Don't read if you're under ...uhm I forget the age, but shhhhh. ;D random short fic, intended for... nothing in particular... xD

Ron slowly put his big thick thing into Hermione's mouth.

She sucked on it hard, and bit it.

Ron groaned.

Hermione took it in her hands and licked it again, biting the tip.

"Oh yeah!" Ron said, licking his lips as he watched her.

Harry walked in and his eyes widened in shock as he saw Ron, back faced towards Harry, and Hermione sitting on the couch in front of Ron. He could hear Hermione with her mouth full.

"OH MY GOD YOU GUYS!" Harry shouted.

Ron turned around, only to reveal Hermione, who was eating a cucumber that Ron had given her.

Hermione frowned and then bit the cucumber, chewing it.

"Yes, Harry?" Ron said, raising his eyebrows.

"...what were you guys doing?..." Harry asked oddly.

"Feeding Hermione a cucumber." Ron smirked.

"I heard her moaning!" Harry said, "and you groaning!"

"Yeah, I couldn't bite it," Hermione said, then smiled at Ron.

"And I was groaning because that cucumber looked delicious!." admitted Ron.

Hermione chuckled and went back to eating her cucumber.

Harry felt like an idiot.

The end.

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