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Bam may have been furious at them for not telling him that Randy was alive, but he was more than making up for it. Randy had been forced to give the overly-excited Keith a bath, that resulted in Randy getting drenched from head to toe. Hunter had been put outside to do yard work, and Jeff was left to clean up inside. A few times, Jeff had managed to catch a break, pulling some stunt to make Randy's work that much harder, and causing Bam to laugh so hard that he couldn't have possibly yelled at Jeff to get back to work.

After all the work was done, Randy sat on the couch, Keith sprawled out on his lap, sleeping, with Bam leaning on his shoulder. Hunter sat on a chair next to the couch with Jeff sitting on the ground in front of him. Hunter had been steadily moving his fingers through Jeff's hair, making the North Carolina native start to drift off on Hunter's knee. Bam looked up at Randy, blue eyes curious.

"So, I thought you were dead…" he started. Randy shrugged.

"I was. All I remember was getting shot in the shoulder, telling Jeff something, and then nothing. Then, out of nowhere, I'm coughing and sputtering, and have to swim up from the fucking ocean. I hit the surface and some woman's standing there with a clean pair of clothes and tells me to go find Jeff there," Randy explained, nodding toward the sleeping man. Hunter raised an eyebrow.

"So… how'd that happen?" Bam asked.

"Jeff said he talked to Victoria, the woman who helped you, Randy, and asked her to bring you back. She did it with a friend of hers and said that she could potentially bring anyone back. Jeff figured that you were better off alive, I guess," Hunter said. Bam smiled and looked at Jeff before turning his head back to Randy, nuzzling his shoulder and getting more comfortable.

"I guess I owe him a thank you," Bam said. Randy let a smile cross his face as he dropped a kiss onto Bam's head.

"I guess we both do."


Frantic footsteps slapped against the pavement as the man tried to turn the corner, dropping as he slid a little too much and rolling back up to his feet. He continued, his arms moving as he tried to get away faster, tried to avoid the fate that he couldn't. A growl came from somewhere in front of him, and then heavy breathing came from somewhere behind him. He stopped running, backing away a little, before turning and backing away again. He was trapped!

"God, I hate it when they run. Just once, I want one person to look at me and tell me that they know why I'm here!"

"You would, you lazy bastard."

The first voice wasn't quite as low-pitched as the second one, but as both men entered the light there was no doubt that they were both just as angry with this man for running.

"G-God, don't hurt me!" the man exclaimed. The first man rolled blue eyes before he kicked the man in the knees, grinning as he cried out and pitched forward, dropping onto his knees.

"There's a sight you haven't seen in a while, Morrison," the first man taunted. The second man raised dark brown eyes to his partner and made a face before he grabbed the man on the ground by the hair.

"You know why we're here. We are the messengers of death, the harbingers of destruction," Morrison said. The first voice knelt down by the man, putting his head over the man's shoulder, speaking in a whisper.

"And you're the recipient of that great message."

"Please… Please, don't kill me…" the man begged, his voice already showing that he knew it was pointless to beg. The first man stood up, looking over his pants to make sure that nothing was on them before he moved to stand next to his partner.

"You're already dead."

The man's eyes widened before rolling back in his head, his body convulsing as it hit the pavement. Blue and brown eyes watched calmly as the man thrashed around, his body seizing before it ceased movement. Morrison looked at his partner.

"I'm kinda hungry, Miz. You wanna stop at the diner and get something real quick?" he asked. Miz shook his head, putting his hands in his jeans pockets.

"Nah. John's supposed to be makin' something. If you want, I'll call and see if he made enough for you?" Miz asked. The two began to head back, Morrison nodding.

"Yeah, would ya? I'm starving. Guess I should have eaten before we came out, but Hunter called, so I figured it was urgent," Morrison said, rolling his eyes. Miz grinned.

"You know he probably only did it because it was in the book that Jeff carries with him, and Jeff was probably sleeping, that lazy ass."

"Whatever. Hey, what's he makin' anyway?"

The two continued to walk and talk the entire time back to the house, looking nothing more than two good companions, enjoying a good conversation.

Within the next fifteen minutes, Morrison and Miz were at the house, sitting at the table with John, eating and chatting. Matt and Punk joined them, making the conversation grow, joined by Eve, Maria, Shad, and JTG. Michelle came in a few minutes later, but she only grabbed a plate and left again. No one thought much about it, and the conversation continued. They hung out like regular people, telling jokes and telling funny stories on one another for about two hours before John noticed Miz's eyes starting to get heavy. He then excused himself and his blue-eyed lover, taking them upstairs. He was carrying Mike up the stairs, holding him bridal style, with Mike curled up to him, when he noticed that gentle kisses were being placed against his t-shirt.

"Mike, you're exhausted," John said, shifting his lover to open the door. Mike made a noise before he opened his eyes, blue orbs staring up at him.

"So? I don't want you to walk away. You do that… You carry me up here, and tuck me in, and then go back downstairs to do stuff. Just stay here this time, okay? Screw dishes or whatever, someone else can do them." John laughed sitting on the bed and kicking his shoes off.

"You know no one else is going to do them." However, once his shoes were off, he moved, putting himself against the wall and holding Mike as the blond snuggled up to him.

"So? Dishes don't get to be held by you when I want to be," he mumbled. John laughed and held Mike close as the smaller man fell asleep.


The fourth floor was dark, all the lights off and the door locked. However, that didn't last long, and a flashlight appeared through the window on the door. Clicking was heard as the lock opened, and the door swung open, making no sound. A large form entered the room, turning a flashlight around, illuminating various desks covered with papers, pencils, and various other things. The form moved through with purpose, knowing where he was going. The person pointed the flashlight at the door in front of him, smirking slightly.

Lieutenant Shawn Michaels

His hand closed around the door knob, finding it locked. He made an almost clicking sound with his tongue, before he pulled out a lock pick, his fingers moving quickly to unlock the door, even if he was wearing gloves. He pushed the door open, looking at the small room. He began to flip through the files on the desk until he found the one he wanted, smirking and taking it, tucking it into the bag he was carrying with him. He paused for a moment before he took another one, looking over the name there and then tucking it into his bag as well. He locked the door, pulling it shut again, and then made his way back out of the building and into the night.


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