The Tale of 10 Drabbles

Words of the Weeks: ridiculous, white, trash, wicked, safe, independence, mark, keep, rock and lunge

Word Count: 100 for each word, so 1000 total

Spoilers/Warnings: This is a series of tags starting immediately after Dean leaves at the end of 99 Problems and continues through to the end of Point of No Return, which is, in my humble opinion, the best episode of Season 5. Scattered throughout the drabbles are a few quotes from Point of No Return.

Disclaimer: Not mine... I only borrow them periodically and return them in, more or less, the same condition I got them in. ;-)

A/N: It's official, I am way behind. I have missed 10 weeks! Where does the time go? Lack of inspiration, coupled with the busiest summer thus far in the course of my life, have conspired against me and unfortunately, for the most part, won. However, I am striking back with a mighty blow and playing catch-up for all 10 weeks, and therefore all 10 words, in this multi-chapter/multi-drabble submission. Each chapter is a single 100 word drabble and includes 1 Word of the week. All 10 are in order as they were originally given to us, starting with ridiculous and ending with this week's lunge.

Take that, oh lack of inspiration!

I laugh in your face, oh busiest summer ever!

The drabbler in me has prevailed!

A special shout out of thanks to MeAzrael, without whose awesome beta reading skills, you would have to put up with a lot less clarity and a lot more mistakes. She had her work cut out for her with this bunch, but she waded through all 10, did her thing and still managed to get them back to me in record time! I think she's wonderful!

Search and You Will Find

Word of the Week: ridiculous

Warnings/Spoilers: No warnings, but this does have general spoilers for Season 5, specifically 99 Problems

This was... well, it was ridiculous! What was Dean thinking? Better yet, what was he thinking with? Because it certainly wasn't his brain!

Sighing heavily, Sam shoved his hand through his hair in agitation.

The fact that Dean was currently running from him and to Michael was a given, but if saying yes had been his only objective, he could've done that without leaving.

That meant that Sam still had time to stop him... and stop him he would.

He had to, for both their sakes.

Bobby was his first call and Cas his second.

Now where to start looking?

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