Anime: Ouran High School Host Club
Rating: M
Warnings: Lemon, implied incest (if you squint), and yaoi (boy/boy)
Pairings: Tamaki/Twins
Genre: Romance
Word Count: 512
Disclaimer: Please see my profile for details.
A/N: I'm playing with Ouran pairings right now ... why is it that Tamaki inspires smut in me?


Kyouya had a special way of punishing those who had a) pissed him off, or b) lost him money, which subsequently pissed him off. This punishment was called "cleaning duty," which meant the unlucky recipient(s) had to, literally, clean the entire third music room until spotless. It was degrading and exhausting, especially to rich children such as the member's of the host club (excluding Haruhi, who had lost money added to her debt and didn't mind cleaning, anyway).

So on a bright Thursday afternoon when he could be with his lovely daughter, Tamaki found himself sweeping the gigantic floor of the third music room while Hikaru and Kaoru pretended their mops were swords.

It didn't take long for them to become bored, and they set their sights on an unsuspecting Tamaki, with wicked looks on their faces.

"Ano … Tono …" Kaoru began.

"How big are you?" Hikaru finished.

Tamaki looked at them blankly, "… Big?"

"You know …"

"… Down there?"

"Oh … OH!" He cried, blushing when the implication hit him.

They both made disappointed noises down in their throats and commented, "That small, eh?"

"I am NOT small!"

With identical evil grins, they once again spoke in unison, "Oh really?"

And with that they pounced.

Tamaki found himself on the ground, Hikaru straddling his waist and Kaoru holding his arms down.

"Hey, what are you-mmph!"

Kaoru pressed his lips to Tamaki's to shut him up and Hikaru unzipped his pants while he was distracted and he slid a sneaky hand into the blonde's boxers before Tamaki knew what was happening.

Tamaki bucked at the sudden sensation, his mind instantly wiping blank. Vaguely, he could hear the twins chuckling and suddenly he could breathe again because Kaoru had placed his lips against Tamaki's ear.

"I guess you aren't small after all, eh Tono?" Kaoru breathed, dragging his tongue over the shell of Tamaki's ear.

Before Tamaki could process what Kaoru said, his lips were covered once more and Kaoru plunged his tongue into Tamaki's mouth at the same instant that Hikaru deep-throated him unexpectedly.

Bucking again before Hikaru could steady his hips and moaning into Kaoru's mouth as the twin's did things with their tongues and god it felt so good

Kaoru broke the kiss and began licking and biting and sucking his way down Tamaki's neck, chest, hips, and then it was two mouths on his shaft and he just couldn't take it.

The world exploded into white stars, and then it was over. Tamaki went limp while his body shook and his mind tried to process what the hell had just happened.

The twins tucked him back in his pants and patted him on the head while he regained his bearings. As they stood up to leave, his hazy mind managed to piece together a half-coherent, "Wha-Why-Huh?"

They shrugged in synchronization, and replied, "Curiosity."

And then left him to finish cleaning up the music room (not that he was in ANY condition to complain).

Later, Tamaki decided that curious twins were even worse devils than bored twins.


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