Zedd's High Score

Zedd was celebrating. He had ordered himself a fine roast duck which he was going to eat all by himself, thank you very much. His experimenting with persimmons had yielded a very fine, magically aged fruit cordial, and the cook at the inn was making his favorite dessert.

He had finally done it.

He was a greater wizard even than his father.

Of course, he owed a lot of thanks to his traveling companions. They were the ones who had made it all possible. Richard and Kahlan contributed much, but then when he had realized what Cara was doing those few days that they had traveled with first Darken Rahl and then Dahlia…

Well, that had really made a difference.

Deciding that maybe he would share his roast duck after all, Zedd gazed down at the piece of paper he had been using to keep score all these years, a proud grin on his face.

Carracticus' Cockblocks


Zedd's Cockblocks