just stood there.


He heard a faint yeah from her, but she didn't make a motion to move. Curious, he tossed down his pen and came up behind her. When he didn't see anything out of the ordinary, he asked, "What's wrong?" The only thing his eyes could see were the shadows and softened edges of the surrounding buildings, masked thanks to the heavy rain.

"Do we have an umbrella or something around the workshop?" she asked, distracted. Arthur only needed a moment to think and had to tell her the unfortunate news. "Oh, alright... Maybe I'll just wait here til the rain ends, then." She shut the door and walked past Arthur towards her little room. Arthur followed, stopping at his forgotten work.

He sat down and began methodically organizing and packing it away in their proper folders and his briefcase. "This is supposed to last into tomorrow, you know." He looked up, startled, when he heard a heavy thunk come from her desk. Leaning back in his chair, he saw her head against the flat surface. He winced.

Standing, Arthur threw on his coat, picked up his bag and walked over to the architect. "Ariadne, let's go. I can give you a ride."

"You have a car?" Her voice was muffled from her face half pressed up against the table.

"I knew it would rain today, so I came prepared, yes. Come on." He nodded in the door's directed and started walking, knowing she'd follow.

They walked under the eaves of the building until they came across Arthur's sleek foreign car in the alleyway. One click of a keychained button and the doors were open and they were both nearly flinging themselves within the dry confines. Arthur tucked his briefcase in the backseat as Ariadne busied herself with her seatbelt and tucking her hands under her arms for warmth. He turned on the car, quickly making for the heater and his own seatbelt before pulling out of the alley and heading for the main road.

"Do I need to tell you my address or do you know it already with your sleuthing skills?" Ariadne joked, flexing her fingers in front of the blasting hot air.

"I already know it, of course. What kind of point man would I be otherwise?" Of course, she thought. She chuckled at his small, joking smirk.

Ariadne was quiet during the relatively short drive. She kept her eyes out the window, musing. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Arthur glancing at her on occasion, worry creasing his brow. She wanted to ask him what the matter was, but she didn't want to ruin the comfortable silence between the two of them.

Despite not talking, it really was surprisingly a content silence. The kind of air around them mirrored a strong friendship, trust that she knew was something she'd earned from him. She was flattered by this, despite their only knowing each other for a year now, seeing each other on and off during various jobs.

When they pulled up to the corner of her street, he parked and watched as she made sure she had all her belongings. She fumbled around a bit, barely noticeable, hoping he wouldn't want to come in. She knew it was rude, but it would all look cheap next to Arthur's fine tastes.

She went to open the door quickly so the fine leather wouldn't get soaked, but his hand on hers stopped her. He looked troubled, as if he was struggling to say something important. She could see, just as his mouth opened, the indecision in his eyes.

"Your forehead..." he murmured, frowning.

Her fingers went to her head, and she winced. Then she remembered banging her head on her work table in a fit on frustration.

"I didn't know you had the dramatics in you," Arthur chuckled, bringing his hand up and ghosting his own fingers along her tender skin. "Then again, you do turn worlds upside down."

"Nothing screams dramatic like that, huh?" Ariadne breathed out, suddenly afraid to move.

She watched Arthur's eyes, still so indecisive, and forgot to pay attention to his fingers, which were trailing down, along her jaw. "Arthur?"

He brought his face closer to hers, hovering close. Ariadne held still, as unsure as him. But at the last second, she saw fear flicker across his face. His lifted his head and left a quick peck on her bruised forehead.

"Sorry, Ariadne. If I'd known you'd resort to hurting yourself, I'd have offered you the ride sooner." He chuckled, reached over her and opened her door. "I'll see you in the afternoon tomorrow, okay?"

Ariadne, dumbstruck, shook her head mentally, and hopped out of the car, slamming the door. Arthur took off quickly. She watched him until even his taillights were washed away, remembering she was standing in the pouring rain when several particularly cold drops slid down the back of her shirt.

Running to her building, her mind raced, wondering what had just happened.

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