Yosuke darted through the thick brush that coated the forest floor, occasionally capturing and tangling his legs in the hidden roots and vines.

No matter what, Yosuke told himself, he would not look back. Ever. He already knew what was behind him.

…Well, Yosuke didn't actually know what it was, but words came to mind.

A monster. An indescribable mistake of nature. Something really, really creepy.

This is what was after him.

Yosuke's lungs constricted in agony, sharp intakes of air not enough to feed them. Despite this he continued to run.

He had entered this deep forest in search of its largest, tallest tree, having mind to climb it and see all that could be seen, to see all the land he could not travel to.

He came across what he believed was such, proceeding to scale it as sap thinly coated his fingers, giving him a more secure grip on the bark.

Upon reaching the top, Yosuke did indeed see all that was to be seen, and froze in terror of what he saw. Atop a nearby tree sat a tall man, face shadowed by the setting sun but enough light to make his dark eyes glow. Then, as the bulky figure shifted he saw a tight, leathery luchador mask painted in red and black as a match to the equally tight outfit, and he couldn't help but note how incredibly gay the ensemble seemed.

Yosuke was struck with horrified confusion at the sight, on instinct lunging out of the tree, only to have the figure dive after him.


Yosuke woke with a start, sweat beading down his face as he stared wide-eyed at the clock, then glancing down at his friend who was sleeping soundly on the floor. Yosuke narrowed his eyes at the man on the floor, expression never leaving even as he settled back into his bed.

Kanji was never sleeping over again.